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2023 Best Snack Crate in Japan

Japan Crate

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is a wonderful country that greatly adores the art of making snacks which have also become one of the pillars of their culture. In fact, people from all over the world love Japanese sweets and snacks for their seductive flavors and fascinating packaging, which make up a large element of the nation's culture. Japanese snacks frequently capture the charm and uniqueness of their country while preserving delicious flavors. That's why if you want the quickest and most cost-effective method to experience the authentic flavor of Japan, get a Japanese snack crate! Read on and discover all you need to know about he biggest Japanese snack box of Japan!


What are Snack Crates?

What are Snack Crates?

Japanese snack crates or boxes are often made up of a variety of easily accessible sweet and savory snacks and sweets that are either imported straight from Japan or are based on Japanese culture. The best Japanese snack box brings the sweetest, most unique, most vibrant candies and snacks from the land of the rising sun. You can learn about regional customs and recipes that have survived for centuries as well as get your hands on the greatest snacks Japan has to offer with subscription boxes for Japanese snacks. These monthly subscription boxes have savory and sweet treats to satisfy your cravings! Get one to unbox what Japan is proud to introduce to the world. With the best Japanese snack boxes, you may fall in love with the tastes of Japan in the comfort of your home.


Best Japanese Monthly Snack Subscription Box

1. Japan Crate

Japan Crate

No snack boxes will be fitted to start the list than Japan Crate. Japan Crate is a well-known Japanese snack subscription box on the market that also sends out authentic Japanese snacks, lovely stationery, toys, and home goods. Be sure to turn on the notification and keep an eye out for your favorites because each box contains a surprise for you, and they occasionally collaborate with anime characters.

They send out boxes that are packed with a variety of goodies, both sweet and savory. Also, the Japan Crate monthly subscription box is a wonderful way to try out brand-new Japanese treats each month! This company offers a broad range of products that are only available in Japan. This could include everything from delicious chips to well-known confectionary treats and chocolates! In addition to Japanese confections, they also offer a drink available only in Japan, DIY candy kits, instant noodles (umai crate), manga with English translations, adorable plush toys (inku crate), and a surprise bonus item in each succeeding crate of the month.



2. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat offers a mix of all kinds of Japanese sweets and snacks. Japanese sweets chosen by TokyoTreats are renowned for changing every month. It includes DIY kits, Japanese soda, savory and sweet snacks, and the most popular Japanese snacks. TokyoTreats' snack subscriptions box also contains Japanese foods, pastries, ramen, snacks, and even drinks, in addition to their mouthwatering candies, which come in flavors ranging from chocolate to other bizarre ones. To help you truly enjoy Japan, they all include a 24-page culture guide and comprehensive allergen information.

The Premium Box has 17 products, while there are 12 in the Classic Box. Each box also has a sweet guidebook that lists and briefly describes every item inside. You can treat yourself to delicious Japanese delicacies that are difficult to get outside of Japan with the help of this box!


3. Bokksu


The secret of Bokksu is its authentic and tasty snacks. Bokksu introduces you to the flavors of Japan by taking you on a culinary journey of the land of the rising sun every month. With this subscription, you gain exclusive access to excellent Japanese snacks and tea because local artisanal producers make everything. Twenty snacks and tea pairings are included in every snack subscription boxes, along with a snack brochure describing each item's origins and flavors.

They fill their boxes with authentic Japanese sweets and savory dishes in an effort to entice any admirer of Japanese culture. There are several subscription options available for the box itself. Moreover, every box comes with a beautiful and fascinating culture guide that tells the fascinating stories of the artists who crafted the snacks and how to enjoy them.


4. Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box is not your typical candy habit! With this monthly membership, subscribers receive everything delicious from the country of the rising sun. Each lovingly designed package includes ten unique Japanese treats, and they'll make you grin. In addition, the Japanese Candy Box includes traditional dagashi snacks, popular snacks, DIY candy kits, and Japanese exclusives from popular brands like Calbee, Pocky, Meiji, Milky, Hi-chew, and more. You’ll find flavor combinations that you’ve never even dreamed about.

