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What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

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What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Around the world, instant noodles are a common sight on the shelves of convenience stores, and Japan, the land of the rising sun, is no exception. Instant noodles are a big business in Japan, frequently taking up entire aisles in supermarkets and a key part of Japanese cuisine. Japanese noodles are broth made of pork, fish, or vegetables combined with Chinese-style noodles. Japanese ramen is frequently miso- or soy-flavored and served with various toppings, including scallions, pork, or other meat. Read on to discover the most well-known instant ramen brand and noodle products if you're ready to elevate your noodle experience from late-night snacks to tasty experiences.

Top Brands of Japanese Instant Noodles

1. Nissin Cup Noodles

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

There's a good probability that, wherever you are in the world, you've had Nissin's Cup Noodles firsthand. The well-known Japanese food manufacturer Nissin specializes in instant noodles, cup noodles, quick ramen, and other similar products. The company was set up by a Taiwanese businessman named Momofuku Ando during his vacation to Japan. The world's first and oldest cup-shaped instant noodles are the legendary "Cup Noodles" from Nissin Foods, which first appeared in 1971. By the way, Momofuku Ando, the creator of Nissin Foods, is the same person who initially created instant noodles!

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Nissin's Cup Noodles first arrived in the United States in 1973 and then quickly spread to nations including Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Netherlands, Germany, and Thailand. Currently, Nissin has locations across the globe. The product line from Nissin comprises instant noodles, dame ramen, and cup noodles. It is safe to say that Cup Noodles are the best japanese instant noodles that conquered the world, with a market now exceeding 40 billion sold cups!

2. Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Noodles

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Sapporo Ichiban, a brand name for instant ramen noodles produced by Sanyo Foods, was formerly known as Fujiseimen and was established in 1953. Takeshi Ida, the creator of Sapporo Ichiban, tasted ramen all throughout Japan in search of the ideal flavor. He spent three years honing the recipe by combining seven distinct types of miso to accurately mimic the taste after falling in love with the regional flavor.

He changed the noodles' brand name to Sapporo Ichiban in 1961 after being pleased by the flavor of Sapporo ramen while visiting Hokkaido. He made the important discovery of the best ramen in Sapporo's Ramen Alley, which inspired the "Original Flavor" of Sapporo Ichiban. It has been asserted that Sapporo Ichiban's instant version of miso old-fashioned ramen is largely responsible for the dish's success throughout Japan.

3. Acecook

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

You might not be familiar with Acecook if you are an expert in instant noodles from the Western world. Southeast Asia is where Acecook, an Osaka-based company, is a popular instant noodle product brand. Acecook is one of the best instant noodles manufacturer known for its Super Cup ramen series and products created in partnership with companies like Coco Ichibanya and Sanrio's Hello Kitty. They also develop some fairly intriguing goods, such as a "noodle-less ramen" that omits the noodles in favor of wakame (seaweed).

Initially, Acecook's founder Kenji Muraoka sold various types of bread in Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka. Umeshin Confectionery, founded by Kenji Muraoka sometime in 1954, began producing and selling a variety of biscuits in addition to bread. It might seem weird that a confectionery would start producing instant noodles, but Acecook Umeshin confectionary joined the ranks of businesses like Nissin and Toyo Suisan in this endeavor. The company is worth looking into because it always seems to offer something fresh and entertaining.

4. Toyo Suisan

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Through its Maruchan brand, Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. is a Japanese firm specializing in ramen noodles, seafood, frozen foods, and refrigerated foods, becoming one of the largest global seafood corporations. Kazuo Mori founded the business in 1953 with the intention of becoming an importer, distributor, and exporter of nautical products. Later, Toyo Suisan and its consolidated subsidiaries expanded their commercial activities into other industries, including frozen foods, instant noodles, and fresh noodles.

Toyo Suisan is currently one of Japan's major suppliers of fresh noodles and seafood products, and its overseas brand, Maruchan, is one of the world's leading suppliers of instant noodles. Today, Toyo Suisan prides itself on offering a wide range of food products rather than merely catering to one type of item. They provide instant noodles in single-serve packaging to individual s, restaurant chains, and other specialty shops. Their fresh noodles, in particular, are very well-liked by the general public and hold the largest market share for fresh noodles in Japan.

