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October’s Halloween Themed Doki Doki Crate!


Trick or Treat for Something Kawaii and Spooky!

Halloween may be a spooky and scary holiday, but it can also be cute! Make every day Halloween with cute Doki Doki original wearables and accessories!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.31.33Doki Doki Original Yokai T-Shirt

Yokai are monsters and ghosts from Japanese folklore. For this month’s Doki Doki Original T-shirt, we’ve teamed up with the artist Tokimekiwaku to bring you a kawaii but spooky design! Have you seen any of these yokai before? Learn more about each one here!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.32.19Doki Doki Original Halloween Face Mask

Face masks are quite common in Japan and come in many styles and colors! We love the ones with cute expressions on them because they make for a quick and cute every day cosplay. This month, we’ve designed two face masks that you can wear! Each crate came with one of two designs: A sweet neko smile or cute vampy fangs! Perfect for Halloween!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.32.26Angel Wing Hair Clips

Bring a bit of cosplay to your everyday outfit with these cute Angel Wing hair clips! Wear them high or wear them low to create different looks and styles. Each crate came with one of three colors: baby pink, deep pink, and red.

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.43.37Chakkun Pouch

Chakkun is back! One night, after all the shoppers and vendors had gone home for the day, the forgotten and lost accessories from the streets of Harajuku gathered together. With a bit of magic, Chakkun was born! His mouth is a magical pouch that will make sure that you never lose your accessories again.

Halloween Hoppe Chan Stickers

Decorate your notebooks and accessories with this cute Halloween themed sticker set! Hoppe Chan has made some spooky friends and is getting ready to Trick or Treat! Each crate came with a set of 3 sheets!

Kawaii Injection! Pen

Imagine you’re a mad scientist and you’ve just created a formula that will make everything kawaii with this cute Kawaii Injection! Pen. Inject some cuteness into your notes and letters as you write! Perfect for any nurse or scientist Halloween costume!

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.32.39Doki Doki Exclusive Plush: TakeOmo Spooky Style

TakeOmo is back! The two fashionista canines from Harajuku are wearing their Halloween costume in their favorite decora style. Will you receive Take in his Decora Frankenstein costume? Or the Sweet Vampire Omo?

Screenshot 2016-11-30 12.32.46Monthly Hoppe Chan

Hoppe Chan comes to you decked out with all her favorite elements of Halloween! Stars to light up the Halloween night, bats that fly alongside witches, and best of all, a happy Jack-O’-Lantern to greet you with a smile!

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