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Best Japanese Ramen in Manila

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Recently, ramen has become a popular option for soup and noodles. This expanding trend has also dominated the Philippine industry, as there are now hundreds of ramen shops opening up all across the country. There is at least one renowned Japanese noodle place serving ramen in every city from Ramen Daisho, Ramen Yushoken, and Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, which has become one of the most well-liked cuisine trends in the nation, especially in Metro Manila, where you can find plenty of authentic ramen restaurants wherever you go.

Since the original Japanese ramen varies depending on region, this well-known Japanese meal will surprise you with the range of flavors it can provide. Regardless of your preferences, eating delicious ramen leaves you feeling full. Since there are many restaurants in Manila, here are some ramen restaurants that will satisfy your ramen cravings.

Best Japanese Ramen Place in Manila


1. Ramen Kuroda


With Ramen Kuroda's homemade, authentic, and reasonably priced specialty noodles, ramen can become a regular part of your life. Each bowl will tantalize your palate because it has been made with effort and passion. And you don't have to spend a fortune on authentic ramen, as this ramen place is on the lower price scale for ramen restaurants.

Customers who have tried ramen have consistently praised this ramen house for affordable, umami-filled dishes. They also sell gyozas and Japanese rice bowls in addition to ramen. Ramen Kuroda uses chef-selected ingredients to make quality ramen noodles for every time of the year. The secret to their rich soup foundation is how they intricately extract the umami from the pork bone.


2. Ramen Nagi



Ramen Nagi, widely regarded as the best ramen shop in Tokyo, has been a go-to ramen spot in Manila since it opened in 2013. Ramen Nagi is unquestionably the place to go if you want a complete and steaming bowl of ramen. Although it is more expensive than other ramen shops in the city, each bowl is loaded with savory broth and mouthwatering flavors that are impossible to ignore. In addition to being the best-selling Ramen, Ramen Nagi is renowned for allowing ramen lovers to alter the broth's heat level, meat content, and noodle texture to suit their tastes. Have a bowl of your preferred flavor to satisfy your appetite for Japanese food.

3. Ramen Ron



Dedicated chef Tamura teamed up with renowned Filipina chef Margarita Fores and her son Amado to revamp Ukokkei Ramen Ron without sacrificing its soul and traditional favorites. The Tantanmen is the most recommended dish on the menu, which features noodles with the perfect texture and a great broth bursting with sesame, chili, and miso flavors. It's a simple recipe that instantly calms the senses, topped with ground pork and a splash of spring onions. Ramen Ron has since added fresh menu items and old upgraded side dishes like chicken karaage and pork bun. Also, you may now enjoy their ready-to-eat or DIY real ramen kits in the comfort of your home.

4. Mendokoro Ramenba



There is no denying the popularity of Mendokoro Ramenba among ramen enthusiasts in the Philippines. They would stand in line for hours simply to enjoy the authentic Japanese flavor that each bowl of Mendokoro's ramen has to offer. The traditional shoyu ramen, tonkotsu ramen, and shio ramen is a fan favorite and contains 20 different flavor-infusing ingredients. The handcrafted miso paste and sophisticated tastes of the miso ramen are also praised. A steaming bowl of Mendokoro's ramen is an appealing delicacy one could not resist, regardless of the weather, be it sunny or cloudy, chilly or hot. Go ahead and try one at a branch right away.

5. Tongara Ramen



One of the newest ramen restaurants in Manila, is Tongara Ramen, which hails from Cebu. Tongara Ramen is a low-key ramen restaurant that delivers some of the greatest and most authentic ramens. It is a franchise founded in Shinjuku by ramen master Makoto Okazaki. Their unique broth, known as "tongara," which is a blend of "tonkotsu" or pork bone broth and "torigara" or chicken bone broth, is what sets them apart from the competition. Your taste buds will be fully satiated by their signature Tongara Ramen, which has a distinct sweet and savory flavor combined with the standard ramen fixings like the ajitama or soft-boiled egg, tender chashu or soy sauce marinated pork slices, and bamboo shoots.

Visit all these places serving the best Japanese ramen in Manila. They all have multiple ramen places, from Muntinlupa City, Bonifacio Global City, Marikina City, Pasig City, Quezon City, Uptown Mall, and Alabang Town Center, to SM Mall of Asia. And like other countries, the Philippines have also integrated its culture into Japanese cuisine, from hokkaido ramen, shiro ramen, hanamaruken ramen, oyasumi ramen, and signature sigekiya ramen. If you want to eat ramen noodles in the comfort of your home, visit the Sugoi Mart noodle collection and pick the flavor you want.

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