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Japanese Snacks as Candy

Japan Crate


Let’s learn about the snacks in October's Crate that take after traditional Japanese foods!


Umaibō Sticks


umaibo In October's crate, you received three of these Umaibo Sticks. Literally translated to “Tasty Sticks,” Umaibō is a flakey and crunchy snack created in 1979. These days, it's available in a huge variety of flavors including Burger, Shrimp, and Mayonnaise. This month, we wanted you to experience something completely new and unique, so we’ve included Gyūtan flavor. What is it? Well, Gyū means beef and Tan comes from tongue - so you have Beef Tongue. pic_gyutanl Don’t let the flavor discourage you (and don't worry--theres no real beef in these!), it’s a great savory snack that provides an excellent balance to all of the other sweets in your crate! Other popular flavors of Umaibō include: Corn Potage, Natto (fermented soybeans), Cheese, Chicken Curry, Chocolate, Kabayaki, and Monjayaki. There are also several ways to cook using Umaibo because of its unique flavor and texture. Have you ever tried it? If so, what is your favorite dish that includes it? We hope you enjoyed the unique flavor journey of Umaibō!  

Chocolate Mini Pancakes (Dorayaki)

dorachoo A contrast to the salty Gyūtan Umaibo, Dorachocos! Chocolate mini pancakes, based on the traditional red bean-filled Japanese snack, Dorayaki. These fluffy, mini pancakes are moist and delicious with a smooth chocolate filling.  The traditional Japanese confection is a red-bean pancake consisting of two small pancake-like patties, filled with sweet Azuki red bean paste.  These are said to have gotten their name when a farmer used a gong (dora means gong in Japanese) left behind by a samurai to fry pancakes. dorayaki12 You may have seen them in the Japanese manga & anime, Doraemon, where the character Doraemon loves Dorayaki so much that he falls for any trap involving them! We can’t blame him; it’s so delicious! doraemon-01Have you ever tried traditional Dorayaki? What do you think of the chocolate version?

Let us know how you enjoyed these unique Japanese snacks based after popular Japanese foods and flavors! (◕‿◕✿)

  • Neko on

    I am saving the october crate for my birthday because im going away with my fiance (6 nov), but i took a look inside anyway. I know three items will go to him, since i don’t consume gelatine, however… with regard to my vegetarianism, whats the status with the Umaibō, because…‘beef tongue’‘. i couldn’t find english labels on the packets.

  • Foxx Conner-Bailey on

    Good idea! …Too bad they were enjoyed too early haha

  • Mike on

    This is my favorite crate yet! Love the savory snacks, and the cow tongue is fantastic! I’ve eaten actual cow tongue also, and prefer the snack! The mini pancakes were delicious and I’m sad I couldn’t stop myself from eating both of them in one go. Everything else was just as exciting and everything I’ve tried I’ve loved!

  • Japan Crate on

    They’re perfect for tricking your friends on Halloween! Welcome to the family! __

  • Foxx Conner-Bailey on

    The October crate was my first order, and I was simply delighted to see all the things that came in it. The Umaibo Sticks were certainly interesting, I actually enjoyed the somewhat unusual flavor. I appreciate your effort to put something unusual in there, it was a pleasant surprise. Hoping to get a couple friends to take a bite too! I’ve upgraded my subscription. u

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Japan Crate

Japan Crate