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Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

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Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

Everything now sells ramen, from instant noodle and packages to fine dining dishes. Ramen shops, or Ramen-ya, can be found in almost every region of Japan, and they produce countless regional variations of this popular noodle dish. Japan's signature noodle soup dish, ramen, is extremely well-liked not only in its own country but also throughout the entire world, especially in Asia.

Best Ramen in Japan

Ichiran Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

Ichiran ramen is the most well-known ramen chain, with stores all around Japan. Their tonkotsu ramen, which is cooked with pork broth, is well known. Since it was established more than 50 years ago in Fukuoka Prefecture, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen, Ichiran has sought after the perfect Tonkotsu ramen.

Its ramen has a milky, sweet flavor and is served with silky, thin noodles, sliced pork, soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, black garlic oil, and it's signature popular style of hot red sauce. Each bowl's red sauce has been cooked for several days and has more than 30 distinct components. It's also the best-kept secret in the ramen store.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Hong Kong

Torihana Tei

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

Each bowl at Torihana Tei, which is well-known for its chicken paitan ramen, is expertly designed and tastes as good as it looks. The star chicken broth in their best-selling dish, known as No. 1 Ramen, is served with Sapporo straight noodles and two thin pieces of fried lotus root, green onion, and half boiled egg as toppings.

Three additional chicken broth-based ramen dishes are also available at the eatery, each of which is spiced up and given a unique twist by the addition of seafood flavor. Keep an eye out for their limited-edition ramen styles like matcha ramen to make another appearance on the menu if you're feeling daring.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in the Philippines

Oyasumi Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

This isn't your typical ramen shop. This store, which is tucked away in the San Juan streets, has adopted the method of preparing ramen used by the people of Yokohama, and the majority of the dishes use chicken or pork bones broth. Oyasumi Ramen also tweaks its recipes, and it even created La Paz ramen, which was inspired by the La Paz Batchoy comfort cuisine from the Philippines.

Moreover, Tonkotsu Tantan ramen is the most popular dish here. Their own take on the traditional tantanmen is called tonkotsu tantan, and it combines a generous amount of soy sauce soup and a smidge of spiciness with nutty, sweet, and tangy flavor in one bowl.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Indonesia

Hakata Ikkousha

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

Hakata Ikkousha is one of the well-known Japanese ramen chains that was established in Japan 40 years ago and is renowned for its rich and flavorful thick broth. Given that it serves hakata style bowl of ramen with flavors that are as close to those found in Fukuoka, Japan, Hakata Ikkousha is perhaps the best ramen restaurant in Indonesia.

While Hakata Ikkousha employs a combination of chicken and diced pork in its delicious soup, some of its branches solely provide the halal option. Hakata Ikkousha has two main locations in Jakarta: one in Serpong, which serves chashu pork, and one in Kemang, which serves halal ramen.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in South Korea

81 Banya Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

One of the best Japanese ramen restaurants in Seoul is 81 Banya Ramen. The Japanese ramen served at 81 is identical to the ramen served in Japan. Therefore, you don't need to travel to Japan to enjoy their ramen. This location is enjoyable, trendy, and warm. An enjoyable location to visit with your buddies before going out to drink.

The mellow-flavored miso ramen produced with medium thick noodles, Japanese soybean paste, the crisp-tasting shoyu ramen flavored with soy sauce broth, and the meat broth negi-miso ramen topped with a plethora of chopped green onions and extra pork slices are some of the dishes that are popular here.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Thailand

Bankara Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen: Asia Best Ramen Shop

Bankara Ramen has delivered its commitment to giving Bangkok residents a taste of real ramen. The restaurant has made a name for itself in Bangkok's ramen scene because of its hearty and delicious ramen broth. However, health-conscious eaters may be turned off by the oil that floats on the tsukemen's surface (dipping ramen), but for the majority, the springy, well-chilled curly noodles bathed in a warm, fatty broth are immensely gratifying. The tori karaage, which is crunchy on the exterior and wet in the middle, is also really good. The fragrant, cherry-flavored Annin tofu soy bean pudding cuts through all the fat.

Also recommended is the Bankara Original. It doesn't hold back on pork or chicken soup flavor and fulfills all your ramen exquisite balance, and texture needs with chewy noodles, bamboo shoots, and mouthwatering thin slices chashu in a tonkotsu broth. Since there are usually patrons in the restaurant looking for a piece of comfort food, don't expect to find a seat without some difficulty.

These are best of the best Japanese restaurant in different countries in Asia. No matter where you go, Japanese ramen seems to be in every corner of each Asian country. If you are on the journey of ramen hunting with one Michelin star rating in the whole of Asia, it might take you a long to find the best that will cater to your taste buds. Worry not! Sugoi Mart noodles collection can guide you through varieties of ramen flavors you'll surely love! Shop now.

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