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Updates: Faster Shipping, Revamped Bonus Items + more!


Hello Japan Crate family!!

As you may know, we moved operations to Tokyo back in February to bring you more exclusive items for the same price. You've given us a lot of feedback since our move, and we're excited to say we've made improvements based on your suggestions. shipping update

Faster Shipping 

You asked and we listened. Starting with May Japan Crates, we're upgrading your shipping speed at no extra cost so you get your crate sooner. We've been in talks with Customs, and have resolved an issue that was causing crates to take longer than usual. This means you can expect to receive your crate quickly, without interference from Customs. We will still be using 3 waves of shipping, and you can learn more about the shipping schedule here. Want to move to the first shipping wave to get your crate as soon as possible? Email our team at and we'll help you!

US Customs Update

Due to the large volume of crates suddenly passing through Customs, our crates were being checked more thoroughly resulting in delays. We've been working closely with Customs, and crates will now be processed more quickly. These checks also resulted in a small number of crates missing items because of varying laws from state to state. We’ve talked with customs and improved crates based on their suggestions, so this will no longer be an issue. These changes will be effective immediately but could take a few weeks to be fully established. You should notice these changes beginning with May's crate.

bonus item copy

Revamped Premium Bonus Items

Not only is shipping getting better, but so are bonus items!! You've expressed how much you'd love to see fun anime, manga, and Japanese toys/collectibles aside from snacks in your crates. We've partnered with new distributors to bring you just that! Now you can expect to find more non-edible bonus items from collectibles to gashapon toys in Premium crate. We're kicking this off with May's Premium Japan Crate. What's coming in May's Crate? We don't want to spoil the surprise, but May's Premium bonus item is a collectible item from One Piece that you'll want to use right away!  

drinks update

More Exclusive Drinks

One of the most popular features from the Premium Japan Crates are the unique and tasty drinks!! Some of you have even asked for an entire crate filled with drinks. Based on your feedback, we'll be including larger and harder to find drinks. This way you can experience more beverages that are only found in Japan from seasonal and popular flavors to unique textures and themes. We hope you're thirsty ^.^ We appreciate all your feedback and love! Thanks so much for being part of the Japan Crate family <3   Not part of the crew?


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