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Let's Learn About: Ramune

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Learn About: Ramune

Ramune is a very popular and well-known Carbonated soft drink from Japan that has made its way around the world in a variety of flavors. The Name "Ramune" originates from the Japanese pronunciation of “lemonade."

The Origin of Ramune

Alexander Cameron Sim, the founder of Ramune, started in the medical field as a pharmacist. Sim introduced a carbonated beverage in 1884 based on lemonade, called "mabu soda," which soon became very popular with local Japanese folks. It's not entirely clear when Ramune developed it in Japan. However, the British merchant ships brought the original recipe to Japan and were eventually adopted by the Japanese.

Interestingly, while the soft drink is based on lemonade, it is still hard to describe what it actually tastes like. At times, it is far from having lemon lime taste since many flavors are added to the options. Meanwhile, the soft drink comes in intriguing Codd-neck bottle design details. That are two great topics you need not learn before trying out Ramune. Read on for more.

What's with the Bottle?

As a widely consumed soft drink, many people have become familiar with Ramune. At a glimpse, the most eye-catching feature of the soft drink is its bottle design details. In particular, the bottle's unique look is known as a Codd-neck bottle, named after its creator, Hiram Codd. The bottles are often made out of glass, and they can also be made of plastic. Unlike the other soft drink, Ramune is sealed with a small marble held in place by the pressure of the carbonated liquid inside. The small marble serves as a way to keep the soft drink fizzy and refreshing to sip. Hence, it explains why Ramune is also popularly known as the "marble soda."

With its special design, Ramune requires a unique-bottle opening method. In fact, it is highly relatable that first-timers deal with spills upon opening the carbonated soft drink. Although it sounds like a hilarious experience, many might not be found of spills on their hands when they just want to quench their thirst. This lead to the question of why this obsolete design bottle is still in the modern era. Undeniably, the Codd-neck bottle contributes to the popularity of Ramune. With the odd bottle details, the curiosity to try out Ramune has increased. Combined with its interesting flavors, it is no surprise that the carbonated soft drink has also won people's hearts abroad.

How do you open a bottle of Ramune?

Of course, you can't say that you already know enough about Ramune if you don't know how to open its bottle. Don't worry; we got your back so that you will become a pro in no time.

Surely, opening a bottle of Ramune can be a little baffling if it's the first time. Let us take you through the steps. It's quite a novelty to demonstrate to guests over homemade sushi. The guests will enjoy the distinctive bottle and taste an authentic drink to accompany their sushi.

Step 1: Remove the wrapper covering the bottle top.

Step 2: Remove the plunger topper, and plastic ring, then set them aside.

Step 3: Now, you can see the top of the marble inside the bottle. Next, put the plunger topper on top of the marble and push down until the marble pops into the wide part of the neck.

Step 4: There will be two little grooves on the neck of some bottles of Ramune. These grooves will support the marble as it rolls into the hollow when you take a sip, ensuring the marble doesn't block the flow of the tasty Ramune drink.

Learn About: Ramune

What Kind of Flavors Are There?

As the popularity of Ramune continues to grow, there is an interesting packaging design and a variety of flavors. It includes collaborations with popular Japanese characters such as Hello Kity and Pokemon. Some common flavors include peach, melon, and bubble gum, while some unusual flavors include takoyaki, curry, and wasabi. Are you curious about what the flavor you received is all about? Keep reading!

Learn About: Ramune

Best Ramune Flavors

If you've decided to try out different flavors of Ramune, it is better to start with the best ones. Discover below the drinks worth adding to your cart.


Learn About: Ramune

The most popular flavor is the original, best known for its lemon-lime taste. It is similar to 7Up or Sprite, and the original flavor is beloved by many today for its refreshing, light, and sweet taste. Try it chilled to enjoy a next-level refreshment experience. With its citrusy taste, the thirst will quench in no time with this nation's favorite flavor.

