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Here's What You Missed: March's Japan Crate


March's Theme: Spring Picnic

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COUNTRY MA’AM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, they’re the perfect chocolate chip cookie! But there’s more—this pack of 20 is half chocolate-stuffed vanilla cookies and half chocolate-stuffed chocolate cookies so they’re sure to please all types of cookie fanatics.

UMAKAMON MAYONNAISE The umami flavor of Japanese mayonnaise is popular among Japanese snacks. The unique taste is definitely worth a try and is fun to taste test with friends.

MELON PANDARO These classic panda-shaped cookies are here in a new melon flavor! The cute design and sweet taste will make this a favorite at your next picnic or party.

DIAMOND RING CANDY Bring back the 90’s with the Japanese version of the Ring Pop! They’re retro and fun design are perfect for gettogethers with friends.

BON O BON: CREAMY CREAM “We go together like peanut butter and chocolate.” These milk chocolate bon bons are filled with a creamy peanut butter center and a layer of wafer cookie!

CHEETOS KYUSHU SOY SAUCE Kyushu, Japan’s Southern island, produces a variety of soy sauce sweeter than normal soy sauce. Its sweet and salty taste is irresistible in this limited edition flavor of your classic Cheetos.

UMAIBO: SHRIMP MAYONNAISE Shrimp mayonnaise is a popular filling for Japanese sandwiches and onigiri (rice balls). Their flavor is perfectly replicated in the popular Umaibo, puffed corn snack.

BONCHIAGE These fried senbei (rice cracker) snacks are a popular Osakan treat! Their crispy texture and the flavor of sweet soy sauce combine to make a wonderful treat perfect for sharing at picnics and parties!

JAPAN’S #1 LONGEST CHOCOLATE This unique chocolate snack is both yummy and impressive. A long satisfyingly crispy corn puff is covered in delicious milk chocolate and peanuts.

YAOYASAN SOFT CANDY DIY A candy making kit is a perfect activity for having fun with friends! Place the different colored candies in molds shaped like vegetables and fruits to make adorable candy treats.

AWADAMA GRAPE If you’re a fan of soda and candy then these were made for you! These grape soda flavored candies fizz just like real soda but in bite-sized form.

ICHIGO DAIFUKU These strawberry-flavored marshmallows look just like they strawberry daifuku (mochi) they’re based on! They’re yummy eaten on their own or substituted in recipes that require regular marshmallows like rice crispy treats and hot cocoa.

PAI NO MI: UJI MATCHA The popular “Pai no Mi” snacks are back with a new flavor. Pai no Mi are bite-sized pies that have a golden brown top and lots of flaky layers, making them crispy and yummy. The filling for these is flavored with one of Japan’s best green teas from Uji, Kyoto. Enjoy them on a picnic with a cup of green tea for a match made in heaven!

CALPIS WHITE PEACH DRINK March is the season peach blossoms bloom. What better way to celebrate than by drinking refreshing white peach flavored Calpis. Calpis is a popular drink in Japan that comes in a variety of flavors. This month we bring you white peach with a sweet peachy flavor that compliments the smooth, milky taste of Calpis. A perfect drink to enjoy on a picnic under the blooming flowers!

BOUNS: SOBAMESHI SNACK Sobameshi is an actual dish that combines stir-fried noodles and rice. This snack version is perfect when you’re on-the-go and also adds a crispiness you can’t find in the original. Puffed rice and fried noodles are especially great for those savory snack lovers out there.

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