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The weirdest Japanese candies

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The land of the rising sun, Japan, is known for its candy, which also includes its confections and sweets. Japanese sweets can be traditional, straightforward, and delicious. While some are even utilized food as thank-you favors by the Japanese Imperial Family, others are more contemporary constructions that are virtually indestructible. Here are some of the weird Japanese candies to find in Japan, whether they are joke presents for family and friends back home or regional food favorites you didn't anticipate you'd enjoy for those with more adventurous taste buds.



Japanese candy comes in all shapes, forms, and flavors like chocolate, milk, strawberry, caramel, sweet corn, green tea, and from bizarre Japanese cuisine.  These weird Japanese candies serve as evidence of how creative Japanese people can be. Some of these unusual Japanese chocolate can even appear delectable on the exterior.  While some of these candies may be the ideal for embarrassing your friends, some may sound truly outrageous and infamous. Additionally, these candies come in such a wide range that you only need to indicate your preferred taste for it to be available. Here's our large portion picks of our favorite strange and weird Japanese candy drop and chocolates.


1) Crayon Shin-Chan Butt Pudding



Crayon Shin-Chan is a super popular manga about a Japanese boy who loves chasing girls around and showing his butt.  Now fans of the manga can pay their homage by recreating the famous butt in pudding form.  Why not work with Shin-Chan to create your own butt-shaped jiggling pudding? You may become a master cook and create desserts of the highest caliber for yourself and your friends using this DIY pudding kit! This kit includes molds of Crayon Shin Chan acting like a prince as well as a sore butt and is available in two different varieties. To make your own pudding and some delicious chocolate toppings, simply add some milk to the mixture and adhere to the simple step-by-step directions. Yum!


2) Mokomoko Mokolet Candy Toilet



 Have you ever woke up one day and thought to yourself, what if I could eat a flavored candy or something out of a colorful toilet bowl?  Well somebody in Japan did, and it's a hit!  Mokomoko toilet candy is a soda flavored, part liquid part foam, do-it-yourself creation that is as fun to make as it is to drink.  What you do is open the top of the toilet bowl, add the magical crystals, and then add water.  The toilet then foams up as you take your favorite straw and drink it all up.  It's pretty much the most ridiculous candy around the world ever, and we love it. Place your straw in the toilet toy's bowl now and savor the delicious beverage!


3) Wasabi Kit Kats


 No that's not the green tea that are becoming more and more popular. That's wasabi flavored, and it taste awesome. Wasabi is most likely best known to you as the hot, sinus-clearing green paste that is used to top sushi. Would you ever combine and eat it with chocolate, though? These are prepared with Tamaruya Honten's legendary and beloved wasabi. Mild horseradish, scorching wasabi, and sweet white chocolate make up the flavor! 


4)  Popin' Cookin' Hamburger Kit



We sent a bunch of these Popin Cookin Hamburger kits out to our subscribers a few months back but what we didn't know when we ordered them, was that they actually taste like the real thing!  The french fries taste like potatoes, the drink is fizzy, and everything about the burger - right down to the ketchup - taste like the real thing! Kracie Popin' Cookin' kits are a unique and entertaining way to transform tasty candy ingredients into miniature versions of well-known cuisine. For kids, this popular burger chain kit is a lot of fun!


5)  Gummy Tsureta Chewy Candy



This chewy candy right here is probably the closest you'll get to real life alchemy.  Create a magical tongue, using neon green liquid, crystals, and a wand like straw. You delicately lift a straw from a hidden liquid candy concoction, and long, sticky, fruit-rich taste, gummy slabs miraculously appear. This package includes a sour and sweet with a true grape fruit flavor. Additionally, there are sugar sprinkles and whipped candy foam to add texture and a wonderfully polished appearance. The back of the packaging has a graphic outlining each stage. This video will probably explain it way better than we can.



