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April Japan Crate: All Items Overview

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Japan Crate April 2016: Here's What You Missed!

jc overview april 2016  

⬅️ Sakupan Giant Wafer

Sakupanda is back in another form, a giant cookie wafer! Enjoy the creamy, chocolatey goodness in cute panda form. They are filled with aerated chocolate and taste similar to kitkats, yummyyy! 


⬅️ Sherbert Pero Cola

The candy is like a mix of American Pop Rocks and Fun Dip. It includes a lollipop and some powder for dipping. The lollipop provides the sweetness of cola while the powder adds the fizzy punch. 


⬅️ Puru Mocchi Grape Flavor

Puru Mocchi comes in several different fruit flavors! These square, sugar-coated chewy candies are super oishii (delicious)!


⬅️ Pineapple Soda

Pineapple can only grow in Japan's tropical island, Okinawa. Fruits in Japan are generally expensive due to the fact that they can't grow in Japan's mountainous terrains, so pineapple flavored drinks and snacks are a great way to enjoy it!


⬅️ Rock, Pape, Scissor Gummy

A gummy hand that comes in the shape of Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Try to guess which shape you'll get, or open yours with a fellow subscriber to play!


⬅️ Fruit Shop Gummy

Each fruit gummy tastes just like the fruit it's shaped after! Just the right size, squishiness, and sweetness! Do you think these gummies are better flavored than U.S. fruit gummies? Let us know in the comments!


⬅️ Wow!? Such Banana!

Back by popular demand! This fun snack is a banana flavored mashmallow with chocolate cream filling. A little reminiscent of the American twinkie. 


⬅️ 123 Green Apple Gum

An example of old-fashioned Japanese candy, this little pack of gum is meant to fit well in small pockets to be enjoyed on the go! 


⬅️ Caplicocot

Adorable heart chocolates made by Glico, the same company that makes Pocky. They are slightly crunchy filled with an airy chocolate. It's like biting into a little chocolate cloud!


⬅️ Chip Star Ebikoubashi

The resealable tube of potato chips is a lot like American Pringles, but with a taste Japanese flavor: Shrimp. Check out our other blog, Shrimp Chip Showdown, to learn more about these shrimp chips!


⬅️ Calbee Shrimp Chips

A different take on shrimp chips, these are more crunchy and come in 4 possible flavors: Wasabi, Hot Garlic, Yuzu & Black Pepper, and Original. Which shrimp chips do you prefer?


⬅️ Waku Waku Zoo Animal DIY

Waku Waku is the onomatopoeia for the sound of excitement. We hope this month's DIY kit makes you WAKU WAKU! Create your own animal zoo with this fun kit. 

Crate Bonus

04ec820815aa44e3aac122edcfbe31c5⬅️Kawauso no Kotsume

An adorable gachapon prize from AMUSE, one of Japan's most famous toy & prize makers. Kawauso no Kotsume-chan is our favorite river-dwelling Otter! He comes in various different colors, let us know which squeaky Kawauso no Kotsume-chan you received! Read more about Kawauso no Kotsume-Chan for a chance to win a Large Otter Plush: April Japan Crate Photo Contest


Missed April’s Japan Crate? There’s still time to get May's crate! [[Click here]] to get yours!

  ProZD goes over April's Japan Crate snacks pretty well! Check out his unboxing video for more details:

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