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How Many Hi-chew Flavors are There?

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You're losing out if you haven't yet nibbled on a piece of Hi-Chew candy created in Japan in 1956 by Morinaga & Co. As the name suggests, these delectable little nibbles are soft and gently chewable. Some may consider Hi-Chew Candy sour, but consumers adore it for its vivid flavor and tempting texture. Although you can find this flavor pleasure everywhere in the world, Japan will give you the best with their own genuine real fruit taffy.

It entered the worldwide market in 2008, and since then, the general public and even celebrities have grown to love it. The texture is obviously chewy, like chewing gum and Starbust, but as you chew it, it stiffens and starts to resemble taffy. Not to mention that it is available in around 200 different tastes worldwide. The flavors in Hi-Chew taste startlingly similar to what they're supposed to taste like, from green apple, lilikoi, and acai to Italian lemon and Tsuyuakane plum. Read on and discover more about the wide variety of Hi-Chew flavors you'll surely like to taste.


What Exactly are Hi-Chew Candies?

Hi-Chew Fruit Candies

Hi-Chew is one of the most well-known Japanese candy brands. Each Hi-Chew candy is individually wrapped in white wax paper or foil, which is stamped with a logo. Taichiro Morinaga first created Hi-Chew as an edible sort of chewing gum that could be eaten due to the traditional Japanese taboo against taking food out of one's mouth. The confections are made with a delicious, vibrant filling and a white outside. The sweet has a chewy, fruit-flavored consistency similar to chewing gum. Instead of chewing them like gum, many people just eat them like candy.


How Many Hi-chew Flavors are There?

How Many Hi-chew Flavors are There?

This candy comes in over 200 different flavors, but not all of them are sold in the same places. This is a really uncommon business strategy because most sweets would never have this many flavors made for them, even to sell to different markets. This only shows how popular this treat is and how versatile the chewy, gum-like base of the sweet can be. These goods come in rectangular single-flavor packs and several varieties like tropical mixes, berry mixes, sweet & spicy mixes, and soda-flavored beverages. Hi-Chew variety of flavors includes strawberry cheesecake, tropical smoothie, orange, mango, raspberry, peach, grapes, and green apples. Although the brand has something for everyone, not all Hi-Chew flavors live up to expectations. Here are some of the best Hi-Chew flavors you'll enjoy.


Best Hi-Chew Flavors

1. Green Apple

Green Apple

Morinaga knew they had a hit on their hands because this green apple flavor is one of the most well-liked Hi-Chew flavors. The green apple Hi-Chew will give you a wonderful taste sensation and chewy texture in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. It is included in the Original Mix bag along with mango, grape, and strawberry, but if all you want is the green apple flavor, you can also buy a stick of that flavor. This seemingly simple flavor will surely trick your taste buds. 


2. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Like its namesake in real life, Dragon Fruit Hi-Chew has a rose magenta exterior and a white interior. The only thing missing from it is the green spikes that are generally found on dragon fruits, albeit it does have some of its distinctive black seeds. True dragon fruit is notorious for tasting worse than it looks and having a weak flavor especially when it's not quite ripe, but the creators of Hi-Chew meticulously studied its essence and significantly increased the stakes. Dragon fruit in its purest form, this delicious treat has a pear, stone fruit, and kiwi-like flavor. The nostalgic flavor will entice you to come back for more.


3. Strawberry



It goes without saying that pink candies are the best candies, and that is also the case here. There isn't a Hi-Chew flavor that can beat the juicy sweetness of traditional strawberry. This chewy strawberry candy embodies everything great about Hi-Chew as a candy: it's tasty but not overly sweet, juicy, and strikingly similar to the fruit it's named after. 


4. Watermelon


Hi-chew watermelon's surface is pink, and its inner is white, which is odd considering that Japan is known for its insatiable appetite for melons of all varieties. However, a burst of scent that smells like watermelon hits your nostrils before you can even put the delicatessen in your mouth. Because actual watermelon is already sufficiently sweet on its own, we argue that Hi-chew watermelon candy is just putting a hat on a hat.


5. Mango


This Hi-Chew Mango is another one that smells fantastic as soon as you crack open the packet and is an instant jolt to the senses (in the best way). Like so many of its brethren, its appearance of light white is deceiving since these tiny packets of bliss are jam-packed with taste. Long after you've finished the candy, it leaves a delightful aftertaste that coats the mouth well.


6. Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit

The pink grapefruit Hi-Chew, which has a white interior and cotton candy pink outside, is an outstanding candy. With this one, everything simply works out perfectly. The fruit's juiciness is noticeable throughout the entire chewing process, and the flavor is unmistakably that of pink grapefruit. Particularly, the acidity comes through without making you pucker up. The divisive, bitter tones of grapefruit maintain that harmony. Hi-Chew managed to bring out the fruit's sharpness without overpowering your taste buds.


It's Japan Crate Time!

These popular flavors are just a few of the best you could ever have with Hi-chew. Hi-Chew Japanese candy is available in the Western countries in a variety of unique flavors like kiwi, dragon fruit, and açai. While in Japan, flavors are even more adventurous, like a ramune taste, a cola flavor, and even a Hokkaido yogurt Hi-Chew. Additionally, they are available in various mixed packs, ranging from their long-standing special editions to uncommon Hi-chew sours, sweet and sour "super fruits" and yogurt-blended alternatives. To have the best taste experience with all the Hi-Chew flavors, visit Sugoi Mart Hi-Chew collections if you want to be a part of this never-ending trend and the perfect Japanese sweet. On the other side, Japan Crate offers a monthly box that includes flavors of Hi-Chew that you will surely love to nibble. Enjoy!

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