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Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

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Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

The most famous Japanese comfort dish that Singaporeans also adore is ramen. This steaming dish of noodles in a hearty, umami-rich soup will make you feel full. A bowl of ramen is an unquestionably excellent and soothing dish that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether it is spicy miso ramen or thin noodles prepared in the Hakata style floating in a classic pork broth and thick, springy noodles soaked in a unique soup mixture. The best ramen restaurants are anywhere you are, and Singapore will not let you down.

Best Ramen Restaurants in Singapore

1. Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

Tonkotsu Kazan established its flagship in Singapore. Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen offers an unheard-of form of "volcano ramen," in which the noodles are placed in a hot stone pot with a cone-shaped lid, making for a singular dining experience. The tonkotsu-based soup is simmering, and steam is rising from the vent at the top like a volcano eruption.

The best pork bones are used for cooking their creamy tonkotsu broth for 10 hours daily. The flavourful broth, which is high in collagen and protein, is noticeable. You can choose between shoyu broth, shio, miso, or curry flavors to go with the chashu tonkotsu ramen broth as the soup basis. Lastly, you can make wonderful Zousui with the leftover soup ingredients and rice to enjoy the broth.

2. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

Chef Keisuke Takeda, the ramen king, is renowned for his creativity when it comes to "playing" with ramen flavors. At their Tonkotsu locations, Ramen Keisuke Tori King offers three distinct broths in addition to their well-known free-flow hard-boiled eggs. You can select the non spicy chicken broth ramen, creamy broth, red spicy broth, or even the rich broth and noodle texture.

Ramen Keisuke is a major participant in the ramen industry, with various locations specializing in diverse, well-liked varieties of ramen noodles. This is the best tonkotsu ramen in Singapore, according to many. This ramen restaurant will allow you to personalize your ramen bowl, and you can add your own ingredients, such as freshly cooked curly noodles, and toppings like braised pork belly, seaweed, bamboo shoots, and spring onions.

3. Marutama Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

One of the most authentic Japanese ramen restaurants in Singapore is Marutama Ramen. Every day, they provide fresh chicken paitan soup in all of their locations. When you order the traditional Marutama Ramen, tuck it into the milky and flavourful broth topped with char siu, seaweed, and spring onions, plus homemade noodles, of course. Moreover, Marutama ramen serves an ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled egg), soaked in soy sauce, and has a runny yolk and soft white on top. The best part is that you can add unlimited amounts of deep-fried, thinly sliced garlic and tender pork collar chashu to your ramen noodle.

4. Sanpoutei Ramen

Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

Sanpou Group established Sanpoutei Ramen in Niigata in 1967. The traditional Niigata shoyu ramen from Sanpoutei is the most well-known dish. Their broth is made with vegetables, poultry, pork bone, and two kinds of dried sardines that are imported from Japan, and it is then simmered for six hours. For those who are feeling more daring, they also offer tsukemen noodles and spicy tonkotsu ramen for those who want a more conventional pork broth. While you're there, you can also order some of their chicken karaage with rich minced meat sauce.

5. Ramen Hitoyoshi

Best Japanese Ramen Singapore

You can get the best tonkotsu at Ramen Hitoyoshi. They have the classic tonkotsu, garlic tonkotsu, or spicy tonkotsu flavors. Each flavor has a distinctive flavor that improves the standard tonkotsu broth. Moreover, the tonkotsu ramen combined with the aburi belly chashu goes well with your noodles dish. This will be the highlight of your raen experience because not every store sells their tonkotsu ramen with aburi belly chashu. This chashu is unlike any other since it is rich and melts in your mouth, enhancing both the noodles and broth. This is a good ramen alternative since it has a base of a thick and substantial broth, springy noodles, and a perfectly seared aburi chashu.

These are some of the most liked ramen shops that serves the best ramen in Singapore, there are still many varieties available, from hot stone roast ramen, tokusen toroniku ramen, yuzu shio ramen, kotteri tonkotsu ramen, cold ramen, spicy ramen, tori king ramen, spicy yuzu ramen, hokkaido ramen, truffle ramen, and the signature shoyu fire ramen. You can also visit the Sugoi Mart ramen noodles collection and experience the best you'll ever had.

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