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Best Japanese Stationery Notebook

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No matter if you're a student getting ready to start a new semester or just someone who enjoys journaling the little things in life, we all need a reliable notebook that is always handy. Although most of us are used to American-made journals of decent quality, the Japanese have undoubtedly created the best journals in terms of both paper quality and format.

However, many Japanese stationery companies sell a wide variety of notebooks. Additionally, deciding which one to select can take time and effort. Japanese notebooks come in a variety of formats, binding types, Japanese planners, ring notebook, traveler's notebook, and even ruled lines, and are renowned for their great quality and inexpensive cost. Check out some of our favorite Japanese notepads that will transform the way you write for good!

Best Japanese Notebooks

1. MUJI Notebook

japanese stationery

This notebook is thin and has a simple design, but it displays MUJI’s characteristic of good quality at a cheap price. It is marketed as a "No ghosting notebook" in Japan. It makes use of ghost-proof paper that has a good bleed resistance, as the name would suggest. People who use fountain pens or pens with thick ink flow are advised to use them. Even better, you may get a pack of five bright colors for many activities, like taking notes in class and journaling about your travel experiences.

2. Kokuyo Campus Dotted Rule Notebooks

japanese stationery

The Kokuyo Campus Dotted Rule Notebooks can handle the job no matter how untidy your handwriting or inky your pen is. This notebook ingeniously substitutes low-opacity dots for the conventional college-ruled lines used in America to indicate where to write. This notebook also has a small space at the top of each page for the name, date, and other information you might need when writing. This Japanese notebook is a need for taking notes and keeping memos because it is small, reliable, and handy in any situation.

3. Maruman Spiral Note Basic Notebooks

japanese stationery

Simple and timelessly elegant are Maruman Spiral Note Basic Notebooks. These notebooks are simple to draw on, great for note-taking, and embellish the kraft paper covers of these books. Their dot grid smooth pages are perforated to allow for the clean removal of finished assignments, and they are robust enough to use for taking notes when you are away from your workstation. They come in the four standard sheet types in both a roomy B5 size and a more condensed A5.

4. Apica Premium C.D. Notebook

japanese stationery

This notebook's paper is its unique selling point. The paper is described as silk, and it is marketed as the "gentleman's notebook" superior CD. The purpose of the notepad is to promote comfortable writing. Although somewhat expensive, it is unquestionably valuable. This Apica Premium CD has smooth material and beautifully detailed covers with a wonderful sense of quality and class. The notebook's thread binding adds a traditional touch and enables a flat layout when open.

5. Hobonichi Plain Notebooks

japanese stationery

The Hobonichi Plain Notebook is made of Tomoe River paper, which is smooth but not slippery, quite lightweight, and excellent for showcasing the beauty of a bottle of ink. The only way to distinguish the four sections of this notebook's pages is by the color of the grid lines, and its stitched binding allows it to rest flat with ease. This notebook is simple but endearingly of the highest quality.

6. Midori Grid Bullet Journal

japanese stationery

Anyone wishing to start a bullet journal to organize their personal and professional goals in one convenient place will find this grid-ruled notebook a terrific tool. This Midori notebook has a semi-textured creamy paper with a light blue grid that doesn't feather or bleed through. Purchase some vibrant highlighter ink pens, art supplies, stickers, and washi tape to make your journaling experience more unique.

So these are just a few of the best Japanese Stationery notebook with a useful introduction to the enormous world of Japanese notebooks. All the Japanese stationery brands mentioned here are well-known, widely used, and generally simple to locate. You can try any of these brands if you are interested. These notebooks are the perfect tool with any type of writing instruments from, a fountain pen, frixion pens, ballpoint pens, and any colorful pens you may use. Purchase these notebooks now in the Sugoi Mart's wide selection of stationery Japanese items.

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