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Japanese vs American BBQ Chip Showdown

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Hello Japan Crate Family~!

Chef Baker here to do a little battle of barbeque flavors… But first, an introduction! In addition to being Japan Crate’s Office Manager; I spend a lot of time working on Umai Crate Manga-zine, as well as writing blogs and recipes for Japan Crate! I graduated from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts with honors, so it has been a real treat coming up with recipes for you all to try!! As far as barbeque goes, my family is from Georgia and Kansas City – so I’ve had my fair share of amazing barbeque growing up! We wanted to see how the Japanese BBQ Cheetos coming in February’s Japan Crate stack up against popular American BBQ flavored snacks. So here we go!! Here are my impressions based on tasting all five subjects.

1. Frito-Lay’s Japan - Cheetos BBQ Flavor

  • On the back is a fun message from Chester himself ‘Born to spread Cheetos to the world!' (Comic Sans font – A+++)
  • There’s a nice sweet onion undertone to the BBQ flavor.
  • Definitely has a more Japanese feel based on ingredients! Soy and Bonito make the list!
  • I wanted to eat the entire bag, but I have four more snacks to try so I refrained!
  • Try them for yourself in February's Japan Crate

    2. Lay’s Barbecue Chips

  • Familiar BBQ chip flavor.
  • Very heavy on molasses and smoke in the flavoring.
  • Very very crunchy, but a little bit thin!
  • These are the type of picnic chip you get a little bored with after 5, but you keep eating anyway.

    3. Kettle Brand – Krinkle Cut Classic Barbeque

  • These have an amazing crunch to them!!
  • However… they’re also very greasy…
  • Instead of Molasses, Kettle uses Cane Syrup which brings a different type of sweet.
  • Overall, these have an overwhelming BBQ flavor, but not in a good way. After eating several my mouth felt coated in grease.

    4. Corn Nuts BBQ

  • Back to Molasses for flavor on this BBQ treat!!
  • The Corn Nuts have had the best crunch out of any snack so far.
  • Paprika and Garlic team up for a flavor which tastes more like chili than BBQ
  • The roast corn flavor ends up playing prominently in the flavor profile as well.

    5. Pringles BBQ Flavor

  • These definitely feel the most processed out of everything sampled.
  • BBQ flavor is also the lightest out of every snack that I have tried.
  • Even though it has the lightest flavor, it is by far the heaviest on the smoke flavor.
  • Like the Kettle chips, these also leave a really unpleasant coating on the mouth.

What made Cheetos the best?

The addition of Soy and Bonito (a type of fish) made for a completely different taste experience, and it definitely had the most enjoyable barbeque flavor to it! Try BBQ Cheetos for yourself in February's Japan Crate!

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