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August's Mad Science Themed Japan Crate

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Take A Look Inside August's Mad Science Themed Crate!



Kyabetsu Taro A Japanese classic snack, Kyabetsu Taro comes in a “brown sauce” flavor that is used in a lot of Japanese dishes! With the bits of nori, we thought that these tasted a bit like takoyaki. Highly addictive, these come in an XXL sized bag in Japan!


Lemon-Chan Candy Surprisingly, this hard candy isn’t as sour as we thought. It’s sweet and tart like a fresh glass of lemonade! Each candy has a different face printed on the wrapper. Kawaii!


Special Pizza Flavored Texas Corn Texas Corn is a brand of corn chips in Japan and comes in many flavors. This month, we have the Special Pizza flavor! We got the aroma and flavor of pizza sauce in each puff!


Tohato Mamesupi Chips Mamesupi Chips have a toasted pea flavor with a hint of salt. A nice change from your usual chip flavor, the Japan Crate staff found themselves unable to keep their hands out of the bag!


Puchi Konpeito Konpeito is one of Japan’s oldest but most famous candies! Featured in many animes and movies, these star shaped candies are simple but sweet. We love using these to sweeten our coffee and tea!


Yaokin Fugashi With a sponge-like airy texture and a crunchy sweet coating of black sugar, fugashi is a simple and tasty retro dagashi snack. One Japan Crate staff member described this as “eating a cloud.”


Moguchuu Chewing Candy This chewy candy offers a sweet strawberry flavor. In Japan, it’s hard to chew gum as there aren’t many public trash cans! Lots of candy companies make chewy candy instead because of this.


Natsukashi Ramune This candy will bring back memories to a lot of Japanese! “Natsukashi” means “nostalgic” in Japanese and this is a popular dagashi. These cute bottles look like ramune and are filled with a powdery candy.


Wakayama Mikan Soda A seedless and easily peeled citrus fruit, the mikan is a popular winter fruit in Japan. Wakayama is a prefecture that’s known for their mikan and this bubbly soda captures the bright and citrusy flavor.


Mitarashi Fumi Kibi Dango This month’s Premium Crate bonus! Mitarashi dango is a well known traditional sweet in Japan. Similar to mochi, dango are rice cakes that are out on skewers and covered with a sweet and salty soy-sauce glaze. This snack takes the texture and taste of mitarashi dango and packs it into a convenient chewy snack!


Usuyaki Cookie Crunch! “Usuyaki” means “thin” and this cookie comes with a creamy chocolate filling sandwiched between two thin and crispy biscuits. We love to pair this cookie with a cup of tea!


Sankaku Vegetables Crackers “Sankaku” means “triangle”, which explains why these crackers come in a cute triangle shape! While they’re great by themselves, the vegetable flavor also pairs well with toppings like ham or cheese!


Sour Cola Paper Candy Sour gummy belts are always a favorite and these come in a cola flavor! You can peel off strips from the belt lengthwise and enjoy it strip by strip. We had fun trying to separate the belt into as many strips as we could!


Sittori Matcha These airy puffs are soaked in a matcha sauce. We couldn’t quite describe the texture as it’s a cross between creamy and crunchy. The subtle sweetness is great for those who aren’t a fan of very sweet snacks!

Don’t miss the next Japanese candy adventure!

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