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How will you use your new Zelda lanyard?

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Zelda Lanyard

lanyard This month’s Premium crate bonus was a Legend of Zelda lanyard! We’ve been using the lanyards around the office and have come up with a list of ways to use them!



This is one of the standard uses for a lanyard, but if you’re one to ever get locked out of the office because you went up to the roof on a sunny day and left your keys on your desk (Not that we’ve done this before…), having an eye catching lanyard will help you remember your keys. You can even just wear it around your neck or on your belt loop so that you won’t have to worry about it!



Hold Transit Pass

Realizing you forgot your transit pass just as you are about to board the train or bus is annoying. Having to scrounge for change is even more annoying. Never lose your transit pass by using your lanyard!



Display Your Collection

Ita-bags is a sensation amongst anime fans in Japan. It’s the art of taking a normal bag and covering it with pins and key chains from your favorite anime series! (“Ita” comes from the Japanese word “itai”, meaning “painful”. This is because collections are painful to the wallet of the collector!) But what if you’re like one of the staff members of Japan Crate and run out of space on your ita-bag, ita-board, and ita-desk? You make an ita-lanyard of course!    


Pet Leash

The office shiba inu has recently been a fan of jumping up to grab bites of our lunches so we’ve started to hook the lanyard to his collar as a short and temporary leash. Don't let his cuteness fool you, he’s caused many of us to go hungry.         Let us know how you have been using your lanyard in the comments below! Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone so always remember your Legend of Zelda lanyard!

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