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Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

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Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Australia and ramen have a passionate, loving connection that has produced some wonderfully accurate Japanese ramen and shops all the way from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth. Ramen is a year-round soup alternative that is perfect for dating nights and solo lunches. While each ramen shop's broth will be unique, you can customize your ramen by adding different toppings like mushrooms, egg, seaweed, bamboo, corn, and seasonings such as soy, miso, and salt. The challenge, however, is identifying the top ramen in Australia, with so many ramen restaurant options for the most distinctive, eccentric, or atmospheric locations guaranteed to excite your senses. Read on, and we will give you the best ramen spots and the most flavorful ramen noodles in Australia.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

1. Gogyo

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

You can be certain that Gogyo will offer a taste of Japan to Surry Hills because of its local locations in Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Their Kogashi-style ramen is a must-try as it uses a charring technique to exude fragrant and bittersweet flavors that will revolutionize your expectations of Japanese ramen in Sydney. It has ash flakes, and the chewy noodles and pork belly chashu seem a little strange and foreboding floating in the oily, dark soup, but it tastes really amazing due to the lighter chicken broth base, which is not as heavy as a tonkotsu broth. Moreover, the burnt miso paste gives it a deep umami flavor and a salty intensity. It is definitely a casual-chic ramen restaurant in Sydney.

2. Chaco Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Look no further than Chaco Ramen if you're looking for a fine ramen dinner in a cozy setting, complete with Japanese cooking and characters hung on the wall. Its ramen comes in various flavors, from chilli coriander to yuzu scallop, and you may top it with any creative Japanese delight you can imagine.

One of the best-served ramens here is from the Sydney-based Chaco Bar and Haco family of Japanese eateries. It is available in three flavors: fat soy, chili coriander pork, or tomato tantan for the vegetables. Although this is shoyu-based pork soup ramen, the additional hog fat gives it a tonkotsu-like consistency that is incredibly buttery. They'll even package everything so you can cook it at home whenever you're hungry!

3. Ryo's Noodles

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Visit Ryo's Noodles, a well-known ramen restaurant in Sydney, to spend an evening being transported to Japan without having to pay the price. Ryo's serves traditional Japanese food and is renowned for its flavorful ramen, a great lunch or supper option. The welcoming staff, cozy setting, and great ramen make it the ideal evening out with a date or group of friends. Additionally, a range of chicken and pork soup ramen (tonkotsu ramen) options are available on the menu, along with toppings, including roast pork, eggs, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and fried prawn balls.

Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

1. Mensousai Mugen

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Mensousai Mugen is one of the first places in Melbourne to serve tsukemen, dipping ramen popular throughout the early 2000s. Your soy, miso, chicken, and pig stock-based broth is served separately with your springy noodles and toppings. You're supposed to dip the thick, chewy noodles in the broth. Upon completing your noodles, you are given dashi to thin up the broth so you can sip it like soup.

2. Tamura Sake & Jazz Bar

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Tamura Sake & Jazz Bar, a modern, informal Japanese restaurant, is being opened by Fumi Tamura in Fitzroy. Fresh salmon sashimi, Japanese fried chicken, and some of Melbourne's best ramen are served with the dishes in a charming, authentic setting, along with traditional highballs, shochu, and sake (japanese inspired cocktails).

3. Yoku Ono Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Australia

Yoku Ono is undoubtedly a contender for the best ramen in Melbourne and the rest of the restaurants on this list. However, there are a few classic ramen dishes that you really must have, like their version of miso chicken ramen and iconic Yoku Ono ramen. Their ramen Melbourne goes to if you're on the city's south side. The menu is imaginative, seasonal, and fresh.

These are just a few of the best ramen shops in Australia, you can still wander a bit to discover more authentic Japanese tastes, from Bar Wa Izakaya, Hakata maru ramen, Ramen Ichiraku, Rising Sun Workshop, Hakata Gensuke, and Gogyo. Many of these ramen are combined with house-made noodles, fresh ingredients, and umami-packed spices. Worry not if you are not in Australia these flavors are also available in instant cup noodles at Sugoi Mart noodles collection. Shop now!

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