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Best Gashapon Toys

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Japan is the best place to buy toys and collectibles. Japan has gone one step further with its gashapon (also known as gachapon) vending machines. These vending machines don't sell little, loose-after-a-few-throws bouncy balls. Instead, you're rewarded with excellent toys you'll want to keep forever.

Indeed, gachapon is the clearest example of how Japan is a sanctuary for toy enthusiasts of all kinds. The vending machine has everything from ridiculous trinkets to sculptures of your favorite cartoon characters. Gachapon is the best and most affordable location to purchase them if you're wondering where to look.

What is Gachapon?

What is Gachapon?

Nothing in the entire world compares to a Japanese gachapon machine. While many nations have little vending machines that sell toys and sweets, the ingenuity seen inside a Japanese gachapon capsule seems to know no bounds. While merchandise relating to anime and manga is the most well-known, many other Gachapon items are available, from animals, animals acting oddly, such as bowing or acting like office workers, food, insects, dinosaurs, and even little household appliances and electronics are cute options.

The items inside these plastic "eggs" frequently make excellent keepsakes, including kid-friendly toys and collectibles, small artwork, and even face masks. These entertaining devices function on coins, just like vending machines do in other nations. After adding a few load, you'll have your brand-new toy in your possession.

Best Gashapon Toys in Japan

1. Bandai Gashapon

Bandai Gashapon

Early adopters of the gacha trend, Bandai introduced their first line of capsule toys in 1977. Many passionate Gasha-collectors travel far and wide in quest of the most recent Sailor Moon, Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman Gashapon, proving that Gashapon is not just something that youngsters buy with their pocket money. At the present time, Bandai releases 30 to 40 new Gashapon stock collections each month, with popular lines quickly selling out.

2. Kitan Club

Kitan Club

One of the quirkiest gachapon firms in Japan, Kitan Club is constantly outdoing itself when it comes to making bizarre capsule toys. The creative mind of Cup no Fuchiko, the nimble OL who likes clinging to cup sides, is the gacha firm's best items.

Typically, Fuchiko is shown as an office worker clothed in a blue or yellow outfit and striking various comical stances. Fuchiko's figurines, however, can all be balanced off the edge of the cup. Fuchiko's popularity skyrocketed on instagram, becoming especially well-liked among young women. With innovative idea and designs, Fuchiko has sales exceeding 20 million, keeping the brand current and alive. Because Fuchiko was so well-liked, the designers at Kitan Club created a line of cups called Putitto that featured a variety of well-known characters performing acrobatic details and feats.

3. Panda no Ana

Panda no Ana

Panda no Ana is renowned for its humorous interpretations of strange ideas, including Kabuki owls, mochi ghosts, and animals with underbites. Some of the most favorite collections also include the series of Statue of Liberty in various provocative poses and snails with strange and fun objects worn as shells. The Panda no Ana capsule toys are sure to charm and surprise you every time!

Where to Buy the Best Gachapon Toys?

Where to Buy

You won't need to look for a gashapon for long because they appear almost universal in Japan. 0These playthings can be found outside and at grocery stores. Moreover, you can often find gashapon in any store that sells merchandise based to video games, manga, anime, toys, etc. In fact, gachapon machines are conveniently located at Tokyo Station and Akihabara Station. Since Akihabara is known for its association with manga and anime, many of the gachapon machines in this area also relate to this theme. You can also find the best gachapon in Japan on online websites like the best one-stop-shop in Japan, the Sugoi Mart gachapon collection.

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