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Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

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Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

Japan's signature noodle soup dish, ramen, is extremely popular not only in its own country but also throughout the entire world. Locals eat this dish all year round, and there are many regional variations, including favorites from Sapporo and Fukuoka. Growing consumer demand for the dish since the turn of the 20th century has given rise to prosperous business chains that have extended throughout Japan. These ramen restaurants provide a wide variety of ramen together with traditional sides to satisfy every client. Here are the five best ramen in Tokyo, that is certain to satisfy your ramen cravings.

Best Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

1. Ichiran Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

Ichiran ramen is the most well-known ramen chain with stores all around Japan. Their tonkotsu ramen, cooked with pork broth, is extremely popular and dubbed as the king of all kings, of Tokyo's top ramen spots. Pork bone broth from Ichiran is a special soup that took years to create. Each bowl's red sauce has been cooked for several days and has more than 30 distinct components. It's also the best-kept secret in the ramen store. According to rumors, only four people in Ichiran know the precise recipe.

Another striking characteristic of this joint is that you will use a machine to select your meal, as is customary in ramen shops. Then they provide you with a form on which you can indicate your choices, including the level of broth richness and the firmness of the noodles. Because they have English forms, they are quite welcoming to foreigners. Afterward, you proceed to the tiny cubicle that separates you from the person seated next to you.

2. Tsuta Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

The first ramen shop in the world, Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta in Sugamo, Tokyo, received a Michelin star and became an instant sensation in the country. There are two-star and three-star restaurants, but for a ramen restaurant, just receiving one Michelin star from the Michelin Guide is an amazing accomplishment!

This is a sophisticated ramen restaurant that serves truffle oil ramen on the menu. Moreover, the business had lines out the door after obtaining this prize, so this modest 9-seat eatery decided to introduce a ticketing system. A bowl of ramen here will run you about $10. Imagine you can eat ramen at a Michelin-starred restaurant without even breaking the bank.

3. Menya Musashi

Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

Menya Musashi is undoubtedly one of the best ramen shops in Shinjuku that you simply must try. This top ramen restaurant in Tokyo, Menya Musashi frequently has a long line of customers outside during prime time. Moreover, its famous dish and the tsukemen dipping ramen noodles are both simple but so tasty because of the tender pork pieces, chewy noodles, and irresistible thick broth. They employ a flavorful soy sauce base prepared with chicken and pork bones that has a faintly fishy flavor from the dried sardines fish. Ramen from Menya Musashi is prepared with a perfectly balanced thick soup of fish, pork, and chicken broth. Match these ramen noodles with ample toppings like pieces of pork belly, a half-boiled egg, and different vegetables.

4. Ginza Kagari

Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

In the upscale Ginza neighborhood, there is a backstreet that is lined with secret ramen house restaurants. Ginza Kagari Honten, a ramen establishment, is one of those places. They are well-known for the ramen dish tori-paitan. Experts agree that the ramen they produce is the best of its kind in Tokyo, including Hiroshi from Ramen Beast.

The rich taste of the broth for this ramen is created by cooking chicken bones and carcasses for a very long time in a big pot. You have one spectacular bowl of ramen when you add a variety of delicious noodles, crisp vegetables, and other delicious toppings. The menu is fairly broad and includes items like chicken ramen, shio ramen, tsukemen, alternative tori-paitan made with shoyu ramen, and luxury toppings like truffle.

5. Kyushu Jangara Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen in Japan

Kyushu Jangara Ramen is a well-known chain of tonkotsu ramen restaurants in Tokyo. The Kyushu Jangara has large, thick pieces of braised pork belly in addition to thin slices of chashu, unlike other tonkotsu ramen. A large lump of marinated cod roe, bamboo stalks, and an egg are also included. This combination yields a filling bowl of ramen. Additionally, Jangara offers tsukemen, miso ramen, spicy ramen, garlic ramen, and tonkotsu ramen in a variety of fattening degrees.

These are only five of the immensely popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo, Japan, there are still hundreds of ramen restaurants all over the country. You can try as many regional varieties with different spice levels as you want. But if you can't wait any longer to experience the delicate balance of Japanese noodles, you can just visit the Sugoi Mart noodles collection. Choose any ramen flavors you like and savor your taste buds with the best authentic ramen noodles available.

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