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What is Meiji Poifull?

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Jelly beans have been a staple of the candy industry for a long time now due to its very adorable appearance and genuinely satisfying taste. One look at this type of candy and you'd already feel yourself compelled to put them in your mouth. That is how appealing jelly beans can be. That said, while such candy snacks are widely available all over the world today, no other country has arguably got the jelly beans game on point more than the land of the rising sun itself, Japan.


It is no secret that Japan is home for some of the most sought after flavors, snacks, and sweets. Some of their products are just way too good to let pass by, such is the Meiji Poifull candies. These cute-looking candies from Japan have taken the country by storm, especially Japanese kids. In fact, its popularity has seemingly seeped out of the country as some Westerners now begin to take notice of the delicious sweets. Unfortunately though, such candies are rather to find in the United States, much like other Japanese goodies. This leads to them looking for various articles online trying to find the easiest way to get their hands on such coveted Japanese items.

If you are one of those people, then good news! You are perfectly where you need to be. This article not only aims to review the Meiji Poifull, we will also be sharing how you can get them straight to your doorsteps. Read on as we detail everything you need to know about this delicious candy from Japan, the Meiji Poifull.

Meiji Poifull - Jelly Beans or Not?

Created by Meiji Seika Confectionary, the company behind the highly-successful food products in the world today, such as the Hello Panda, Yan Yan, Macadamia, and Choco Baby, there is no surprise that the Meiji Poifull turned out amazing for itself. This candy product from the Meiji brand comes in the form of little gummy beans with various natural fruit flavors covered in flavored white chocolate and milk.


While it certainly looks like your typical jelly bean candies, the Meiji Poifull is actually a hybrid of gummy candy and jelly beans. Its namesake, "Poifull," refers to the gummy product found at the center of the candy itself. It is bouncy and satisfyingly chewy because of the gelatin used to make it thicker. Jelly beans, on the other hand, normally has a jelly belly - a gelled, thickened candy syrup made possible by natural fruit products, such as pectin, or cornstarch. The Meiji Poifull, in our most humble opinion, is a perfect combination of the two. While not necessarily categorized as such, we still believe that the candy is a jelly bean, albeit with a gummy interior, which actually makes it more incredible.


Its packaging, while common for such snacks, is fun to look at. Its box is admittedly overwhelming with colors but, somehow, it still managed to be quite easy on the eyes. Kids would certainly be pulled with its cute exterior, and we just couldn't blame them for doing so. All in all, the Meiji Poifull's shell is light and a bit grainy after each chew. It mostly seals in the deliciously fresh taste of the flavored gummies within its center. The candy typically comes in four flavors that are equally delicious and transcendent. Nowadays, to the delight of many, the Meiji brand is slowly adding in more flavors. This includes lemon, raspberry, kiwi, and so much more. Truly, the company never disappoints. With that being said, let us take a closer look at the aforementioned four distinct flavors.


The apple flavor is represented by the lighter pink candy from the pack. While it certainly looks like a small nugget cut from an apple itself, it tastes just like a glass of green apple. That said, some may find its taste a bit more like cider. In any case, the apple-flavored jelly beans are tangy and contain a good amount of apple peel flavors that will surely pique your interest.


The yellow colored candy found in the bag. It is sweet, bright, and tastes much like the fruit itself, albeit with less acidity. Although some may find the pineapple flavor tastes more like the canned variant of the fruit instead of the fresh stuff, it is still incredibly satisfying in the mouth. You certainly won't get enough of it.


The darker, purplish color among the bed of sweets found within every bag. The grape flavor it packs is so incredible that most people believe that this particular candy is the best tasting among the four. The flavor is genuinely amazing, like a condensed droplet of authentic grape juice. It is tangy, sweet, and vivid. No wonder this is the favorite of many among the stock of flavors.

Muscat Grape

The Muscat grape flavored candies are represented by the green ones. Much like the grape flavor mentioned above, the Muscat grape also has an authentic juice flavor. After all, the Muscat is just a white grape that is often milder when turned into juice. Unfortunately, unlike its brother, the grape flavor, the Muscat grape isn't beloved by most. Probably because of its unique taste. That being said, this flavor still tastes excellent for itself.

Where can you get authentic Japanese items in the United States?

Are you in the United States looking to grab yourself one bag of these delicious jelly bean snacks? Perhaps you saw an item from Japan that you just couldn't help but pursue? Are you looking to gift someone something rights reserved supported by the Meiji brand that is otherwise exclusive only to Japan? Let us help you with that! We at Japan Crate has made it a mission to make acquiring items from Japan much easier than ever before. Not only do we offer several authentic Japanese products, such as the Meiji Poifull jelly beans, for individual purchases, we also offer a monthly box full of Japanese items that fully encapsulates the country's culture. Click the link here for instant purchases or sign up today using the link here to receive your monthly-themed Japan Crate for such an affordable price.

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