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Taste Test: Mint Trend in Japan!


In Japan, the sun came out and all of a sudden it was chocolate mint this and that. Light blue and green sprinkled throughout supermarkets, convenience stores, and eateries. We decided to venture through Tokyo to get our hands on some of the chocomint treats here!
*Mouth watering*... it was taste test time.

Chocolate Mint Bagel

Japan mint chocolate bagel
Chocolate mint+bagel? Blue+bagel?

This one definitely took us by surprise. A new development in bagel history. We kept the preparation simple: lightly toasted and buttered. It was slightly spongier and sweeter than a usual bagel. Our taste buds were a bit confused... We're not quite sure if bread and chocolate mint flavor are the best combo, but definitely an interesting try for any mint lover.

Mint Kit Kats

Kit Kat Japan Mint
Kit Kat Japan does not waste time, okay, and neither do we.

This summer Kit Kat Japan released three varieties of mint-flavored Kit Kats. Peach Mint, Premium Mint, and Yogurt Mint.

Peach Mint tasted like a creamy white chocolate blend with a fruity peach accent. It also had traces of rum for a slight kick. We would have never thought to pair alcohol, peach, mint, and chocolate together, but hey, it works! It's also featured in July's Japan Crate.

Premium Mint is similar to a classic chocolate mint candy bar. A balanced combo of dark chocolate and mint cream sandwiched between wafers. This one also had an alcohol percentage of 0.11% for a little zing.

Yogurt Mint was on the milder side and also alcohol-free. It was a flavorful blend of white chocolate and creamy yogurt with a hint of mint.

Chocolate Mint Candy & Snacks

Japan candy mint
"Hello, May I take your order?" Yes, the color turquoise please.

Mochi Mochi Chocolate is an amazing Japanese candy that often comes out with new flavors. They're soft mini mochi balls with rich flavored filling. Basically, mochi ice cream that can be eaten whenever because it never melts. They released a chocolate mint flavor that is the best Japanese summer treat.

Bake is a candy with the concept that "it’s easy to eat while studying or working" because it doesn't leave residue on your fingers. The outside has a thin crispy texture with a soft center. This mint edition of the candy packs a strong and refreshing mint flavor. Superior on the mintiness scale.

Caramel corn is a sweet and savory snack with a delightful puffy crunch. It also comes out with limited and seasonal releases such as this chocomint flavor and a summer ramune flavor. Chocolate mint in chip-like form was a first but tasted perfect for a picnic!

Minty Chocolate Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan mint chocolate frappuccino
Don't spill. Don't spill. Don't spill.

Starbucks introduced a new Minty Chocolate Frappuccino for a limited time and only in Roppongi, Tokyo locations. The drink was made with the Teavana Mint Citrus Tea and blended with milk, chocolate, and generous amounts of whipped cream. It was topped off with chocolate sauce and cacao nibs which added a delightful crunch. Check out the taste test video here!

Everything was a refreshing contrast to the melting heat of summer in Tokyo. If you've got mint on the mind grab some snackies here!

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