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A Look at February Crate Contents

japan-crate japancrate-crate-contents


Hello everyone!

We wanted to share the sweets & treats in February's Japan Crate!!

Let's go ahead and kick it off with our two DIY Kits this month!!!


Nericcho Soft Cider/Strawberry Cones

Everyone got one of these as a bonus in their Japan Crate. These quick mix cones were a lot of fun! We got the Cider flavor, and when complete were reminded of the lemon-lime of Sprite!


Heart Oekaki Choco DIY

A few pieces of advice for optimal chocolate creation!!! Make sure to pay attention to your chocolate when it is in the microwave, you don't want to accidentally burn it! Also, once you've placed your sugar beads, be VERY careful about moving the tray! Aside from that, the chocolate itself was a super creamy milk-chocolate! The colored sugar adds a nice snap as well!

Now that we're through our DIY kits, let's take a closer look at all the fruity soda combo candies that popped up.

japan-crate-coris-grapeCoris Grape & Soda Kajirittyo

This chewy treat has a taffy like consistency at first, then feels like sugary soda as it continues to dissolve! The grape flavor is strong up front then mellow out as you continue to chew.

japan-crate-toppuToppu Trio Stick Gum

Cider - Sweet and refreshing! The gum has a such a smooth consistency that perfectly complements the cider flavor.

Cola - We love colas and this gum captures the flavor and experience 100%! Tastes just like kola nut!

Grape - We have three very distinct grape flavors this month! This grape gum is not overpowering and has a good life to it!

japan-crate-twinbowTwinbo Drink Gummy

Red/Yellow - The sugar coating on this gummy has a great sour flavor to it! The cola and lemon flavors alone are both very distinct. They combine to create what would be a really interesting soda!

Blue/PurpleThe purple portion of these gummies is Ramune flavored! It's very tart and recognizable. The blue-green portion is lime! Together they made for a great lime flavored Ramune!

With our fruit & soda flavors out of the way, let's have a taste of our single flavor fruit candies!

japan-crate-grape-gummyYaokin Budou Grape Gummy

!!!!! These extra chewy gummies are reminiscent of concord grape juice! So delicious!!!

japan-crate-moguchuuYaokin Moguchuu Strawberry

A gentle combination of strawberry and cream. These sweets are not quite as chewy a a Hi-Chew... It's texture lies somewhere between Hi-Chew and Starburst.

super-lemon-japan-crateSuper Lemon Sour Candy

Holy Smokes!! A sour candy with multiple layers. This sour drop is REALLY sour right off the bat! Over time it becomes an excellent lemon flavored drop!

We'll round out our review of February with a little sweet and a little savory!

japan-crate-pastel-ice-creamPetit Pastel Ice Cream Cookies & Chocolate

Make sure to take a peek inside this chocolate box! There are really cute illustrations and games inside! Image a bite-sized chocolate covered cookie. The combination of chocolate and crunch is amazing! 

japan-crate-chipstarChip Star Norishio

After having so many sweets it was great to swap to these chips! Don't let seaweed scare you! These delicious crispy snacks have a great balance between the salt and seaweed. A+++

We have some more blogs to cover Ramune as well as the Mini Ramen Bowls in Premium crates, so make sure to check them out!! Also, please let us know what you enjoyed the most this month!!


Missed February's Japan Crate? There's still time to get March's crate! Click here to get yours

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