Additionally, they provide free shipping to the USA, and you may also send a box as a gift with no additional shipping costs. Depending on the time of year you purchase a box, you will get different seasonal sweet treats because Japanese candy changes with the seasons.


5. Sakuraco


Sakuraco concentrates on the more upscale, conventional, and sophisticated segment of the Japanese snack market. Japanese sweets and snacks that are acquired locally are included in each package. Popular foods, including mochi, yokan, Manju, and traditional Japanese cakes, are necessary. Together with senbei and konpeito made by regional artisans, you may also discover seasonal delights like Momiji and Sakura. Along with food, some boxes include traditional Japanese teas like matcha or hojicha and Japanese home products like chopsticks, porcelain, or furoshiki. This is a lovely gift option that comes beautifully packed. Most of all, considering how luxurious the box feels, the price is quite fair.


6. Zenpop


With Zenpop, you'll surely be treated to a variety of delicious snacks every month, such as crisp corn puffs, crab-shaped crackers, and potato chips. You'll also receive a variety of sweets, including fruit-flavored jelly beans and chocolate-filled anpan (sweet rolls), as well as a delicious beverage to wash it all down. ZenPop also offers subscriptions for ramen, stationery, and even anime, so you're not just confined to snack boxes.

Zenpop frequently includes chocolates, cookies, and the occasional "wagashi" traditional sweat to liven things up that are easy for Western palates. The Ramen box also comes with full-sized portions of the newest and most well-liked kinds of instant Japanese ramen noodles. They also contain some delectable foods. Zenpop also offers regional, seasonal, and/or limited edition goods, all of which you'll undoubtedly want if you're receiving subscription boxes on a regular basis.


7. Tonosama Japanese Snacks

Tonosama Japanese Snacks

Tonosama Japanese Snack package offers a number of traditional Japanese sweets. Included are thirty different kinds of Japanese candies, crackers, cookies, jellies, gummies, and other things. These Japanese sweets are not particularly stylish, but they are rather nostalgic and enjoyed by both children and adults.

This Tonosama box contains a range of carefully chosen Japanese delicacies. The snacks are shipped directly from Japan, even though they are shipped from the US. Thanks to this, you may now quickly and effortlessly eat your favorite traditional Japanese treats. This is the best option if you occasionally want to indulge in Japanese sweets or dagashi. Unlike other Japanese subscription boxes, you are not required to get a monthly subscription box. Just get Japanese sweets for special events and occasions. Due to their low cost, children can readily buy dagashi, a traditional Japanese sweet, with pocket money.


8. Snakku


With Snakku, you'll have a genuine Japanese experience! Thanks to this monthly subscription, everyone may now readily enjoy authentic Japanese treats that are only available in the land of the rising sun. The Signature Box includes two of each food item from between 10 and 15 different variations, which is a total of 20-30 snacks in each box. It comes with a selection of savory and sweet sweets that we are confident you won't be able to resist, as well as an excellent postcard that introduces the goodies and the local craftsmen who made them.

Also included in this subscription box is a lovely traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth that may be used to wrap anything elegantly. You not only help local small businesses and contribute to keeping their customs alive, but you also have wonderful cuisine available to you all day. By subscribing to this service, you can learn about the great country of Japan through its cuisine.


9. Assorted Kitkat Box

Assorted Kitkat Box

In the US, KitKats are only offered in a select few flavors. But in Japan, Kitkat has a whole variety of flavors, from traditional and seasonal, to a combination of different Japanese cuisine. As a result, KitKats have gained enormous popularity in Japan and come in various flavors exclusive to that country. You can choose from a number of KitKat flavors with this subscription box; each package contains 16 fun-sized KitKats. You should try each of these tastes at least once! If you have a sweet tooth, the strawberry cheesecake or pancake can become your new favorite dessert. The wasabi or green tea KitKats will also sate your craving if you want something a little unusual. Because chocolate melts so quickly in the winter, you might want to order these during wintertime. KitKat lovers will love the Variety KitKat Box as a Christmas present!


What are the best Japanese Snacks inside the monthly boxes?

