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What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

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What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

Japanese food would be different without noodles in it. There are so many Japanese dishes using noodles varying from Japanese udon noodles to buckwheat noodles to Japanese ramen and various varieties of Japanese noodle soup. These noodles' popularity has been rising outside of Japan in recent years, in part due to how delicious it is and their numerous health advantages. In addition, noodles are also commonly added along with toppings like meat, shellfish, or veggies.

But ramen can be a lot delicious with good ramen bowls. A good ramen bowl greatly enhances the dining experience. While aesthetics play a significant role in the visual appeal of your meal, ramen bowls' form and design go beyond that. Here are 7 different types of ramen bowls you need to know.

Types of Ramen Bowls

1. Menbachi bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

Menbachi is the Japanese word for "noodle bowl." The enhanced depth and width of the big opening make this a well-liked shape for ramen bowls. The menbachi bowls have a wider aperture and are deeper and larger than the other bowls, making it simple to eat ramen. Since their form prevents spillage, menbachi bowls are ideal for recipes that call for more soup than noodles.

2. Koudaidon bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

This bowl is a stylish high-footed bowl with a lofty bottom. The lip of the bowl is typically slightly curved backward, allowing the diner to quickly and readily see the soup, noodles, and toppings of the ramen.

In addition, the elevated bottom of this high-footed bowl enables the user to avoid getting burned on the bowl's bottom while holding it. Most frequently, this type of bowl is utilized at low-cost ramen restaurants that prioritize consumer convenience over the perception of the establishment.

3. Marukoudaidon bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

This bowl has an additional rim on the mouth and is rounded like the Koudaidon form. Except for having a wider bowl and a thicker rim, this bowl is essentially identical to the Koudaidon and was created to be a more practical variation. Moreover, these bowls can be used for fried rice and other typical dishes that call for large servings of food in addition to ramen. You may easily pick up this bowl without risking finger burn.

4. Ohgigatadon Bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

The term Ohgigatadon translates to "fan-shaped bowl." Although the bowl's volume is lower, it's popular in restaurants for two reasons. The first is that it is simpler to store because it can be stacked better thanks to the straighter sides. Next, despite holding smaller portions of soup, it is seen as a classy serving bowl and is chosen over wider bowls when noodles are the main ingredient in the dish.

5. Tayoudon bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

This bowl's name is literally translated to "multipurpose bowl." The bowl's design, which produces nearly vertical sides and a tall, deeper bowls, makes it an exceptionally functional bowl. Most new ramen eateries that started after 2000 use this kind of bowl. Due to its multipurpose function and form, you can use this bowl for noodles other than ramens, such as udon or soba. Additionally, this bowl's design makes it ideal for holding rice dishes like katsudon or oyakodon as well.

6. Hira Tayoudon bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

Hira Tayoudon bowl is the tayoudon's flat variation that was previously mentioned. This bowl style is typically used at low-end ramen eateries that focus on providing large portion for low pricing since it can fit a lot of noodles in it.

7. Tamadon bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

Tamadon bowls "ball-shaped bowl" have a thicker mouth and thicker rounded lips, which makes them more robust. This bowl's shape makes it more durable against scratches and cracks. This bowl dish is frequently used for ramen with a variety of toppings.

Best Ramen Bowls

You will have a more excellent grasp of and appreciation for your bowl if you know the names of these Japanese ramen bowls. You must get a high-quality ramen bowl in light of this, but which is the best?

The best ramen bowls are gorgeous, elegant, functional, and well-suited to ramen recipes. A great ramen bowl with the ideal proportions of noodles, broth, and toppings will significantly improve your home meals. Here are the best ramen bowls you need to know.

1. NJ Charms Ceramic Ramen Bowl

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

This hand-made, traditional ramen bowl is made of sturdy, thick ceramic bowls material. The gorgeous sprayed pattern on the NJ Charms ramen soup bowls was meticulously hand-painted. These bowls are not only stunning and ornamental to look at but were also designed to adhere to the Japanese golden proportion guidelines.

These bowls have a 51 oz fluid capacity that can accommodate more than a substantial serving of ramen, guaranteeing that the soup and toppings will stay in the bowl without spillage or spills. Bamboo chopsticks included in the set will complete the meal. The matching set gives you the impression that you are dining at a posh restaurant, even if you are in the comfort of your own home.

2. Black Melamine Ramen Bowl Sets

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

This ramen bowl set's distinctive Asian traditional design perfectly suits it to serve ramen repeatedly. The set can also be used for udon noodles or other soup dishes and ramen. Its size and capacity of 37 oz make it the ideal service for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

The bowls are made of food-grade durable melamine and extremely difficult to break, but they are also lightweight, making them easy to carry without adding too much weight. The traditional design has two sections carved out of the top of the bowl that securely keep them while not in use, to make transporting and storing chopsticks at home considerably simpler.

3. Dowan White Porcelain Ramen Bowl Set

What Bowls are Best for Japanese Noodles?

These bowls are made of fine porcelain and have a distinctly Asian flair. The long spoon's handle is specifically made so it won't slide into the soup, and the bowl's chopstick slots make it easy to move the ramen bowl around.

These bowls have a characteristic Ohgigatadon shape that makes them easy to hold. They are stylish, lead-free, and made of premium porcelain for safer use. Furthermore, the dowan ramen bowls are totally microwave-safe and completely dishwasher-safe, so you can easily reheat your ramen if it gets cold and trust technology to handle the cleanup after your meal.

Stop giving yourself ramen in regular dishes at home. Treat yourself to a perfect ramen bowl set that includes spoons and chopsticks to elevate your ramen dishes. There are a wide variety of ramen bowls available from glass ramen bowl, ceramic ramen bowls, and rounded version soup bowl. Visit the Sugoi Mart dishware collection and grab the best ramen bowl sets for your perfect instant ramen noodles experience!

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