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(Part 1) From California to Japan and back. A Tale of Candy Hunting

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Do you ever wonder where we find all of our crazy candy?

Our goal is to find the newest, most authentic and interesting candy & snacks to share with the world, and we'll do anything we can to find it.

Recently we traveled to Osaka, Japan for a local candy trade show full of new and seasonal candies. We were met by our friend from the area, as well as a local candy expert who showed us around the trade show.

We decided to make the blog two parts due to all the pictures. This is part 1 which focuses on the experience, and part 2 focuses more on all the candy we saw. 

When we first got to Osaka, we spent time walking around the local grocery stores checking out their products.

We sampled different candy we found on the way to the trade show.


Japan really knows how to make some delicious jelly beans.

The trade show was a bit tricky to find, but once we found it everything fell into place. Our candy expert seemed to know every person inside and had a pretty contagious smile and laugh.

Japan has a very traditional business culture. We made sure to follow Japanese business etiquette--things like exchanging business cards isn't as casual as it is in the US. Business cards are exchanged with two hands and a bow with a specific procedure.

We found that everyone was really welcoming and friendly.

Each company seemed to have new products that they couldn't wait to describe to us and have us taste.

Check out Part 2 to see all the candy!

 Click here to try some of the awesome candy we saw!

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