Since you already know some of the best subscription boxes, you'll want to discover every snack that might be included in that snack crate. Japan snacks look good wherever you look, and there are so many things that appear good that it can be overwhelming what you should try first. There is no doubting the appeal of Japanese snacks worldwide is mostly driven by eccentricity and odd flavor combinations. You might need to figure out where to begin with the bewildering array of Japanese candies, salty snacks, chips, chocolate, instant noodles, Japanese treats, and other international snacks readily available on the market, so here are some of the best-tasting and crave-worthy snacks for you.


1. Umaibo: Cheese Flavor

Umaibo: Cheese Flavor

One of Japan's favorite dagashi is umaibo! This variant tastes like cheese, a traditional chip-and-puff flavor. Umaibo, one of the most well-known Japanese dagashi, literally translates as "tasty stick" in the language (cheap food snacks). It is a variety-flavored, cylinder-shaped maize snack. The most common flavor of the Umaibo stick is the cheese flavor.

Umaibo is renowned for having a crunchy and airy texture. You'll notice that the corn puff melts into your mouth without discomfort when you bite into this food. The mildly seasoned cheese flavor and the texture of this meal go together beautifully. Each corn stick comes packaged in lightweight, humidity-resistant aluminum film packaging.


2. Hi-Chew: Suppaichuu Sour Lemon

Hi-Chew: Suppaichuu Sour Lemon

Hi-Chew is a popular candy in Japan that gives a chewy delicacy and a delectable fruit flavor. Its unique flavor is renamed "Suppaichuu," where "suppai" stands for sour. Hence, this Hi-Chew has the tart and tangy flavor of lemons. There are 12 pieces in each pack, which taste strongly like lemon and contain sour, crunchy sugar crystals. Get some before they sell.

Hi-Chew is the ideal combination of chewy, creamy, and fruity. Since 1975, they have played a significant role in the Japanese candy industry. Fantastic for all ages! At least ten flavors, from fruits to sodas, are always on hand. Try different things and often return to see the most recent additions.


3. Pureral Gummy Apple

Pureral Gummy Apple

The apples used to make these soft apple candies come from Aomori, a region renowned for producing the tastiest apples in Japan. Savor the flavor of the best apples mixed with a subtle sweetness from the honey. A fragrant and rich fruity flavor emerges when you put it in your mouth. You'll get a flavor that is as though you were eating genuine fruit with consideration for location and diversity. A soft aroma will gradually envelop you when you open the bag. The honeydew apple's fragrant, bittersweet flavor.


4. Fluffy Choco Taiyaki

Fluffy Choco Taiyaki

One of Japan's most popular sweet snacks is the fluffy Taiyaki Pukupuku made by Meito Sangyo, which can be found in all supermarkets and snack stores. Meito Sangyo is a well-known candy, chocolate, and beverage manufacturer in Japan.

In Japan, taiyaki, a fish-shaped wafer with a typical cream and red bean filling, is a common street dish. Meito produces this unique delicacy called the Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer, which has air-bubble chocolate inside and a monaka wafer outside. The interior of the chocolate is fluffy and flavorful, tasting like chocolate. The contrast between the soft interior and the crunchy exterior in the mouth is incredibly enjoyable and tantalizing!


5. Black Thunder

Black Thunder

One of the most well-liked chocolate candies in Japan is called Black Thunder! With each bite, this traditional Black Thunder bar makes a loud crunch and is drenched in chocolate on top of the chocolate.

Black Thunder is a popular Japanese delicacy with a crispy texture and flavorful, sweet chocolate. The bar contains rice puffs that have been covered in chocolate as well as pieces of plain and chocolate-covered biscuits. This chocolate bar contains pieces of broken-up cocoa biscuits produced with pure cocoa! With the help of this crunchy chocolate bar, give yourself an energy boost.


6. Fettuccine Gummy Grape

Fettuccine Gummy Grape

The sweet and sour flavor of these tasty gummy strips makes them popular. The taste in question is grape! Yum! These sugar-coated gummy sweets with a tangy and sweet flavor have recently become very popular in Japan. We intend to provide a complete list of the flavors always offered. They have the exact texture and flavoring and are shaped like flat fettuccine pasta. A pouch with a sealable lid lets you guarantee freshness.

