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What are Kororo Gummies?

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We all know how fun and delicious Japan candies can be, and the Kororo Gummies are no exception. If you want a fun-filled gummy candy experience, you got to have a box of these ultra-popular Japanese gummy candy!


Kororo is a superior brand of gummy candy from UHA Mikakuto, a Japanese candy manufacturer. Each piece of the UHA Kororo gummy is soft and flavorful – it melts in your mouth. But most of all, they are famous for their authentic fruity flavor and unique texture. They come in a wide selection of flavors that you will love for sure.


Moreover, UHA Kororo gummy comes in various colorful packaging. It makes it exciting not only for kids but for all ages. There’s never a dull moment with the Kororo Gummies and only a few candy in this world can genuinely live up to that statement.


If you want to enjoy a classic fruit flavor from Japan, grab yourself a taste of the UHA Kororo gummy. We swear, every flavor will take you back to your sweet childhood. With all that being said, the following are the bestselling gummies from our selection. It’s a sin to not taste at least one of these goodies. Check them out!


Kororo Gummy Candy – Minute Maid Orange Blend


Orange is an everlasting flavor. Dare we say, everyone loves it. These Minute Maid flavored gummy candy not only perfectly replicates the taste of authentic orange, but they are also super delicious and good for the body because of its healthy dose of potassium citrate. Each piece is bursting with orange flavor. You will just crave for it after just one bite. Remember, there is no hard and fast rule on when you should eat gummies. You can take a piece of it when you’re working to give yourself a little boost of energy, and this Kororo gummy candy is perfect for just that.


KORORO (Orange)


Kororo Gummy - Soda

If you’re craving for soda but can’t drink one because of hyperacidity, Kororo Gummy Soda will save your day. These round-shaped gummies have a delightful cola flavor. Every piece is very tasty and refreshing. You can have it when you’re riding the train, bus, or taxi to quench your thirst or alleviate such headaches.



Kororo Gummy - Grapes

Grapes are incredible fruits, so much so if made in to grape puree! In fact, they are a good source of potassium citrate that is good for the heart and will help balance the fluids in your body. However, grapes are seasonal fruits, you cannot necessarily get them whenever you want. Enter these grape-flavored Kororo gummy candy. They are made with concentrated fruit juice to create grape gummies that you can bite anytime you crave for grape puree. It’s not just yummy for all ages but also healthy. Buy a couple of pouches that you can use for your whole week of consumption.


KORORO (Grape Gummy)


Kororo Demon Slayer Gummy - Onimori Peach

Are you a Demon Slayer anime series fan? If yes, then these candies are for you! Demon Slayer, "Kimetsu No Yaiba" in Japanese, is a popular manga action anime series and we totally understand your love for it. This particular Kororo gummy candy is made with peach flavor and will take your imagination as if you’re inside your favorite anime world itself. Eat them by yourself with pride and love, or share it with your fellow Demon Slayer fans.


Kororo Demon Slayer Gummy - Hinokami Cola


Experience the energy of Hinokami Kagura, the lead player in the Demon Slayer anime series, with this exciting Kororo Demon Slayer-themed gummy candy. We understand that you’re so crazy about Hinokami and we are too! These candies taste like delicious cola drink and will melt in your mouth. It quenches your thirst and boost your energy. Like Hinokami, you can be more than what you think with these candies. Let these gummies inspire and motivate you to carry on with your day. If you purchase a couple of packs, you will receive them in different Hinokami Kagura designs. Treat yourself or buy it for your friend.



Minions Kororo Gummy - Mystery Flavor

Do you want your candy with a hint of surprise? This Minion Kororo Gummy will definitely have you jumping with glee! If you love surprises, this pack will never disappoint. Inside these Minions-themed Kororo gummy candy packaging are various gummy flavors that you first have to open before knowing what's exactly inside them. But these minions will tell you that it’s going to make your day. Whenever you are sad and lonely, purchase these Kororo gummies and excite yourself. It’s super fun and could serve as a perfect gift for thrill seekers.


KORORO (Mystery Flavor)


Kororo Fruit Juice Gummy - Muscat

Also known as Muscat de Saumur, these green grapes came from Switzerland. As you see, muscats don’t just make excellent-tasting wines but they can also turn into yummy gummies. The muscat grape is also a great source of vitamins and minerals that help you maintain a healthy body. It contributes to your digestive health and prevent stomach aches. The Kororo muscat gummies are one of the most unique candies in the world that offers you a state of Switzerland. Its concentrated fruit juice inside will explode in your mouth, and you'll love it. You can’t stop taking more bites after one.


KORORO (Muscat Gummy)


All UHA Kororo gummy candies come in cute, resealable plastic packs. That means you can still eat them in the next couple of days. The package will keep your gummies fresh and tasty even after a day or two since you initially opened them. If you read labels you'd see that the Kororo gummy candy is made with the typical ingredients as other flavored gummy candies. This includes vegetable oil, a gelling agent, polysaccharide thickener, sugar, gelatin, and a touch of calcium lactate.


Where can you get them outside of Japan?


Did you know that you can have various flavors of the UHA Kororo gummy candy in one package? Experience the fun and excitement only Japan products can deliver in the comfort of your homes with the help of Japan Crate. To exclusive KitKat flavors and the Kororo Gummies we highlighted above, to the rare drinks and DIY candy kits only found in Japan, we got it all for you! Each box contains 18-20 candies and snacks. But here’s the catch! You can’t have the same box every month.

 The content of our Japan Crate changes every month, which means you couldn’t have enjoyed last month’s snacks if you missed them. We know you’re very excited for our Kororo gummies but you can enjoy so much fun when you have the Japan Crate! The thrill is different for every box that you open. Nothing beats the bliss that Kororo Gummies bring. It’s now or never.

 Avail our monthly subscription and make pre-payments to save. If you want more information, feel free to have a sneak peak of what’s coming next month.

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