Green Apple

Learn About: Ramune

Green apple is another fruit-based flavor that you are guaranteed to like. It is perfect for warmer weather that will bring fun and excitement to your taste buds with its tangy and sweet flavor. Take note that this flavor has some sour and tart notes, so prepare to have some of these punches when drinking. It does not draw away from the drinking experience. In fact, it makes for a surprising treat to anticipate.


Learn About: Ramune

It makes sense to experience one of the unique flavors in Japan that will remind us that the country is known for its Sakura flowers. The Sakura flavor brings in the floral taste but more complexly. Accompanied by the cherry blossoms' sweet aroma, it transports you right into a wonderful spring day. It is mild and light, ideal for a get-together and pick-me-up with friends and family.


Learn About: Ramune

The bubbles of the Ramune give it a fresh twist while using reviving Uji matcha, premium matcha grown in Kyoto. The traditional Ramune flavor serves as the Ramune's foundation, followed by bitter green tea overtones in the finish. It's a distinctive Japanese soda experience, though you probably won't see it at a Japanese tea ceremony anytime soon.


Learn About: Ramune

Obviously, the Strawberry Ramune Soda will taste like strawberry. Yet, there is added refreshing taste, so I can quickly quench people's thirst in just one sip. With its alluring bright pink color, it is interesting to try out. In fact, if you don't want a completely foreign taste in your mouth, you can never go wrong with tasting this flavor first before the crazy flavors.


Learn About: Ramune

The Melon Ramune Soda flavor looks eye-catching and radiating in green color. Surely, it has the taste you will like if you don't want a soft drink that is overly sweet. What's great about this flavor is it has the right amount of melon flavor. That's why it can be a satisfying mixer to try out.

Crazy Ramune Flavors

What's wrong with giving your tastebuds a little challenge and fun? If you are ready for that kind of experience, you can add to your cart the following crazy Ramune flavor drinks.

Kimchi Flavor

Learn About: Ramune

While the Ramune Kimchi Flavor is a crazy one, it is a special offer for a soft drink. It is a nice drink if you want something spicy in your mouth. The taste of kimchi, primarily chili and garlic, are very dominating. The rest of the bizarre taste and unique flavor of Japan is for you to find out. It is especially beneficial to drink when you need to survive the cold nights.

Yakisoba Flavor

Learn About: Ramune

Have you ever imagined what would happen if noodles were a drink? You don't need to think anymore because you can discover the taste of liquid noodles with the Ramune Yakisoba Flavor. Since yakisoba originally had chili flavor, you can also taste that with this soft drink. You've been warned. An intriguing taste to enjoy will attack your mouth with just one sip of this drink.

Corn Potage Flavor

Learn About: Ramune

Without a doubt, it sounds seriously weird to have a soft drink in Corn Potage Flavor. Therefore, it is actually one of the most bizarre and craziest flavors you can try for a soft drink. If the tastes get weirder for you, take it as a unique chance to explore and taste the flavor of Japan. Crazy flavor offers are one of a kind and priceless.

French Fries Flavor

Learn About: Ramune

Are you brave enough to try something you can never imagine before, like french fries as a soft drink? Well, if it is a one-of-a-kind connection with the Japanese culture, it is surely worth your money. If you are in search of the most peculiar Ramune taste, the French Fries Flavor is the one for you. Will it be perfect for quenching your thirst in crazy flavors? That's for you to discover.

Ramune: A Charming Soft Drink with Taste of Japan

While each flavor is indescribable, all of them are delicious to taste. The eye-catching color of Ramune can surely satisfy curiosity. The challenge of opening the bottle is part of the soft drink's charm that's quite enjoyable to try out until you become a pro.

Luckily, you don't have to search further to purchase Ramune. You just need to click here. Also, do you want to receive a monthly box of Japanese goodies? Japan Crate can give that to you; all you need to do is sign up for our subscription plans here. Get your first box today!

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