If you have a sweet tooth, these intriguing candies with a grape taste are perfect for you! In Japan, fettuccine gummies are becoming quite well-liked. The sweets are flat and thin but soft as a candy cloud, like fettuccine pasta. The sour powder on top of the gummy and the sweet grape-flavored gummy work perfectly together. The sweets are simple to share with friends and take in your pocket, thanks to the resealable packaging!


7. Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

Try these Calbee potato chips with a pizza potato flavor! These pizza-flavored potato chips have a fairly unusual flavor for a potato chip but will undoubtedly make you think of the cheesy dinner. Melty cheese is included with each chip. Calbee created the unique Japanese snack known as Pizza Potato Chips. Emmental and cheddar cheese flavors, pepperoni, tomato, and spices are all tasted over thick, sliced potato chips. Just delicious!

Calbee's potato chip tastes cover the gamut. You don't need to travel to Japan to be perplexed by the snack aisle. Do it at the convenience of your home! If forced, you can use this mouthwatering word salad to describe the pizza chip: cheesy, difficult to distinguish between pizza and the chip, tomato note, and delectably crunchy.


8. Jagariko Jagabutter Flavor

Jagariko Jagabutter Flavor

One of the most well-liked potato chip snacks in Japan is called jagariko. However, it's actually more like French fries than a chip. These package sticks have a buttery potato flavor. Since 1995, Calbee Co., Ltd. has manufactured and sold jagariko, a snack primarily consisting of potatoes. After being cut into thin sticks and fried in oil, puffed potatoes are put in a cup-shaped container. It is a widely consumed snack food available in Japan. Nonetheless, it's universally true that butter and potatoes go well together. Jagariko Jaga butter (potato butter) taste is also a popular flavor. It is an item produced by specifications.


9. Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits

Pokemon Chocolate Pikachu Biscuits

This delicious snack can be eaten straight from the box, with milk as a cereal alternative or as a garnish for your favorite ice cream! With this lovely package of 14 individually wrapped double chocolate chip cookies featuring the Pokémon franchise from the Japanese confectioner Furuta, you can snack like a genuine Pokémon master.

These premium, delicious chocolate chip cookies come in adorable Pokémon packaging with pictures of your favorite Pokémon. The milk chocolate within the cookies, which are crispy, is soft. Enjoy this delicious chocolate chip-filled moist cookies! The individually wrapped chocolate biscuits come in a pack with several Pokémon characters.


10. Pocky: Winter's Caramel Butter Chocolate

Pocky: Winter's Caramel Butter Chocolate

Here is a pouch of six mini-packs of Pocky with the flavor of winter caramel butter. One of the most well-known Japanese candies in the world is Pocky. You'll savor this limited-edition special winter Pocky, mixing butter, salty caramel, and chocolate. The cookie sticks are encased in rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. They're two packets of the opulent, chic, and delectable Pocky. Buy now and preserve them for a long shelf life till summer 2023. 


11. Choco Daifuku

Choco Daifuku

Are you interested in trying this soft and spongy dagashi? If you've never eaten any dagashi before, this snack might be a good place to start. Choco Daifuku is a chocolate and marshmallow-filled snack food that is bite-sized. Its appearance reproduces the daifuku, a traditional Japanese confection (rice cake bun usually filled with anko red bean paste). Due to their packaging, these marshmallow daifuku are easy to share and enjoy with loved ones. The traditionally understated sweet mochi has undergone a modern makeover. If you're interested, remember that learning about a novel concept through literature is one thing, but experiencing it firsthand is quite another. Give it a try.


The Verdict!

Experience the best Japanese snack boxes now, starting with the top tier, Japan Crate. Japan Crate features every type of Japanese snack, candies, and drink imaginable. You can also get a sneak peek at the upcoming month's box to see what's within its expertly curated monthly boxes, which feature a selection of gourmet delicacies from family-owned businesses across Japan.

At Japan Crate, we offer everything from sweet and savory snacks to bizarre and traditional Japanese flavors. There are also limited-edition Japanese products, all of which are trendy and suitable for the current season. If you've never tried it or are simply interested in what all the excitement is about, check out the Japan Crate for more subscription box delights. Get your month's first Japan crate now! Enjoy!

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Japan Crate

Japan Crate