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What Does Doki Doki Mean?

Doki Doki Crate

If you are a die-hard fan of Japanese anime and manga, you are probably familiar that the Japanese language revolves around Onomatopoeia. The term "onomatopoeia" describes the usage of words that mimic the sound that they describe. That word's pronunciation and spelling are directly determined by the actual sound it makes. Each word in an onomatopoeia describes a particular sound with a limitless playground of frequently happy, occasionally perplexing syllables strung together to capture the essence of our environment. And one of the most used and heard Japanese onomatopoeia is the word Doki Doki.

So have you ever heard the word or sound Doki Doki? Or perhaps you know what it means? Well, whatever the reason, here's a comprehensive article that will help you know what Doki Doki means.

So What is Doki Doki Japanese Word?

What is Doki Doki Japanese Word

Doki Doki, also occasionally spelled as Doki-Doki or in Japanese Katakana/Hiragana and dokidoki in Hepburn is the Japanese sound symbolism that means the sound of a beating heart. This word has more than one meaning and refers to how certain emotions can make your heart rate accelerate as opposed to severe physical exertion. A good emotion, such as love, enthusiasm, or anticipation of what will happen, usually causes a racing and pounding heart and the "Doki Doki" sound.

Additionally, if you are too close to someone you like or are alone with your crush, you could feel shy, ashamed, or anxious. But it can also be brought on by unfavorable feelings like dread or anxiety. Therefore, you can say "Doki Doki" or "Doki Doki suru" in Japanese to describe any feelings of excitement, fear, or racing heart beating. In English, Doki Doki might be translated to "ba-dump ba-dump" which is most frequently used in a romantic context or when someone is anxious, excited, apprehensive, ashamed, scared, or filled with anticipation.

Where Did The Word Doki Doki Come From?

Where Did The Word Doki Doki Come From?

The origin of the popular Japanese expression "Doki Doki" is a subject of some debate. Some people from countries other than Japan may find it challenging to understand how Doki Doki might sound like a heartbeat.

One unproven explanation holds that Doki Doki is derived from the word Douki, frequently used during the Edo period and indicating "throbbing heart." Moreover, Douki-douki was a literary term that was used frequently during the Showa period, and it is believed, though not proven, that Doki Doki originated the phrase or vice versa. Another explanation for the origin of Doki Doki can be seen when the syllables of the word "Douki" are broken down. Dou means movement, and Ki is translated as a pulse. They combine to form pulsing motions, which are an excellent way to represent a racing or pounding heart.

Doki Doki Meaning in Anime & Manga

Where Did The Word Doki Doki Come From?

Doki Doki is a phrase that is frequently used in online anime fandoms and memes on the internet. It is frequently linked to extremely attractive and cute anime or manga characters. As we all know, the Japanese phrase Doki Doki, which refers to the sound of a heart beatingat a quickened pace, is also used in anime and manga to indicate that a character has fallen in love. It shows how ecstatic, anxious, or anticipatory the character is.

Doki Doki describes the sensation commonly known as butterflies in the stomach that many anime female characters and reserved male characters may blush, and their hearts will go "Doki Doki" in various love scenarios. In addition, Doki Doki is mostly used when a character is going to profess their love, finds their crush standing somewhere, speaks to them for the first time alone, receives a romantic text or kawaii picture, or when they are about to touch or kiss for the first time.

On the other hand, the phrase "Doki Doki" is also used in anime and manga when someone is startled, frightened, or freaks out, and their heart rate increases due to fear or worry. However, based on many anime fans, using the phrase in that manner is less often than doing so in connection with romantic or loving circumstances.

Doki Doki in Video Games

Doki Doki in Video Games

Doki Doki Literature Club is a well-known video game with a Japanese theme. The cutesy-appearing anime and typically innocent show is actually a hardcore psychological horror title with violent, gory, and adult content that you should only play at your own risk. It is not advised or suited for kids or those who are easily upset or triggered.

This free horror video game, created by Team Salvato, is basically a horror game, despite the cute high school girls that help you through it. The horror movies open with a group of schoolgirls seeking to convince their principal that their reading club deserves to be recognized as an official school club. The main character tries to get to know the girls throughout the game, and you get to pick which girl gets a poem from you. How well you get to know each club member depends on who you choose. However, the game finally takes you down a dark alley and ends with one character's shocking and tragic death. This also results in a significant game twist.

It’s Japan Crate Time!

Japan Doki Doki Crate

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