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Krispy Kreme Japan “Baby Merry Holiday” Donuts that make you want to go “awwww!”

We just had to get our hands on these precious little baby donuts that Krispy Kreme released on the 13th of November.

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From left to right: “Chocolate Baby Snowman” (220 yen), “Melon Cream Wreath” (230 yen), “Caramel Baby Reindeer” (230 yen).

There is also a “Strawberry Santa Cheese” (280 yen) flavor, however we weren’t sure how we felt about cheese in a donut so we stuck with the three promising ones.

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The “The JC Fam was pleased that the donuts matched the advertisement and dove right into the taste test.

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Angie: “As a chocolate-lover, the Chocolate Baby Snowman was my jam. The icing covered on the donut looks heavy, but it wasn’t overpowering with sugar. The goods were in the donut, chocolate-filled heaven in your first bite. Overall, a 10/10”

Adele: “Make sure you use a plate for the Caramel Baby Reindeer, the pretzels fall off easily. The flavor is sweet and salty, but the mostly sweet since the pretzels jumped ship. The donuts were caramel filled. Overall an 8/10 with the pretzels, and a 7/10 without the pretzels”

Gabe: “The Melon Cream Wreath tasted like a melon cloud. It had sugar-coated frosting topped on a regular sugar glazed donut. Overall a 7/10, but would probably not get it again.”

Watch Adele drop her pretzels and Gabe get crumbs all over his beard on our latest Instagram story right now until it expires!