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The Japanese Snack Food Review: Nobel Super Lemon Sour Candy

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Much like hardcore chili enthusiasts, hardcore sour candy people are also constantly on the move to find the product for their next fix. They go from one product to another that has the label or moniker "extreme sour" on its advertising or packaging itself, only to be disappointed more likely than not. May it be for the thrill that comes with the experience of consuming something unusual or the surge of dopamine brought by trying out something advertised as the "extreme," such Japanese candy products have their audience indeed. In fact, they may be more widespread than we think.


Super sour in a small Lemon candy ball


Good news for you, my sour candy-loving fellow! This article intends to highlight one of the most rapidly sought-after extreme sour candies from Japan, the Nobel Super Lemon. People all over the world have since shared their satisfaction with the particular product, with many implying that the sourness it has is indeed turned to 11. So, what really is this super sour candy? Why are so many people attracted to it? Let us take a closer look at the super lemon candy sensation that is the Nobel Super Lemon down below. Here is our Japanese snack food review for the Nobel Super Lemon.

What is Nobel Super Lemon Candy?


Unlike most sour candies found in the US or in other parts of the world, Nobel Super Lemon's packaging does not scream extremely sour or mouth blasting. It wants the consumer to gauge its sourness for themselves, with its branding simply stating that the candy has a powerful taste. Spoiler alert! The hard candy does indeed have a powerful taste, but we'd go deeper on that in a while.


Nobel super lemon candy bag


When you look at it, the candies inside the bag are pretty straightforward. They are little yellow hard-candy spheres meant to resemble lemons with a dusty whitish exterior. Apart from the packaging's depiction of a woman having her mouth blasted by the Nobel candy, the product itself looks innocent enough – dare we say typical-looking candies.


That said, remember the dusty whitish exterior we mentioned? The helpful English-labeled diagram on the back of the candy bag refers to it as the Lemon Taste Powder. And believe us when we say this; they might as well just call it pure citric acid. To sour candy enthusiasts, such might as well be a drug as to how intense yet satisfying it is for the mouth.


As far as its ingredients, the Super Lemon candy doesn't say anything about containing real lemons even though it does have the taste of one. What it says on the packaging, however, is that it is colored with turmeric and has fruit juice and citric acid within it.

How does Super Lemon Sour aka Japanese Life Savers taste like?


Now we go to the exciting part! How does the Japanese candy taste? To the uninitiated, this individually wrapped candies may look like your typical sour candy. They couldn't be more wrong. The packaging is a downright understatement of how the candy really tastes. It gives little to no warning about the pummeling your taste buds would be subjected to once you consume it. Some may even argue that the Nobel Super Lemon candy is concentrated citric acid to how sour it tastes.


Individually wrapped Lemon candy ball


The moment you put the particular Japanese sour candy in your mouth, you'd feel that kind of sourness that practically twists your tongue inside out. It sends a jolt into your whole mouth that you'd find your jaw muscles numb for a while. The Super Lemon candies, as little and as innocent as it may look at first, have that kind of sour that can screw up your entire face itself but still stays sweet with addition of corn syrup. Do you think that's an overstatement? No, we mean it when we say that this hard candy has its sour and tart level turned to the absolute max. Perhaps even more so than most sour candies available in the market today.


Just when you think the candy has no more set in store for you, it will leave you with a nice mellow, easy ride down to reality once the initial shock of sourness dies down with a smooth, tangy, and refreshing lemon taste. While the aftertaste may still prove sour to some, it certainly won't be as intense as that of the candy's initial taste. It is like receiving a stamp of approval that you passed the candy's test, rewarding you with a refresher.

Japanese candy experience at its finest


All in all, the whole experience of eating a Nobel Super Lemon candy is indeed one for the books! Nigh we say, it is something that people, let alone sour candy enthusiasts, should go out of their way and experience. Unlike the candies you see every day, with their packaging full of intense remarks and claims, this Japanese candy undersells itself, to be honest. The Nobel Super Lemon will pound your mouth to oblivion but would also keep you coming back for more, and that just tingles the interest of many, us included.


Nobel sour and sweet candies also come with a bunch of different flavors


This Japanese snack, the Nobel Super Lemon, is truly one for the books. It gives a taste that genuinely leaves you a changed man. This candy does the talking with its taste, not through its packaging. If you are looking for a sour fix without the usual hype that you may have grown tired of, then this candy is perfect for you. Just make sure that your tongue is ready for a pounding unlike it has ever received before.


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