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Embrace The Way of The Samurai with June 2023 Japan Crate

Japan Crate

Feast like a Warrior with 17-20 Japanese Snacks, Candies, and a Drink!

Experience the artistry of Japanese snacks and treats in an entirely new way with the June 2023 Samurai-themed Japan Crate. Journey through a diverse selection of sweets and savories, each echoing the richness and complexity of the Samurai era.

samurai crate

A Unique Cultural Journey with the Samurai Crate

Experience the heart of Japanese culture with the Samurai-themed Japan Crate. Each snack and treat echoes the richness and complexity of the Samurai era, transporting you to ancient times with every bite. From unusual flavors to exciting textures, every item is carefully selected to provide a one-of-a-kind cultural and culinary experience.

Samurai-Themed Box Design and Bonus Collectible Item

An Unforgettable Box Design

Our June 2023 Samurai Crate arrives in a distinctive box featuring Samurai-themed artwork. This specially designed box seamlessly merges traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern design elements, setting the stage for your epic culinary journey.

Samurai crate design

Exclusive Mini Katana Pen

This month, we raise the bar with our bonus collectible item: a sleek Mini Katana Pen worth $30. This stainless steel pen, fashioned after the legendary samurai sword, is more than just a writing instrument. It's a symbol of the Samurai spirit, a keepsake that carries the echo of ancient tales and warrior lore. The pen comes with a refillable cartridge and a custom box, making it a perfect collectible for Japanese culture enthusiasts.

Join the Epic Samurai Battle and Win Big!

This month's crate offers more than just food for your taste buds—it's also packed with excitement! Embrace your inner Samurai and partake in our epic Samurai Battle on Instagram. Share your Samurai Crate experiences creatively and stand a chance to win a personalized, real $999 Katana from Mini Katana.

Katana from minikatana store

Experience the Fun of Japanese Candy & Snacks

From sweet to savory, each snack in the Samurai Crate is a testament to Japan's rich culinary history and innovation. Try new flavors, discover different textures, and explore the variety that Japanese confectionery has to offer. Each bite promises to be a unique experience, a small adventure that takes you on a journey across Japan.

Continuing Our Commitment to Delivering Authentic Japanese Flavors

At Japan Crate, our passion lies in bringing the essence of Japan to you, wherever you are in the world. Each crate, whether it's a premium, umai, inku, or doki-doki, is a labor of love and a testament to our commitment to authenticity. We source our snacks directly from Japan, ensuring that you get to taste and experience the real thing.


Embark on Your Samurai Crate Adventure Today!

Immerse yourself in a delightful blend of culture and cuisine with the June 2023 Samurai Crate. Don't just snack—experience the history, tradition, and craft that goes into each Japanese treat. Subscribe today, and let's embark on this samurai adventure together!

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Japan Crate

Japan Crate