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The 2023 New Year Japan Crate

Japan Crate

Japanese culture is infused with a love of snacks and sweets. They are well known for their alluring charm and bizarre, seasonally appropriate flavors. Japanese snacks maintain a certain level of sweetness and use subtle savory components to reflect the culture. Moreover, the Japanese have a habit of integrating a tasty and eye-catching method to bring cultural icons like Hello Kitty, J-Pop, Manga, Anime, and others to life through snacks. Have you ever craved these Japanese candy snacks, delicacies, and sweets to delight your taste buds? Well, look no more! A subscription box will bring you the taste of Japan right in front of your door. The best Japanese snack box brings you the tastiest, most distinctive, and most vivid candies from the land of the rising sun. And one of the best Japanese snack boxes you can find is the Japan Crate for both Japan's traditional and modern tastes.


What is Japan Crate?

Japan Crate Box


Japan Crate is a Tokyo-based subscription box that has become the market's most well-known Japanese snack subscription box. The Japan Crate box sends out intriguing and unusual Japanese snacks and candies every month. Each box includes at least 10 authentic Japanese items, DIY candy kits, and superb, savory, and delectable Japanese treats. Each Japan Crate package has a distinctive theme based on modern Japanese culture. In previous subscription boxes, different subjects like Fruits Food Basket, Sword Art Online, or special occasions like Christmas and this coming New Year were included.


January 2023 Japan Crate Spoilers

January 2023 Japan Crate

Japan Crate offers customers an enjoyable way to experience Japan from a distance by sending the excitement of newest candies, snacks, and beverages. A range of delicious Japanese-only goodies is made in boxes each month, making it simple to stay up to date even if you're abroad. And January 2023 Japan Crate, a subscription that enables you to enjoy sweet and savory Japanese foods, will make you crave more authentic Japanese snacks. Here is a little look at the January 2023 Japan Crate!


1. Kit Kat Coffee Break

Kit Kat Coffee Break

One of Nestle's products, Nescafe, is arguably a well-known product like the Kit Kat. To celebrate Nescafe's longevity, Nestle has created a special flavor of Kit Kat dubbed the Kit Kat Coffee Break. This Kit Kat treat with a milky and sweet coffee flavor will give coffee lovers a boost. The delightful crunch of the tiny wafer cookie layers makes this treat the perfect coffee break nibble. Additionally, the individually wrapped chocolate cookies in this set are only mildly sweet, so they won't overshadow the flavor of your hot cup of Nescafe; rather, they will enhance it and let you enjoy the coffee's original robust aroma blending with the Kit Kat chocolate.


2. Skal Energy Drink

Skal Energy Drink

Have you ever wished your milk had a bit more flavor? Skal, a soda and skim milk mixture from Japan, is what you are looking for. A tiny fizzy, buoyant mouthfeel that is wonderfully pleasant is produced by the beverage's 50/50 carbonation still balance. The drink has a creamy flavor and can be had in citrus, apple, or melon flavors. Although Skal is frequently linked with the color green, the new Skal energy drink comes in a blue base. This Skal has a strong energy drink flavor and can be tasted as having a lactic acid flavor when you take a sip. It has the properties of sweet milk without being overly sweet. Additionally, its bubbles are soft and delicate, unlike sodas, which are overloaded with carbonated fizz. It is a spring and summertime energy drink that would pair nicely with pan-fried gyoza or a steaming bowl of noodle soup. Indeed, with a vibrant taste, Skal Energy Drink is in a league of its own.


3. Koikeya Scone Salty Caramel

Koikeya Scone Salty Caramel

The Koikeya Scone Salty Caramel is not just sweet but also a bit salty, making it the perfect snack for today's youth trends. The application of the rich spice and the distinctive scones-making process gives the rich caramel and creamy butter richness. Additionally, the contrast between the richness and lightness of the seasoning and the dough is embodied by the combination of the salty flavor that tightens the whole and the crispy texture of the dough. When you take a bite, the caramel's rich sweetness and the corn snacks' crunchy texture fill your lips. The salty salt eventually combines with the subdued sweetness of the caramel as the maize nibble melts.


Subscribe to Japan Crate Now! 

Subscribe to Japan Crate Now

A variety of various subscription boxes from Japan Crate are available for one-time purchases or pre-paid monthly delivery. Each box is stocked with treats from Japan. Every month's delivery is an interesting surprise since the box's content includes limited-edition, seasonal, and trending items. Each Japan Crate package ships around the world to the majority of countries, including but not limited to the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, the United States, and Singapore. Be one of our subscribers now!

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Japan Crate

Japan Crate