Best Instant Ramen Noodles

1. Nissin Raoh Ramen Noodles

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

The Japanese name "Ramen Oh," which translates to "Ramen King," is abbreviated to "Raoh." In Japan, the Raoh line from Nissin is a popular instant noodles brand. This instant ramen is fantastic because it is made with triple-layered, fresh, chewy noodles that have been air-dried noodles. Additionally, the instant noodles are steam cooked rather than deep fried. In contrast to wavy noodles, the straight noodles in Raoh ramen blend well with the broth. Raoh's instant noodles are made from whole wheat and processed using Nissin's non-fried noodles technology. Noodles made by these procedures are less greasy but more nutrient-rich, and their texture is chewy, like that of freshly made noodles.

As the name implies, Nissin's Raoh range of instant ramen is "fancier" and offers a variety of flavors, including the delicious Tonkotsu Soy Sauce flavor. This is one of the most flavorful instant ramen available, and you can taste and distinguish its various flavors. Although significantly more expensive than other Nissin noodle products, the Raoh brand is definitely amaze your taste buds.

2. Sanyo Foods Sapporo Shio Ramen

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Many Japanese people would suggest this ramen if someone asked them to name the most well-liked instant salt ramen. This particular salt ramen consistently ranks at the top in Japan. The noodles in this instant ramen are made of carefully chosen wheat and, shockingly, a yam, which gives it its unique flavor. Because of this, the noodle texture is so distinct from other ramen and is delightfully fresh and sticky.

The soup itself is a great balance of spices, umami-rich vegetables (mostly green onions, pickled ginger, bean sprouts, and garlic), and flavorful chicken and pork bone aromatic broth. Like the other shio ramen, the soup is rather light but flavorful taste. However, compared to other ramen in ordinary grocery stores, it tastes like real chicken. Additionally, the white sesame seeds used as a garnish enhance the soup's miso flavor. These instant Japanese noodles are soft and have a chewy texture, and the shio flavor of the broth is excellent.

3. Maruchan Seimen Ramen

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

It's worthwhile to try the Maruchan Seimen line from one of the most well-known instant ramen brands in Japan. The Maruchan noodles are generated using unique, patent-pending technology that is intended to resemble freshly made noodles closely. Its chewy udon noodles and smooth textures make you feel like you are eating authentic ramen noodles. Maruchan Seimen soups come in significantly larger bowls than the typical Cup Noodle styrofoam cups, allowing them to pack in a lot of toppings like vegetable stocks, deep fried tofu, scrambled egg pieces, shrimp, or thick pork pieces.

Moreover, the smooth soup is well-balanced and suitable for everyone because it is neither too light nor too heavy. Professionally prepared at home, the pork bone broth tastes more like the ramen from the restaurant. You can get Maruchan instant ramen in all four of its basic flavors: miso ramen, shoyu ramen, shio ramen, and tonkatsu ramen. The Maruchan Seimen line will satisfy your desire for high-quality instant ramen while also allowing you to make a neutral decision. Seimen is an excellent choice for people looking for a higher-quality instant ramen experience.

4. Acecook Wakame Ramen Instant Noodles

What Are the Best Brands of Japanese Noodles?

Ramen with a Wakame Seaweed taste is a Japanese-inspired dish that is hearty and robust. You'll appreciate the chewy instant noodle feeling with noodles made from dough that has been mixed with seaweed paste.

In addition, there are no preservatives, or MSG added to the broth. It has a light, refreshing flavor with a tasty blend of sesame oil and soy sauce broth. It also has a good amount of wakame seaweed. It contains a significant amount of wakame seaweed, which is incredibly healthful and has a rich flavor of soy sauce and sesame oil.

These instant ramen products and brands are just the best among all the noodles products you would ever know. But, if this list is not enough to satisfy your Japanese-limited instant ramen cravings, you need to check out the noodles collection of Sugoi Mart, from instant ramens, instant yakisoba noodles, chuka soba, crispy tempura soba, to all-time favorite chicken ramen. Anything you think of is available at Sugoi Mart. Shop now!

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