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The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

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The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

It is no secret that Japanese people enjoy eating out, and ramen is just one of the local meal favorites in Japan. In fact, there are over 32,000 ramen store and eateries spread all over Japan. Most of them provide the type of ramen you may be familiar with. With a wide variety of broths, toppings, noodle forms, and regional variants, ramen is highly diversified in Japan. Every ramen experience is unique since different regions, cities, and even businesses have their own recipes on ramen preparation and ingredients.

What is Japanese Ramen?

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

In their most basic form, ramen noodles are Chinese wheat noodles in soup broth. Ramen may have originated in China, but Japan has turned it into a cult-like fascination that makes it unique but keeps the simplicity of ramen noodle dish. A bowl of noodles in a flavorful broth made of tonkotsu, soy sauce, salt, or miso, with toppings like chashu or soft pork belly, boiled eggs, green onions, and other ingredients.

Ramen can be divided into four basic kinds based on the type of broth used to make the soup. The most popular kind of ramen is shoyu. It is cooked with a soy sauce-flavored chicken broth base. Next is the shio ramen cooked with saltier and thinner chicken broth. Miso ramen is also available with a rich, dark broth flavored with miso or fermented soybean paste. Additionally, the broth for tonkotsu ramen, produced from boiled pork bones, is rich, creamy, and fatty.

However, these are only the common oriental flavor and certain regional ramen types. There are still a variety of strangely amazing ramen flavors unique to Japan. Because of the ramen's simplicity, it can be customized in an infinite number of ways while still adhering to the original dish's basic idea. Many Japanese restaurant and manufacturers have created mind-blowing strange ramen that is surely far from expected. Here are some of the weirdest Japanese ramen flavors that will definitely shock you with their bizarre deliciousness!

Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavor

1. Lemon Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

You shouldn't pass up this ramen flavor if you enjoy sour foods. This particular ramen is exceptional not only for its intensely sour flavor but also for its attractive décor consisting of multiple fresh lemon slices, which draws many customers. Lemon slices are placed on top of a light roast chicken broth to give the soup a distinct citrus flavor. This lemon ramen catches your eye with its thick covering of lemon slices; underneath, you'll discover a broth with a delicate chicken flavor. You'll enjoy how the lemon gives the noodles a punch of sourness. Just keep in mind that if the lemon slices are left in the broth for too long, the broth may become slightly bitter.

2. Coffee Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

This ramen flavor might be tailor-made for you if you're a coffee addict. Making ramen noodles and ramen soup using coffee as an ingredient may be a wholly tasty original concept. Assume you're eating a bowl of coffee ramen for the morning. Eat all the toppings and noodles first, then sip the remaining soup as you would a hot cup of coffee in the morning to get you on an active working day. Intriguing and various savory toppings are also available for coffee ramen. It consists of noodles in a coffee-flavored broth with kiwifruit, banana, ham, and a boiled egg cut in half on top. Then, for some reason, ice cream. For dessert, perhaps? Although the reason they include it is not entirely clear, does it really matter at this point?

3. Natto Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

A Japanese superfood called natto is made from soybeans that have been fermented until the beans are covered in a slimy, incredibly sticky slime. It is frequently consumed in Japan with rice for breakfast and has a salty and strong bitter flavor. And it is no surprise that the Japanese consume it in the form of something more palatable like the natto ramen. A bowl of ramen with natto, egg, and soy sauce is a wonderful combo. Depending on the weather, you can choose between the hot or cold variants of this natto ramen. The ramen is a soy sauce-based soup made with chicken and pork broth, noodles, and toppings like chashu, leafy vegetables, nori seaweed, and natto. Despite what you might believe, natto taste good with ramen! Even if you are not a fan of natto, you should still try this natto ramen!

4. Pie Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

This ramen is served in a dome-shaped pie and a pot of noodles rather than a bowl of steaming hot broth to create an aesthetic impact. Enjoy cracking the dome of crisp texture golden pastry pie and dipping the noodles into the delectable soup. There are four varieties of soup available: miso, curry, roast beef broth, pork broth, and shrimp flavor. After you've finished the noodles, tuck into the crispy pie that has soaked up the broth's tastes. Adding the pie crust to the soup is another way to enjoy this dish. Toss the pie crust in the broth after removing it. It tastes wonderful!

5. Blue Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

The vivid blue color of the soup makes this the most distinctive-looking ramen, drawing the attention of anyone who has seen one of their bowls. It is basically chicken-based blue soup with chicken chashu and a boiled egg on top. The light chicken soup, or tori chintan, that serves as the foundation of this lovely bowl spice is made from hens and simmered slowly to avoid drawing out excessive amounts of collagen. The dish is topped with thin noodles, regular chicken chashu, an ajitama soft-boiled egg, negi, and sprouts for a traditional Chinese feel. Although it doesn't look good at all, the soup is rich with the chicken flavor and pairs well with thin, straight noodles. It won't be regrettable to eat this blue ramen!

6. Pineapple Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

There has been a long agreement regarding a pineapple on pizza, but what about pineapple on ramen? The ramen is salt-seasoned shio ramen that includes pineapple for a delicious, zesty flavor. Medium-thick noodles are served with the meticulously crafted broth and their shio tare seasoning, which has hints of pineapple flavor. Additionally, a negi oil replaces the normal chiyu chicken oil for a greasy but energizing overall flavor. The umami and delicate flavor notes of the base stock blend beautifully with the sweet and sour pineapple juice-based tare, making for an unusually delicious soup, despite the initial oddity that may come with it.

7. Chocolate Ramen Flavor

The Weirdest Japanese Ramen Flavors

You must try the chocolate taste of ramen if you enjoy chocolate or desserts. Some Japanese ramen restaurants are eager to provide their customers with tasty bowls of ramen with unique, sweet ramen broth made with chocolate soup and sugary toppings. A tasty black soy broth with sprinkle of solid bits chocolate floating in the soup stock and ramen noodles floating in it. A pleasant sweetness and a sharp, clean aftertaste are what you will taste by combining the chocolate and garlic flavors. Along with using chocolate as a garnish, the chocolate ramen also incorporates cocoa oil in the soy sauce-based broth. When you want to try something novel but not overpowering, the thick broth with hints of chocolate is a lovely addition.

These are just a few of the many creative top ramen creations of various Japanese ramen restaurants. Japanese culinary culture is not just about excellent flavor and quality; there are also a lot of inventive and strange things to amuse us! Overall, a vast array of distinctive ramen is just waiting to be found. You should definitely look for these odd ramen flavors to take your taste senses on a wild voyage of vibrant experience. Why don't you find it and give it a try to see how you like it if you're interested in this ramen flavor or this unusual combination? Are you now excited to taste some of this weird Japanese ramen? Well, no matter where you are, Sugoi mart can bring you the taste of Japan's extraordinary ramen flavor! With a lot of instant ramen noodles available in more than 50 flavors, you surely want to try them! You can purchase any instant ramen flavors instantly by clicking this link.

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