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What is Caplico?

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While it's true that only a few things in this world can beat the satisfaction that a delicious ice cream snack can bring, especially on hot summer days, some just want the treat without the sting of ice. To credit the ingenuity and creativity of Japan, they had made it possible for people to enjoy the very same treat of eating an ice cream cone without the need for the snack being necessarily cold. Enter Caplico, one of the most popular and long-running Japanese snacks still available today that are sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to the people of Japan.


Original strawberry Caplico


Caplico: Tasty Ice Cream Snack

Created by the Japanese food company Ezaki Glico, the Caplico is a tasty bubble chocolate treat that is made purposely to resemble your typical ice cream. These sweet and light aerated Japanese snacks usually come on top of a wafer cone, while some may come in small bite-sized shapes like hearts and stars or in mini stick versions. Due to its unique premise, cute appearance, and tasty filling, the Caplico line of chocolate snacks became an instant hit to the children of Japan, with some adults guilty of enjoying the sweet flavor it has in store just the same.


To answer this article review's title, we will be highlighting some of the Japanese snacks on the Glico Caplico line of treats. This includes the Glico Giant Caplico, the Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream, and the Caplico Atama Strawberry Chocolate Hearts. For the purpose of this review, we would only be focusing on the three sweet snacks mentioned above. Let's begin.


Jujutsu Kaisen limited edition Grape Caplico



Glico Giant Caplico

When talking to a Japanese man about ice cream cone treats, chances are they'd be reminded of the Glico Giant Caplico. That is how much this particular snack has impacted the lives of many Japanese over the course of several years. Created by Glico back in 1970, the Glico Giant Caplico now comes in 2 distinct flavors; milk and strawberry, with both costing about 100 yen, or approximately 1 USD, per piece in today's market.


The Glico Giant Caplico is a cone-shaped chocolate snack, like soft-serve ice cream. Atop its wafer cone is a brown milk chocolate filling topped with milk-flavored chocolate or cookie-like strawberry. Unlike regular ice cream, its wafer cone isn't hollow inside. It is filled with unmeltable air-in milk chocolate, which resembles a honeycomb. It is milky, smooth, and mild that also provides a much more pleasant crunch than typical cookies when bit.


Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream

Eight years after the creation of the Glico Giant Caplico, Ezaki Glico created yet another masterpiece of a snack with the Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream. Much like the entry above, this chocolate snack also resembles the favorite summertime delight but is unmeltable. But unlike the Glico Giant Caplico, the Glico Giant Cone Ice Cream is topped with a thin layer of milk chocolate filled with crunchy peanut bits all around.


Inside the wafer cone is a thin crispy layer of coated chocolate and ice milk that contains much lesser milk fat than ordinary ice cream. This light taste of the ice milk combines perfectly with the snack's other flavors. It successfully calms the sweetness of the chocolate parts. The bottom part of the wafer cone, meanwhile, is filled with unfrozen chocolate cream that ensures satisfaction up to the last bite. Today, the Glico giant Cone Ice Cream costs 140 yen or about 1.3 USD.


 Alt text: Giant Milk Caplico


Caplico Atama Strawberry Chocolate Hearts

These bite-sized Caplico treats are purposely called "Atama," which means head in Japanese, because unlike other Caplico treats, the Caplico Atama Strawberry Chocolate Hearts has its cone removed. All that's left is the sweet flavors on the top, or the head, of the Caplico. These heart-shaped Caplico Atama are made with milk chocolate and a layer of pink strawberry chocolate on top.


This chocolate treat is bubbly and quickly melts in your mouth, making the whole experience of eating it truly a delight. All in all, the Caplico Atama Strawberry Chocolate Hearts are an adorably delicious treat. Fan of Japan candy or not, we swear you'd enjoy having one of these. Notably, the Japanese treat is suitable for vegetarians as well.

What is Caplico Made of? Wafer Cone, Cocoa Butter, and more...

Almost every Caplico is made using sugar, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cacao mass, whey powder, milk sugar, varying kinds of flavoring, with salt, yeast extract, starch, and wheat flour for the wafers. The Glico Giant Caplico contains about 190 kcal per 34 grams, while the Glico Giant Cone variant packs about 280 kcal per serving and contains 0.1 grams of salt equivalents.



Caplico mascots


Where to get Caplico in the US?

Japan surely has its candy game on point! What it has to offer for sweet tooth people, just like you and me, is found nowhere else in the world. Has this review swayed you to try the Caplico? Perhaps you have just been waiting for a sign to push through with your cravings? Wondering where you can get your hands on such goodies in the US? Lucky you! We are here to help you with just that!


We at Japan Crate have made it a point to enable sweet-loving folks in the US, or anywhere else in the world, to enjoy delicious treats, such as the Caplico, that are otherwise only available in Japan. You no longer need to travel all the way to the land of the rising sun to enjoy its culture and snacks. We at Japan Crate will deliver Japan itself right to your doorsteps! After all, who wouldn't want a whole box of Japanese goodies delivered straight to them on a monthly basis?


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