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Japan Crate vs. Bokksu: A Comprehensive Comparison of Japanese Subscription Boxes

Japan Crate

As enthusiasts of Japanese culture and products, we're constantly on the lookout for new ways to explore and experience Japan's fascinating offerings. There are many monthly subscription boxes in Japan, such as Tokyo Treat Box and Japan Candy Box but two of the most popular subscription box services, Japan Crate and Bokksu, have made it their mission to bring authentic Japanese goods to subscribers worldwide.

In this comprehensive comparison, we'll dive into the features, value, and overall experience provided by both companies to help you make an informed decision about which service best suits your needs. While we'll remain impartial in our comparison, we hope you'll see why so many subscribers love Japan Crate for its value and trendsetting selections.

Read on to discover the unique offerings of Bokksu or Japan Crate, two popular Japanese snack box services, and find out which provides better value and a more exciting experience for Japanese culture and product fans.

Product Variety

Japan Crate

Japan Crate stands out for its wide range of subscription options, catering to various interests such as snacks, kawaii items, and collectibles. Their subscription boxes include the following:

  1. Japan Crate

    Japan Crate

    A monthly snack box featuring an assortment of popular and limited-edition Japanese treats, candies, and a drink.

  2. Doki Doki Crate

    Doki Doki Crate

    A box filled with cute and practical kawaii items, including plushies, stationery, and accessories.

  3. Gacha Gacha Crate

    Gacha Gacha Crate

    A monthly crate focused on gachapon, offering an assortment of capsule toys from popular anime and Japanese franchises.

  4. Umai Crate

    Umai Crate

    A subscription box dedicated to Japanese noodles, offering a selection of instant ramen, udon, soba, and more.

  5. Inku Crate

    Inku Crate

    A box filled with the most exclusive Japanese stationery, including washi tape, exclusive license notebooks, and pens.

With such a diverse range of products, Japan Crate ensures that subscribers with different preferences can find the best Japanese snack boxes that align with their interests.




Bokksu is primarily known for its focus on authentic Japanese snacks and teas. Their subscription boxes feature a monthly theme, with a curated selection of artisanal and popular Japanese snacks and a tea pairing. While Bokksu's monthly Japanese subscription box offering is more specialized, it provides a carefully crafted experience for those interested in exploring the gourmet side of Japanese snacking.


Curation and Authenticity

Japan Crate Snack Box

Japan Crate Review

Japan Crate prides itself on offering an authentic and ever-changing assortment of Japanese products. Collaborating directly with Japanese manufacturers and suppliers, Japan Crate ensures that subscribers receive popular and on-trend items such as Japanese sweets, rice crackers, Japanese tea, instant noodles, Japanese drink, exclusive Japanese candies, and all the classic Japanese snacks in Japan. This commitment to authenticity and relevance results in a fresh and exciting experience for subscribers each month.


Bokksu Japanese snack box

Bokksu Japanese snack box

Bokksu focuses on delivering a curated experience with artisanal snacks from various regions of Japan. By partnering with local snack makers, Bokksu brings subscribers an exclusive taste of traditional and modern Japanese flavors. This emphasis on curation appeals to those who appreciate gourmet sweets, food and cultural exploration.


Pricing and Value

Japan Crate

Japan Crate Pricing

Japan Crate offers a competitive pricing structure for its japanese snack subscription boxes, with the cost decreasing as the subscription length increases. With free shipping worldwide and a generous assortment of savory and sweet snacks and variety of items in each box, subscribers receive excellent value for their investment. Additionally, Japan Crate often includes bonus items, DIY candy kits, and exclusive promotions, enhancing the overall value of their subscriptions.


Bokksu Pricing

Bokksu's Japanese snack boxes cost is on the higher side compared to Japan Crate, but this can be attributed to their focus on artisanal snacks and a curated experience. Shipping is included in the subscription cost; discounts are available for longer subscription plans. While Bokksu's pricing may be steeper, the premium nature of its products justifies the investment for those seeking a gourmet Japanese snacking experience.


Bokksu or Japan Crate?

Bokksu or Japan Crate?

Both Japan Crate and Bokksu offer unique experiences for fans of Japanese culture and products. Japan Crate excels in product variety, trendsetting selections, and competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for subscribers seeking an authentic and exciting exploration of Japan's popular culture. Bokksu, on the other hand, provides a more specialized gourmet snacking experience, catering to those interested in discovering artisanal treats from different regions of Japan.


It's Japan Crate Time!

It's Japan Crate Time!

While both subscription services have their merits, Japan Crate stands out for its diverse range of subscription options, commitment to authenticity, and excellent value for subscribers. By offering a constantly evolving assortment of items, Japan Crate ensures that subscribers always have something new and exciting to look forward to each month.

In conclusion, Japan Crate is the best japanese snack box choice if you're looking for a Japanese subscription box that delivers a comprehensive and authentic experience, excellent value, and products that stay on the cutting edge of trends. Subscribe today to embark on an unforgettable journey through the fascinating world of Japanese culture, snacks, and collectibles.


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Japan Crate

Japan Crate