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What is Meiji Kaiju Gummy Candy?

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Found to be highly appealing to kids and adults alike, gummy candy is arguably one of the most sought-after and satisfying types of candy or snacks ever developed. Not only does the product appear wonderful to the eyes, particularly due to its typically cutesy and colorful look, but it is also a delight to the mouth whenever consumed. The gummy candy has just that perfect amount of resilience that feels so satisfying and fulfilling when you bite it down. In fact, some brands even suggest a product serving size of over the double digits!


Meiji Kajyu Gummies


With that all being said, there is just this one problem when it comes to such products - there are way too many options for you to choose from! While we certainly don't know which would fit you the most, we recommend this gummy candy from Japan that will surely bring a smile to your face with its truly impressive taste. Enter the Meiji Kaju Gummy candy. Read on as we share how this particular product from Japan rose above the tight gummy candy market to be considered among the most well-known products in the particular candy category. Here is our review of the Meiji Kaju Gummy candy products.

The Meiji Kaju Gummy

The Meiji Kaju Gummy was first released by Meiji Seika Confectionary more than three decades back, particularly in 1988. Derived from the Japanese word "Kaju," which means fruit juice, the Meiji Kaju Gummy is a fruit juice-contained item that comes in a huge category of flavors. While the particular gummy candy line first began with the grape flavor, it now also has strawberry, tangerine, peach, kiwi, acerola cherry, lemon peel, muscat, and lime for candy lovers to choose from. Whatever flavor category you may want, the Meiji Kaju Gummy promises to be filled to the pack with the genuine rich taste of fruit. It swears that each candy's color is made possible by real fruit juice extract, not artificial coloring.


On top of becoming a top seller in various candy categories, the Meiji Kaju Gummy also became a huge hit to sweet-loving beauty items fans. This is because the candy not only packs a huge punch of flavors whenever you eat them but also contains a significant boost of collagen, specifically 2600mg of collagen within every pack. To give a bit of outsider's knowledge, the daily dose of collagen recommended for young adults is 5000mg. This means that when you eat a pack of Meiji Kaju Gummy, you are already halfway through said daily recommendation. Believe us when we say this. There are only a few items today that both satisfy a person's desire to indulge in snacks and their beauty regimen. The Meiji Kaju Gummy can be one of them.


Meiji Kajyu Fruit Gummy - Grape


Not long after entering the store shelves, Japan quickly fell in love with its fruity content and adorable appearance. Now, people buy the product in bulk and put dozens and dozens of them on one cart. And with its impressively wide fruit flavor categories you can choose from, anyone can surely find something that truly fits them. Indeed, the Meiji Kaju Gummy has captured the heart of Japan, and we just couldn't blame them for doing so.

How does it taste?

As briefly mentioned above, the Meiji Kaju Gummy puts its rich fruitiness to the very front. These bite-sized gummies are made with concentrated fruit juice corresponding to their appointed flavors, with each gummy piece containing the same amount of fruit juice as that of an actual grain of the particular fruit it aims to emulate. Furthermore, each piece of this adorable candy snack is also formed in the shape of the fruit flavor it is injected with, making true to the saying: "What you see is what you get."


These gummies have a hard, chewy exterior. However, once you get your teeth into it, you'd be met with an explosion of flavor, and the more you chew on it, the tastier it gets. The experience you'd get once you get over the Meiji Kaju Gummy, particularly hard exterior, can genuinely only be described as if you are eating the fruit brandished on its packaging as its flavor. All in all, the product has that juicy, fruity flavor one expects from such gummy categories, but unlike most, it is not overly sweet. If you are a fan of gummy sweets and the like, the Meiji Kaju Gummy is not one to just let pass by!


Meiji's juicy Kaju Gummies


What are its ingredients and nutrition facts?

According to its ingredients list and nutrition facts label on the back of the packaging, the Meiji Kaju Gummy candy is made using concentrated fruit juice (depending on the flavor of the items you bought), sugar, starch syrup, starch, gelatin, acidifier, and additional flavoring. While not necessarily different from the ingredients found on typical gummy candies, this best-seller from Japan certainly found a way to make such ordinary ingredients mix better together to form a more satisfying taste. Nevertheless, each bag (51 grams) contains about 167 kcal and, as mentioned above, 2600 mg of collagen for your beauty needs.


Meiji Kajyu Gummy - Muscat


Where can you get them?

Seeing as the product is made in Japan, it is only natural for other countries across the vast oceans, such as the United States, to struggle to get their hands on such goodies. Your town's large supermarket may not have it; your trusty convenience store may not have it; heck, even your neighboring Japan seller may not have it as well.


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