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Behind the Scenes: Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Japan Crate

Japanese candies are highly popular all over the world because of their flavor, distinctive packaging, and creative production methods. It's a bottomless pit of party meals that you can only aspire to try at least once in your life. There are approximately 100 different candies available in Japanese convenience stores, including Japanese soda candy, sour gummy, chocolate blocks, cookies, chocolates, and even do-it-yourself candies!

The Japanese are really the masters at thrilling and perplexing sweet tooth at the same time, whether it is with SOY sauce, musk melon, pumpkin, or anything else. Do not mistakenly believe that all Japanese candy is very bizarre; there are also many straightforward and smooth flavors that you are sure to adore. Making sweets has a very long and significant history in Japan. Candy has assimilated into daily life in Japan and has become crucial to a variety of rituals, like drinking tea. It has become a crucial component of their culture and a significant contribution to the world. But do you have any idea how Japanese candies are made?

Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Japanese Candy Makers

The traditional Japanese method of producing candy has introduced something novel to the world. The brand's goods are all genuine and infused with a traditional Japanese spirit. Japan has a huge selection of high-quality confectionery, from well-known brands to exciting new products. Candy in Japan goes far beyond ready-made, on-the-go delights. It seizes both the clients' hearts and their tongues.

We were curious to find out how Japanese candy is made, but just like Willy Wonka's Factory, it's really hard to get a tour of a Japanese candy factory. Luckily, we were able to partner with Coris, makers of our favorite Whistle Candy, to see how some Japanese candies are made!

Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Coris Candy Factory

Japanese candy store Coris was formed in 1948 and had a lengthy history. Coris Incorporation has produced and sold sweets, primarily made from children's chewing gum. In addition to providing children with sweets, Coris candy store is a pioneer in the field of confectionery for kids. Coris is proud of its exceptionally long-selling products, for which it pays great attention to the raw materials for the health of its customers. Their adorable Japanese DIY candy kits, fun whistle candies, and other items are what they are best known for. They have been innovating over the years to continue producing tasty treats and amusing candies that are loved by many.

Behind the Scenes in Coris Candy Factory

For this special treat, we invited long-time subscriber Tony Hawk to come tour with us and see how some of the items he picked out for September's Crate were being made. Tony even got to meet the President of Coris!

Before getting started with the tour, we were required to wear sanitary garments....they made us feel like surgeons from a scary movie... Maybe next Halloween costume? The lighting in the picture doesn't help. Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we headed into the factory. We expected the factory to have a lot of automated assembly lines with mostl machines running everything. We were pleasantly surprised to instead see many people checking and packaging the candy!

 Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Some of the candy went through amazing transformations! Below you can see how one giant taffy-like block gets turned into a small rope. This is how those chewy straw gummies and gums are made! We even got to see September's Sour Gum being made, and packaged!!

 Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

The bags that are rejected due to products being defective or not enough products get placed in this bin. YAY QUALITY CONTROL!

 Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Once all the packages were checked and good to go, they were placed in their boxes to be shipped! These boxes then go to our warehouse so we can pack your crates!! Want to taste one of these goodies form the Coris factory?

Coris Candies

Coris is a renowned confectionery producer in Japan with centuries of experience. Since 1948, Coris has been offering customers amusing and playful candies, including ramune whistle candies, chewing gum, and DIY candy kits. Coris candy comes in various flavors and shapes, including delicious energy drink flavors. Since the candies are made in Japan, they are all safe to eat and are incredibly imaginative and enjoyable. It isn't simply sweets; it feels like a tiny slice of heaven in the mouth. Here are some of the best Coris candies you should try!

Coris Fue Ramune Whistle Candy

Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

When it comes to making confectionery, Japan is highly inventive. Sweets frequently come in flower and leaf shapes, as well as a variety of flavors, some of which are pretty peculiar, and Coris Whistle Candy is no exception. These Japanese candies have the same form as polo mint candies but are flavored with ramune, a common Japanese soft drink that tastes a lot like lemonade. Each candy includes a tiny hole in the center that allows you to blow air through it. This Japanese candy in the shape of a donut is packaged with a mystery toy that changes color when exposed to light.

Coris Dragon Ball Super Soda Chewing Gum With Metallic Sticker Sheet

Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Characters from the Dragon Ball series are featured on this pack of gum! See which might warrior you find within this metallic sheet gum pack, a surprisingly pleasant way to gather and collect your favorite Dragon Ball Super warriors in dazzling sticker form! Each packet of gum comes with a tiny sheet of fizzy ramune soda gum that you can easily break and chew, as well as a random postcard-sized glitter foil sticker (14.8cm x 10cm) that contains brand-new, original artwork of Dragon Ball Super's iconic characters. Specially chosen packets contain extremely unusual stickers that will bolster your collection and are great for collecting, displaying, or sticking to gadgets or notepads.

Coris Mystery Mix Mizuame Syrup DIY Candy Kit

Inside a Japanese Candy Factory

Create your own original confectionary mixtures! Test out the gummy sweetness of Coris' intriguing mizuame syrup flavors and the enigmatic fruity delight of this straightforward DIY candy kit. Use the tray and spoon included to taste and blend the three easy-to-pour sachets of juicy strawberry, bubbly soda, and zesty lemon syrup in any way you like. To uncover a hidden fourth flavor, try combining all three. Is that a grape? There is only one way to know!

It's Japan Crate Time

Fill yourself on delicious, Coris candy available in Japan! These delectable candies offer fun candies you'll surely enjoy, from Coris whistle candy and Coris soft chewing candy to Coris Lifeguard soda paste candy. You can enjoy these treats anytime you want with your friends and family for more fun candy time! Perhaps you'd like to have a package of treats with a Japanese theme sent to your house each month? Just click this link to sign up right now. Japan Crate will bring you the taste of Japan in no time with our fast and flexible international shipping options. Visit our website for additional information.

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