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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

The Japanese word 'kawaii' has already spread across the world, and it is mainly used to describe something cute such as plushies or cute stuff toys. Kawaii has risen within the 1970s, propelled by what Sharon Kinsella describes in her paper Cuties in Japan as a "cute handwriting craze" among youngsters. Technically the Japanese word 'kawaii' also refers to child-like adorableness, which you can see in Japanese cultural exports, from anime to dresses and Japanese-themed restaurants to fashions.

Not only that, but kawaii extends to music too. The sound of present-day Japanese music has been generally made through melding conventions and making something new and cuter. It's habitually electric; however, rich at times, sexy, and kawaii!

What is Kawaii Music?

Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

An entirety of Japanese history and culture has sprung up around "kawaii," the Japanese word for cute, exemplified within the resurgence of characters like Hello Kitty. Kawaii music is full of sweet falsetto and arcade-style electronic tones. You can bump up the cute in your life with Kawaii music, neon-lit tunes, colorful fashion, and lively percussion that exemplify the development of Kawaii music in Japan.

Some popular Japanese artists, such as Babymetal, a Japanese kawaii metal band that combines cute with heavy metal become popular. These Japanese idols combined kawaii to their songs. The small-scale Japanese artists online are also tagged kawaii music since their songs are made with the merge of busy future bass sounds with xylophones, bells, and other twinkles. The internet called this new emerging pop music "Kawaii Bass."

What is Kawaii Bass?

The Kawaii Bass, also known as kawaii future bass, is a subgenre of future bass. The music is known for its cute and happy timber and strongly influences Japanese pop culture. The music is composed of samples from anime or video games, door and bed squeaks, soft square waves, and chiptune sounds. It is often similar to Bitpop, which has more uptempo and mellow sounds.

The Kawaii Bass genre is often faster than another future bass and is highly melodic. It also has a complex and chaotic sound through changing busier rhythms for a brief period. Due to its popularity with Japanese produces, a lot of Japanese Pop and Electronic styles take inspiration from kawaii bass. This makes new genres pop out, such as high-energy genre-hopping, Denpa, J-core, playroom pop,and J-pop's sugary pop melodies.

Popular Japanese Kawaii Bass Producers / Artists

Let's look at some of the popular Japanese kawaii producers or artists who add new sounds to an edged ones songs, which is often seen by many as being soft music. Here are the popular kawaii Japanese music artists who give new meaning to cute music in Japan:

Snail's House

Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

The man behind Snail's House or Ujico is named Keitaro Ujiie. He is a Japanese electronic musician who currently resides in Saitama, Japan. In 2012, he started uploading his music on Soundcloud under the name "Ujico." In 2014, under the name Snail's House, he published "Nyan Nyan Angel," and in 2015, he released the album Kirara EP. This album makes him the pioneer of the Kawaii music genre.


Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

Yunomi is known as a composer, DJ, arranger, and lyricist. He released music as a soloist and later became the main producer for the idol group CY8ER. He is one of the most in-demand names in the Japanese kawaii music industry since his songs play energetic sets across the country. He also co-created a new label named Miraicha Records which focuses on cuter elements in dance-leaning sound.


Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

YUC'e popularity circled around kawaii music. She has the unpredictable style to the fledgling label as her primary focus is the future bass sounds. What makes her well-known is her "Future Candy" song, which many describe as the answer to what kawaii music is. Apart from that, YUC'e has frantic vocals that seem to inspire cuteness into something harder-edged.

Antenna Girl

Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

What makes Antenna Girl apart from other Japanese kawaii music artists is that she still managed to stay close to the traditional J Pop. Specifically, she is keen on curated sounds and also featuring more of the high-energy sound of kawaii music. Additionally, she is also well-known for performing dance numbers.

What is Kawaii Metal?

Japanese rock combined with a kawaii charm of a Japanese icon with an overwhelming metal band is called "Kawaii Metal." This genre has been an interesting new trend in Japanese music. Kawaii metal could be a melodic class that mixes elements of overwhelming metal and J-pop that was spearheaded in Japan in the early 2010s. An ordinary kawaii metal composition combines the instruments found in different sorts of metal music with J-pop tunes and a stylish Japanese symbol. Kawaii metal's expressive subjects frequently contain kawaii subjects, making them much less much-like than other overwhelming metal genres.

Popular Japanese Kawaii Metal Groups


Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

The first trendsetter of kawaii metal, Babymetal, has been effective and has risen to absolute quality worldwide. The group was shaped in 2010 as a sub of Sakura Gakuin, beneath the vision of maker and longtime metal fan Key "Kobametal" Kobayashi. Babymetal is driven by corporate intrigued and the inevitable insanity of pop culture. Their universally viral melody, Gimme Chocolate has over 110 million views which made a difference in them breaking records in getting to be the first Asian artists to have a number one album on Billboard's Top Rock Albums entertainment chart. These three individuals have played a colossal part in helping the rise of Kawaii Metal into the mainstream of Japanese Music. The vitality and enthusiasm Babymetal convey through their kawaii choreography, goth school-girl character outfits, and exceptional combination of pop and metal lyrics is worth loud applause.


Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

The brand of electro-infused kawaii metal created by the hairy one lead supported by the reinforcement vocalists continuously brings the melodies back into cutesville. Ladybaby has the common qualities of other Kawai Metal, such as acts Servant outfit, Glitchy electronic intro, high pitched singing, and metal components blended with Japanese pop. Despite the nonappearance of guitars, the members of Ladybaby make it up in Metalness and make you need to sing along.


Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

Passcode included an overwhelming backing band and joined the Kawaii Metal trend. They have been able to stand on their possess with melodies that twist electronica styles with the difficult differentiation of growly metal and loud rock-inspired music. The exceedingly enthusiastic tunes are composed in Japanese, although they contain English-language parts as well, much like Babymetal, so Passcode is prepared and willing for Western gatherings of people attempting to enter this odd world-of-kawaii music.

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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

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Jamming Into the World of Kawaii Music

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