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November Sugoi Crate Revealed!

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nov sugoi crate editorial

Every month,  one lucky subscriber wins a huge crate filled with Japanese toys, gaming consoles, and snacks!


HELLO Only the craziest, most fun items make it to Sugoi Crates. These items are so incredibly obscure that they each deserve a full explanation. Read on!          

Wii U Nintendo Deluxe Set

wii u super mario maker delux set

The Wii U Super Mario Deluxe Set is every Mario lovers’ dream! The Nintendo Wii U has an innovative new Wii U GamePad controller allowing new ways to play games and connect with friends! The Deluxe Set includes a full game download of Super Mario Maker, a Super Mario Maker idea book, and the exclusive 30th Anniversary Mario Modern Color Amiibo!


Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix Set

mario kary 8 grand prix set
Race against a friend with this fun Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix toy! You're the pilot of a pinball Mario Kart racing against the rival pinball in the second track. You can even extend the race circuit with more Mario Kart track sets!

White Otamatone

This fun musical instrument known as Otamatone was invented in Japan in 2009, and has since taken over! A singing toy with an eight-note-shaped body and a “mouth” that lets out sound, Otamatone is easy to use: one hand holds and squeezes the “head”, while the other hand controls the pitch by placing your finger on a bar on the steam (similar to playing a guitar)!  The pitch of the note depends on where you place your finger. Endless musical opportunities! ^_^

Giant Collon Sticks: Blueberry & Cheescake


giant collon sticks - blueberry - cheesecake
These crispy, flaky, giant wafer rolls come with a smooth, blueberry cream cheese or cheesecake filling - yummy!

Super Mario Stuffed Piranha Plant

stuffed piranha plant
No longer exclusive to the screen of video games, this Super Mario Series 3 Piranha Plant Plush brings the excitement of Super Mario games to real life! Detailed and high quality, the Piranha Plant has made its appearance in most Mario-related video games. Found popping out of pipes, the Piranha Plant is carnivorous and never seems to be satisfied! But we think it will be in your home ^_^

Giant Pocky: Strawberry

giant pocky - strawberry
Known and loved by many, we’ve included a Giant Pocky in a Strawberry flavor! They may be impossible to put down once you try them, but there's 18 of them and they’re HUGE, so we give you props if you finish them in one sitting…

Kendama Toy Ball Game

kendama toy ball game
Kendama is a very popular toy in Japan, played amongst both children and adults. It may appear like a simple game at first glance, however, Kendama is much deeper than that! With more than 1,000 different techniques for players to try and master, the game is said to be helpful in improving concentration and determination. These days, Kendama is even becoming a competitive sport around the world! Playing is simple: you toss the ball and attempt to catch it in one of the cups or spear it with the point of the stick. Sound easy? Give it a shot!

Nintendo Radio Control Kart: Yoshi

nintendo radio control kart - yoshi
Take the controls of a real Mario Kart and experience the excitement of Mario Kart racing from the comfort of, well, anywhere! The Kart includes a 1/24th scale Yoshi in his Kart with a controller. Collect them all and race with your friends in real life!

Amiibo: Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Ganodorf, Classic Color Mario

amiibo wave 5Amiibos bring a new layer to familiar games. If you’re not familiar with them, Amiibo are a series of highly detailed character toys that interact with games on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. With a wide range of characters from numerous games, when an Amiibo is placed on the Wii U GamePad Controller, the character will be brought into the game in all sorts of exciting ways! As you play, your figure’s data will also be updated. Team up with your other Amiibo or play against friends, building each one to level 50 so you can crush even the toughest opponents! Warning: can get very, very addicting ^_-

We will announce the Sugoi Crate winner once crates ship in November. Sign up for any Japan Crate by October 31st for a shot to win it all!

Good luck, everyone!

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