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October's Crate Contents!

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Let's learn about the yummy goodies in October's Japan Crate!


Strawberry or Rum Raisin Soft Candy

You received one of two variations of these soft candies, either Strawberry or Rum Raisin. We love the chewy texture, similar to mochi, and how packed full of flavor they are! Which one did you receive and what are your thoughts?

Tohato Caramel Corn

Just in time for Halloween this month is a caramel corn snack known as Tahato Caramel Corn. The sweet and salty snack was made in 1971, and today resembles cheese puffs that many know and love. This month’s crate includes one of the original flavors, Peanut! We love the light and airy crunch of the subtle salty caramel flavor. We wouldn't blame you if you finished an entire bag in one sitting, as the snack can be quite addicting!
Tohato Caramel Corn also comes in a variety of flavors including: Grilled Apple, Green Tea, Lemon Sherbet, Black Sugar Soybean, Ramune, Strawberry, and Honey Butter. Which one would you try?
We hope you enjoyed this yummy seasonal snack!

Rich Cheese Scones

These Koikeya Rich Cheese Scones are similar to Cheetos, but of course are the Japanese version, with a creamier and more buttery cheese taste! The pairing of corn and rich cheese complements each other deliciously; and similar to the Caramel Corn, we know this yummy snack can get you hooked in one sitting!

Grape Gummy Ribbon

grape ribbon
Isn’t it fun to try not only new, unique flavors, but textures as well? We love these Grape Gummy Ribbons that are a tart, grape-flavored snack with a unique, pillowy texture; similar to a bouncier gum or, as odd as this may sound, Play-Doh! What did you think of the texture and sweet grape flavor?

Vitamin C Lemon Drops

A candy that’s both delicious AND good for you? Yes, we are totally serious! Cool and refresh your mouth with these Vitamin C Lemon Drops. Be sure to not confuse them for cough drops, however, as these simply have a cooling sensation and are packed with Vitamin C to keep you healthy and refreshed!

Sour Fruit Gummies

As soon as we tried these Sour Fruit Gummies, we were instantly hooked! The gummies include a generous amount of moderately soft fruit chews, especially in comparison to other gummy candies. The sugary coating is chewy and not too sour and comes in four delicious fruit flavors: Grape, Peach, Apple, and Orange. Which flavor is your favorite?

Mysterious Soda Balls

mystery soda balls
We find it exciting to not know what flavor you’re going to experience until you try it, and that’s exactly the case with these Mysterious Soda Ball candies! The soda inspired candies are a great, refreshing, chewy candy perfect for mixing and matching to create unique flavor combinations, from 7 flavors: Pink Lemonade, Cider, Grape, Melon, Lemon Squash, and Calpis!
The candy is very popular amongst children and young adults, and many enjoy eating a handful at once to see what mysterious flavor they end up with! Have you tried doing that? if so, what flavor did you experience?

Bireley’s Orange Soda

This yummy, refreshing drink known as Bireley's Orange Soda originated in California in the 1920s, but was discontinued, and later brought back by one of the largest Japanese drink manufacturers - Asahi. A moderately orange-flavored drink with a delicious scent it’s perfect served chilled or atop ice. We love this drink during the warmer months!

Poifull Soda Beans

These aren’t actual beans, but rather, Japanese-style jelly beans, intended to replicate a refreshing soda flavor! Poifull Soda Beans are one of our all-time favorite jelly beans, due to their delicious, bold flavors. The four flavors to try in your crate are Cola, Ramune, Lemon Squash, and Cider. Which one was your favorite?

Chitto Soda DIY

Premium crates received a fun and yummy DIY candy called Chitto Soda! The DIY Candy Kit allows you to create soda-flavored mochi bites! The result is a slightly sour taste and granular texture that makes for a nice, fizzy soda-flavored experience. We find it tastes like a gummy candy dipped straight in soda like Sprite or 7-Up! What are your thoughts on it? Be sure to check out our how-to video for the Chitto Soda!

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We hope you had a great, unique journey with this month's crate! Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

We're also excited to announce the winner of our October Sugoi Crate!

oct winner
Keep an eye out for our blog to find out about the November Sugoi Crate! Good luck! ^_^

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