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6 Famous Japanese Winter Foods!

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Winter in Japan is all about the food! It is a tradition during the holiday season to gather with friends and family, eat until you have to loosen your top pants button and get cozy under a kotatsu. On that note, here are 6 Famous Japanese Winter Foods to get your mouth-watering!

1. Nabe

Nabe is the ultimate Japanese winter food! It’s a large pot of stew with a mix of meat and vegetables that soak up the flavors of the broth. It is usually shared with a group of people and everything in the pot is up for grabs, so let your chopstick do the talking! Shijimi Nabe was previously featured in Umai Crate (click here!)

2. Mochi

Mochi is a famous and loved food eaten throughout the year, but it is especially enjoyed during the winter season! Often as yakimochi, which is grilled mochi toasted to a golden crisp on the outside. Also, strawberry daifuku mochi is a treat with a whole sweet strawberry in the center! Cherry Mochi Candy was previously featured in Japan Crate (click here!)

3. Zenzai

Related to mochi is zenzai - a traditional sweet enjoyed during New Years. Zenzai is a warm sweet soup of azuki (red beans) served with mochi! A comforting and unique dessert before knocking out for an afternoon holiday nap. Oshikuro Red Bean Soup will be featured in January's Umai Crate! (click here!)

4. Yakiimo

The scent of roasted sweet potatoes floats down the side streets during the autumn and winter season. One bite to break the purple outside and you uncover the sweet, soft, and flavorful golden center! These are the perfect pick-me-ups for a cold day! Burnt Caramel Sweet Potato Chips previously featured in Japan Crate (click here!)

5. Yuzu

Load up on citrus during the sick season! The best way to prevent a cold is to keep your bodies immune system at its best! Yuzu is a Japanese fruit similar to a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange. Its uses are versatile and used in foods, baths, and medicine. Yuzu Pepper Soup Paste will feature in January's Umai Crate (click here!)

6. Japanese Persimmon

These are a specialty that is a symbol of longevity and fortune, which makes them perfect for New Years! They can often be seen hanging like orange ornaments in the sunlight, to be soon eaten as a sweet dried dessert. Japanese Persimmon Hi-chews is featured in January's Japan Crate (click here!) Wintertime calls for hibernation, so eat up and get comfortable with us! For more Japanese food updates click here!

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