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What is Japanese Stationary?

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japanese stationary

One of the most popular instruments known to man is pen and paper. These implements are mostly used for writing letters, words, or numbers. While some people may find these commonplace items uninteresting and unexceptional, writers would appreciate the quality of a pen and paper. Stationery is among the most widely used items in writing. As a significant portion of the global population writes, this can be found practically everywhere. But Japan is arguably one of the best places to look for high-quality stationery.

Look no further than the Japanese stationery companies if you like brightly colored pens and colored pencils, adorable erasers, mechanical pencils, correction tape, pencil sharpeners, or excellent space-saving, studying, or office supplies. The variety of Japanese stationery items you'll want to purchase is endless, ranging from useful pencil cases to cute decorations for your desk and planners. The nicest thing about Japanese stationery is that new goods are released annually as a result of constant invention and innovation. There are a lot of brands out there, so you might be wondering what the most well-known and top Japanese stationery brands are. Let's explore the world of Japanese stationery collection with some of the top brands and introduce some of their top-selling items!

Why is Japanese Stationery so Popular?

japanese stationary

For one thing, the Japanese place the highest value on quality. Japanese stationery is known for its superior quality, inventiveness, and thoughtful design, consistently exceeding the high expectations of stationery snobs everywhere in the globe. Even everyday note-taking paper is crafted to a considerably higher grade than the typical stationery products made by Western companies. To create useful, aesthetically pleasing, and durable products, committed teams of designers and Japanese manufacturers pay close attention to even the tiniest aspects and intricate characters. Even cheap goods are frequently expertly made. Japanese stationery producers regularly innovate by enhancing current product lines and developing new ones due to the country's competitive stationery market.

Best Japanese Stationery Brands


When Kokuyo was established in 1905, its exclusive focus was producing book covers for accounting records. Later, their company expanded to include additional kinds of office products. Kokuyo is now a well-known office, and school supplies brand, providing everything from pens to paper to planners. In addition to some novelty items like washi tape cutters and erasers with 28 corners, which ensure that you can always erase with a sharp point, they frequently come up with practical solutions for products. One example is their binder notebooks, which are made of flexible plastic and can be rolled, folded, or placed into bags.

japanese stationary

Moreover, they provide folders and notebooks, but their Kokuyo Campus loose-leaf papers are among their best-selling items domestically and abroad. Depending on the type of paper you like, these are available in two different styles. The "Sarasara" style is available if you want a smooth writing paper. It is made as smooth as possible for individuals who prefer to write with little pressure. The "Shikkari" style of paper, which is somewhat thicker than Sarasara paper to accommodate the pressure from your pen or pencil, is available if you prefer your paper to have a little more friction and grip.


Another Japanese writing tool manufacturer is Zebra, founded in 1914. Before starting the company in 1897, Tokumatsu Ishikawa started his calligraphy business by selling his own handcrafted fountain pen nibs. They chose the name "Zebra" for two reasons: the animal's strong tendency to herd others, as they wanted their company to resemble a family, and the Zebra's stripes, which mimic calligraphic strokes. Zebra Japanese gel pens have always been creative; they use low-viscosity ink, which results in fewer skips and stutters when writing, and they use a variety of ink colors, allowing writers to express themselves while doodling, drawing, or just color-coding notes while studying.

japanese stationary

Favorite Zebra pens include the Sarasa series of plastic-gel colorful pens, which have incredibly smooth ink and are available in a wide range of colors, including delicate pastels, vivid neons, and monochromatic shades of grey. The Sarasa brand also includes the Sarasa Dry pens, which have a spot of ink that dries quickly and won't smear when used with highlighter ink or when written on with the left hand. Additionally, the Zebra Mildliners are among the best-selling Zebra products. These gentle highlighters are available as dual-tip markers or brushes. The Mildliners come in soft pastel colors with finer pen tips that are easy on the eyes, making them ideal fine writing materials for aesthetic purposes.


Sakura started as a manufacturer of crayons, and they are the ones who created "Cray-Pas," one of the first oil pastels to hit the shelves. With their Pigma Ink in their micron pens, as well as their gel-based inks that offer excellent pigmentation and glaze inks that offer gloss and dimension as you write. Sakura products are well-liked by artists and fans of bullet journals; they provide a wide variety of items depending on your interests and level of experience.

japanese stationary

Sakura has excellent Japanese pens from the Gelly Roll series that have glittering ink for shiny notes, eye-catching lights, and bright accents if you choose to utilize them in your artwork, in addition to watercolors. The Pigma Micron pens are very well-liked, and several artists, architects, and even regular students swear by them because of the range of nib sizes that work well for writing, graphing, and line art.

Best Japanese Stationery

japanese stationary

In Japan, one can discover a wide variety of stationery for those who are dedicated to preserving the craft of writing. Japanese artisans have undoubtedly mastered the art of producing unique, practical, and superior stationery over the years. Every writer can discover something valuable and fascinating to add to their daily arsenal among the various goods offered, a Japanese gel pen, mechanical pencil, frixion pens, and even a retractable fountain pen. Useful tools like these can help you reach your full writing potential.

Japanese Fountain Pens

japanese stationary

Japanese fountain pens are well-known for their timeless designs and accurate nibs. Manufacturers of Japanese fountain pens consider the nib to be the pen's heart. Japanese fountain pens, like other pens, are particularly renowned for their finer nibs. As a result, they produce their nibs internally rather than contracting out the work. Moreover, they may take considerable care and control to consistently produce high-quality nibs. A Japanese fountain pen will undoubtedly surpass your expectations, regardless of whether you are new to the hobby of fountain pens or are seeking something to complete your collection.

Japanese Brush Pens

japanese stationary

Traditionally, a brush is used to write in Japan. Although brushes offer many options for line variety and expressiveness, they aren't nearly as portable as current pens; thus, the brush pen comes in. By combining a brush tip with an integrated ink reservoir for ease of use, brush pens do for brushes what the fountain pen ink did for dip pens. Furthermore, felt, synthetic, and even actual hair can be used to make brush pen tips. For calligraphers and painters alike, each material offers a variety of qualities.

Japanese Paper and Notebooks

japanese stationary

No matter if you're a student getting ready to start a new semester or just someone who enjoys journaling the little things in life, we all need a reliable notebook that is always handy. Japanese notebooks are adorable and useful. They are available for purchase alongside other writing instruments, including pens and D-clips. You may simply choose an adorable-looking notebook for yourself because they come in various designs. Choosing the ideal notebook and paper products for your particular needs can be challenging, given the wide variety available, such as binder clips, tomoe river paper, and bullet journal.

Why not check out the Sugoi Mart stationery collection if you love pens, highlighters, stickers, and other stationery supplies? It offers various products, including fresh, exclusive releases, office, and school supplies, and cute stuff. These products include pens, highlighters, paper, and washi tape. Additionally, you may purchase items from the top brands mentioned above as well as other well-liked items from businesses. These super cute stationery items offer excellent quality and timeless sophistication that will be very useful in your life.

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