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May's Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty Variations

dokidoki dokidoki-crate-contents

May Doki Doki: Hello Kitty x Sailor Moon

May’s Doki Doki crate brings you two special items from some of Japan’s most iconic characters: A Re-Ment blind box that fans of Sailor Moon and sweets can enjoy and an adorable coin purse from the Doraemon x Hello Kitty collaboration line! Each item comes in different variations, so let’s check out what the choices are!

Sailor Moon Cystal Desserts Blind Box

sailormoon set The “Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe Sweets Collection” brings you one of eight miniature desserts based on the Sailor Scouts. For those of us who cannot venture out to Japan to visit the pop-up Sailor Moon cafes, this Re-Ment series brings a little bit of the cafe experience to you!

Which dish did you get from today’s menu at Cafe Sweets?

Sailor Moon Parfait ⬇️


Sailor Mercury's Soda Jelly ⬇️

salor merkury

Sailor Mar's Tea Set ⬇️

sailor mars  

Sailor Venus's Pancake Plate ⬇️

sailor venus


Sailor Jupiter's Cherry Pie ⬇️

sailor jupiter

Chibi Usa A La Mode ⬇️

chibi moon


Afternoon Tea Set ⬇️

tray sailor moon  

Romance Cake ⬇️

tuxedo mask   Which dish would you like to try in real life? All of them look so amazing and yummy! Let us know in the comments!

Doraemon x Hello Kitty

doreamon pouch Doraemon and Hello Kitty are two of Japan’s oldest and most iconic cats so fans of both rejoiced last year when a collaboration finally debuted! These handy coin purses feature 3 different prints of the time traveling cat-robot Doraemon and his new friend Miss Kitty White (Did you know that’s Hello Kitty’s full name?). Some fun facts about Doraemon and Hello Kitty:
  • Doraemon made his manga debut in 1969 and Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974. That makes Doraemon 5 years older!
  • The first Hello Kitty product was a coin purse that’s quite similar to these.
  • Doraemon IS a cat! He lost his ear to a bunch of meddling hungry mice. Yikes!
We love these coin purses as they can hold just about anything and come in a classic ball clasp design. The staff around the office have been using them to hold their loose change, accessories, or items that easily get lost in their bag. What’s in your Doraemon x Hello Kitty coin purse?  

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