6)  Crayon Shin-Chan Fake Beer




 For those who are unfamiliar, it is a comedic manga and anime about Shinnosuke, a 5-year-old boy. Shinnosuke is not your ordinary 5-year-old and has (nearly) no manners. Although I really feel horrible for his parents, the scenarios are funny! His parents have their hands full with him! This series may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you enjoy dark humor and/or basic jokes about underwear, butts, and attractive women, this is the series for you. In case you wanted more of pudding butt from earlier, you can now make a fake beer with him!  All you have to do is take the empty glass that comes with the packaging, pour in some water, and then add the powder.  What then happens is a chemical reaction, which allows the foam to build and pour to the top like a badly poured draft.  Unlike a draft, this candy contains 0% alcohol and tastes more like cola. So, stop drinking alcohol and enjoy this candy.


7) Umaibo: Salted Seaweed



The puff snack Umaibo Nori by Yaokin has the perfect seaweed flavor with a surprise touch of salt. You won't be able to stop eating this puff snack. Despite the fact that Yaokin Umaibo is a very good snack on its own, the best thing about it is that you can use a lot of it to make a festive savory treat. It can be a fantastic present for kids! One of the best dagashi that Japan has to offer is umaibo, which has a wide range of flavors and a crispy texture. Here is an umaibo with salty seaweed.


8) Kit Kat: Tokai-Hokuriku Azuki Sandwich



Enjoy the assortment of Kit Kat snacks available in Japan! This one has a similar taste to two slices of bread sandwiched with the traditional Japanese dessert azuki (red beans). Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive to originate from Japan! This is a specialty of the prefectures of Aichi, Toyama, and Gifu's Tokai and Hokuriku areas. Here is where to get the Azuki Sandwich Kit Kat.


9) Japanese Koi Pond Garden DIY Candy Kit



With these Japanese Koi Pond Garden DIY Candy Kits, you may indulge in sweet sugar hard candies pleasure and embrace the peaceful essence of Japan snacks. A Garden box, Rock tray, Garden rake, Rock candy bags twice, Sand candy bags four times, and chocolate rocks are all included in each package. After decorating whichever you want, savor the serene flavors. Enjoy making your own yummy Japanese rock garden with this candy kit! Just follow the instructions at the back of the kit.


10) Sakura Petal Jelly



Pretty normal, each breathtaking dessert contains a naturally blooming cherry blossom, preserved at its most beautiful moment. The sakura jelly is as lovely as it is delicious since it is made with actual sakura blossoms. It is served with sakura kuzumochi, a typical Tokyo-style Japanese mochi prepared with kuzu starch rather than sticky rice. These small savory treats' silky texture and fragrant sweetness will take you right to the cherry blossom blooms! Here's a Sakura Flower Jelly featuring real Sakura Flower petals.


11) Meiji DIY Rice Ball Japanese Candy



Family joy is had in abundance by making Japanese homemade gum and candy. They are frequently applied to educate children creativity in Japan. You may blend colors and flavors, make varied shapes, and mimic the actual feel of different sushi or other foods using these gum and candy kits! An entertaining and engaging chewing gum combo. Make your own Wagashi, or custom-shaped chewing gum, in five different flavors! Matcha Roll Cake, Ichigo Daifuku, Taiyaki, Warabi Mochi, and Sakura Mochi are a few of these classic gum treats.


12) Ramune Pellets



Candy pellets with a white soda flavoring in a convenient plastic bottle with a pop-off cover. The packaging is modeled by the iconic Ramune bottle that is so popular in Japan. Several new varieties of this traditional and sentimental slightly sour Japanese product are introduced each year. Quite well-liked among clients. They have a crunchy texture bite or a sucking texture from the compression of candy powder. The best-selling candy that encapsulates the sweetness and freshness of traditional Japanese soda. Excellent flavors!


Where to buy Weird Japanese Candies?

Candy, in particular, is outrageous in Japanese culture. Toilet candy, anyone? sounds weird than it actually is, while other seemingly innocent candies, other are actually vile horrors more than willy wonka candies, and just waiting to make you gag. Some popular Japanese snack and candies are incredibly intricate homemade masterpieces, while others are just plain bizarre. While you might find some mix with a chocolate coating on it the others might just be seen in the supermarket racks with some sugar coating.

Well that's our roundup of some of the craziest and most weird Japanese candies we've seen. What did you like the best?  What do you want to see in future crates? And make sure to subscribe to Japan Crate to receive these crazy candy treat and food snacks every month if you haven't already.

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