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March's Crate Bursts with Flavor!

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March's Crate Bursts with Flavor!

march japan crate gif Hello all! We hope that you have enjoyed trying out the many different tastes of the March Japan Crate! This month was a real variety of flavors so we wanted to touch on all of them!! We'll kick it off with the Sweet side of the crate~! Here are our thoughts!

7 Stick Choco Cream

7_stickWe have three treats this month which pair a crisp wafer texture with chocolate. The 7 Stick Choco Cream is the first & one of our favorites! What's nice about this treat is it's similar to a Kit Kat, but you don't have to worry about getting your fingers messy!!

Furuta Dodeka Bar

chocolate_barIf you had a HUGE Umaibo stick and covered it in chocolate, you'd have Furuta Dodeka Bar! We really enjoyed this crunchy snack a lot! It has a nice round flavor because of the crispy corn center!

Sakupan Land

zakupan_land This bonus candy is great!! The snap that the biscuit part has is perfect with the creamy chocolate. We give it an A+ on texture and flavor!

Our next two treats are super playful!!! We love that there is more to these candies than appears!

Fue Ramune (Dagashi Kashi)

whistle_candy These candies are a ton of fun! They have the delicious cider flavor of original Ramune, and are also whistles!! Just blow through the hole to make a little music! The candy has a softer consistency, almost like !

Monster Stamp Candy (Dagashi Kashi)

monster_stampAnother sweet that you get to play with! These colaflavored candies are similar to a Sweet Tarts with how crunchy they are! Just wet the stamp and you can go wild stamping paper, your hands, the dog~! Well, maybe not the dog...

Let's go ahead and touch on our DIY Kits this month! We have two different kits that shipped. Let us know which you got!

Puzzle Choco DIY

chocolate_copy Similar to last months Heart Ltd Oekaki, the Puzzle Choco DIY let's you create and mold your very own chocolate! This one is in several different pieces so you can put it together as you want! Be very careful when microwaving your chocolate so you don't burn it!!!

Choco Kinako Mochi DIY

diy_1 This DIY kit is a little bit more simple! Rehydrate mochi discs with a drop or two of water then smoosh them around chocolate and dredge them through peanut powder! These treats are GOOD. A+++

The sweets don't end yet~! Let's check out our fruit flavored gummies!

Kasugai Gummy

kasugaiThese super chewy gummies were included in one of four different flavors. Lychee, pineapple, peach and Ramune. They're quite good! We really like the Peach flavor a lot!!

Yaokin Roll Candy Strawberry & Green Apple

fruit_rope We have two more Yaokin gummies for you this month! These sweets are like Fruit Roll-Ups, but super chewy and a little sticky!! That just made them even more fun to eat. They're super good!

Pine-Ame Gummy

pineapple These thin gummy discs remind us a lot of pineapple Lifesavers! These chewy treats have a really great balance of flavor with chew!

The drinks included in the Premium Crate this month were a lot of fun!!

Sangaria Ume Soda

ume This crispy refreshing soda calls on a traditional spring flavor, Ume! This beverage was so light, it was wonderful!

Yogu Time

yogutime This sweet tasty drink was nice and creamy, just like yogurt!! We were huge fans of the Strawberry flavor!

So now let's move on over to the savory side of things. We brought you several more flavors of Umaibo this month along with a very special chip that couldn't figure out if it was sweet or savory!

Yuki no Yado Chips

chips The concept behind these snacks is so beautiful. These senben (rice crackers) are topped with a white icing. The look is meant to invoke the visual of snow on a roof tile. What does that mean for flavor? It means a delicious salty soy balanced out by sweet. These are delicious!



Teriyaki Burger Umaibo (Dagashi Kashi) The combination of a thick juicy burger with a nice slice of pineapple is what we imagine when thinking of a Teriyaki Burger. This Umaibo is nice and crisp and has a really great savory flavor with just a hint of curry powder to it!

Corn Potage Umaibo (Dagashi Kashi) Fans of Sweet Corn Pretz can rejoice!! The Corn Potage Umaibo is everything you've been wanting in your next sweet corn treat!! Based on the traditional French soup which Japan has made its own, this treat is delicious!

Pizza Umaibo (Dagashi Kashi) This pizza flavored Umaibo has very strong flavors of oregano and tomato! There are hints of cheese as it mellows out & it makes a really nice counter flavor to the other two!!!

There were several candies and treats in this months crate which have also been featured in the currently airing anime, Dagashi Kashi!!! You may recognize the three different flavors of Umaibo from episode one! Fue Ramune and Monster Stamp Candy have also been featured on the show!! If you have not seen the show, but want to check it out, you can do so at

We hope that you enjoyed everything in this months crate as much as we did!!

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