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Japan Crate: March Crate Adventure

Japan Crate

Japan Crate: March Crate Adventure

In March, Japan is on the cusp of winter and spring, with many regions preferring one over the other. The nation's well-known cherry blossom celebrations begin in more southern regions later in the month as the sakura bloom. The country's northern parts, which are still largely wintry, are still skiable. And all the snacks in Japan every March is something you shouldn't miss. Read on and discover the world of Japanese culture through Japan Crate and what Japan is every month of March.

What is Japan Crate?

What is Japan Crate?

Japan Crate is one of the best subscription boxes available worldwide, which sends you delicious food, adorable collectibles, and the tastiest candy. In fact, the first Japanese subscription snack box is the Japan Crate. Since its inception in 2014, it has operated well and works with popular brands and businesses like Kodansha and Funimation. As a result, they include numerous goodies in their monthly crates that are inspired by anime and manga.

Moreover, the Japan Crate subscription mystery box is a fantastic way to try different treats and Japanese cuisine every month! This company offers a wide range of products that are unique to Japan. These might be anything from tasty chips to well-known candy snacks and chocolates! They have more to offer than just Japanese candy, like Japan exclusive drink, diy candy kits, instant noodles (umai crate), manga with English translations, cute plushies (inku crate), and a surprise bonus item are also included every next crate of the month. Here is the Japan Crate March treat box you should get your hands on.

Japan Crate's March Release

What is Japan Crate?

Japanese snack subscription box Japan Crate has revealed the theme and spoilers for March 2022! You will get lost in Japan if you follow the theme of this great box. Get ready to ready to witness a Japna's past meets the present. Japan crate will guide you through centuries-old streets, futuristic skyscrapers, and even past giant robot battles to discover everything Japan is famous for. There's no better place to explore, so come get lost in Japan Crate adventure. Explore Japan's experiences and fun facts with the March Japan Crate Box Release! Here are the Japanese snacks and delicious treats that will let you taste authentic Japanese flavor and let you feel Japan's adventure.

Japan Crate's March Adventurous Snacks

1. GUNDAM Aerial Thick Cheddar Cheese

GUNDAM Aerial Thick Cheddar Cheese

You will adore the delicious cheese flavor of this bag of Aerial snacks. This aerial snack is in collaboration with the well-known anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury! The secret to Aerial's flavor is its light, crunchy, four-layer texture, which you can't stop eating. Each of these mouthwatering treats has four layers for your teeth to sink into, and each corn snack is finished with cheese cream and cheese powder for a satisfying cheesy flavor. The crackers are available in four flavors: corn potage, thick cheddar cheese, grilled corn, and sea salt.

2. Hyoroku Mochi

Hyoroku Mochi

Here's a snack that will help you enjoy the excellent flavor of white bean paste, soybean flour, seaweed powder, and matcha and its chewy, soft, and elastic texture. It is a creative confection based on the Satsuma region's "Oishi Hyoroku Yume Monogatari." It has a cube-like shape and is covered with a thin layer of edible starch. The box has a photograph of a young Kagoshima soldier sporting a fundoshi, the customary male undergarment of Japan constructed from a length of cotton.

3. Koikeya Okome comfort Japanese anchovy bonito no Shutou

Koikeya Okome


This is a light-textured rice snack that tastes and smells exactly like shrimp. You can taste the cheese's underlying flavor and the umami of fish, which pair beautifully with the rice dough. The dish is really addictive. Koikeya uses the highly technical abilities developed with rice crackers. Koikeya has been keeping to Japan and sticking to Japan's distinctive technology that brings out the sweetness of the material. , a product made entirely of Japanese rice flour called "Okome comfort" that was finished in search of a high-quality flavor that would appeal to Japanese consumers.

Well, Japan crate snack boxes finally arrived for the month of March. The snacks above are just a few of the many snacks that you can have. There are a lot of surprises in this loot box, like candies, cute gifts, refreshing drinks, and more! This Japan Crate will surely make your day a great day and let you experience the world of Japan every March. Perhaps, you'll want to visit Japan yourself? Well, here's a bit of Japan's background every month of March. Enjoy!

Japan's Weather in March

Weather in March

 Japan's March weather and temperatures mirror the transition from winter to spring. The majority of Japan experiences pleasant weather in March, with daily average temperatures of 12°C. Although you might be able to get by during the day with a full-sleeved jumper, the temperature drops to an average of 5°C at night. In addition, the northernmost regions of Japan are the only places where this weather pattern does not apply. In this part, winter lasts while the rest of the nation enters spring, which experiences average daily highs of 4°C and average lows of -2°C this time of year. Kyushu may also be very nice at this time of year and is typically a few degrees warmer than much of Honshu.

Japan's Best Places during March

Best Places during March

In Japan, both indoor and outdoor attractions can be found in almost every city. In Tokyo, there are historical sites like the Sens-ji Buddhist temple and peruse the National Art Center's collection. The city's other attractions include the annual Bunkyo Plum Festival, which runs from now until March 8 at Yushima Tenmangu Shrine and honors the blossoming of revered plum trees there.

Furthermore, in Kyoto, the Higashiyama Hanatouro celebration, which features over 2,400 lanterns lighting up the city's streets, will take place in March. Also, Nara prefecture is another place you should visit because of the Omizutori fireworks display, in addition to its hospitable deer and vast parklands. While visiting the city, be sure to include a trip to neighboring Osaka in your plans.

Japan's Exciting March Events

Exciting March Events

In March, you may experience a trip of a lifetime in Japan without having to deal with crowds of tourists thanks to festivals, fireworks, and flowers. Traveling to Japan in March and failing to attend a hanami is a mistake. The delicate pink sakura flower, which the Japanese are enthusiastic about, serves as their national emblem. At hanamis, people spread out rugs or tarpaulins in parks and temples beneath the trees to enjoy food and drink while toasting the arrival of spring.

Additionally, in most regions of Japan, March is a great season to engage in general sightseeing activities besides hanami. The temperature is usually just warm enough to venture outside. When the weather permits, explore interior activities like visiting museums and galleries with outdoor ones. The best of both activities may be found in temples and shrines across the nation because they typically have lovely interiors to explore as well as well-kept grounds for an outside stroll.

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