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Big Changes to Doki Doki Crate

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Hello Doki Doki family!

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make the Doki Doki Crate experience the best it can possibly be, and we're here to give you an update on changes that are coming very soon!  After reading through your comments and feedback, I’m happy to announce that we’re making the following improvements to Doki Doki Crate:

An EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt in Every Crate

You asked and we listened, one of the most requested items from our surveys was apparel.  Well, we’re going to make that happen.  Starting in August, all Doki Doki Crate subscribers will receive a licensed/exclusive T-shirt that you can’t find anywhere else.  We’ll be kicking it off with a completely exclusive Rilakkuma T-Shirt that's been created specifically for Doki Doki Crate. 

PLEASE NOTE: If no updated shirt size is received by Friday July 15th, your crate will ship with a Large size T-Shirt by default.

If you haven’t already, please login to your account to select your T-Shirt size:

  • Login to your account at:
  • Edit your Doki Doki subscription
  • Select Doki Doki v2 & your shirt size, then click Change
  • Double check your info, then click Confirm -- That's it!
  We have also put together a visual how-to guide that you can find at the bottom of this page.


UPDATE: Doki Doki Crates will now have rotating exclusive monthly wearables instead of always having a T-Shirt! Shirts can be included in the monthly wearable rotation :)


Larger and More Practical Items are Coming

We want to make sure that the items you’re receiving in your Doki Doki Crate are not just kawaii, but useful and practical as well.

Starting in September, we'll be changing the format of Doki Doki crate to include 5-7 higher quality items as opposed to the current format of 8-10 items.  This allows us to include more practical and higher quality items such as exclusive apparel, larger plushies, stationary, household items, figures and other larger and better items!  

Better Planned Crate Themes

We’ve grown our Doki Doki planning team, and we're proud to announce the addition of Sayuri, our new Senior Purchasing Manager for Doki Doki Crate. With years of experience leading & curating for the Crunchyroll online store, she's ready to make Doki Doki crate the best it's ever been.

We’re so excited to roll out these changes and make the Doki Doki Crate experience even better. We can’t thank you enough for being part of the Japan Crate family, and always sharing your thoughts on each month's crate!  

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you

-Hank Rao


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