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What is the Japanese Word for Stationery?

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There is no other country than Japan where you can find the cutest stationery ever! Japanese stationery stores provide a wide array of items, from attractive stickers to cute planners. The majority of stationery sold throughout Japan can be counted on to have thoughtful designs and great quality. Japanese designers are truly devoted to paying attention to even the smallest aspects of every Japanese stationery. These teams want to create useful, attractive stationeries and high quality for consumers.

That said, Japanese stationery is becoming more and more well-known over the world these days because of its excellent quality and wide range of patterns. Due to this, many visitors to Japan brought back a variety of stationery items as gifts for their family and friends. Read on to learn more about the numerous stationery vocabularies, including how they are written and pronounced in Japanese. You can use this Japanese vocabulary whenever you go stationery shopping daily in any Japanese stationery shops or online sites.

Japanese Words for Stationery

Japanese Stationery (ぶんぼうぐ | Bunbuogu)

Many Japanese can understand some English words since they use them in their everyday language. However, many Japanese-exclusive English words exist, especially in Japanese stationery. It slightly complicates things. Thus understanding some of these vocabularies are important.

1. Notebook (ノート | Noto)


Notebooks are essential for study and work and are used in a number of contexts, and the Japanese have undoubtedly created the greatest notebooks regarding paper quality and shape. Japanese notebooks come in a variety of formats, binding types, and even ruled lines and are renowned for their great quality and inexpensive cost.

2. Pens (ペン | Pen)


Japanese pens are particularly well-liked among the country's stationery, renowned for their affordability and great quality. This is because of the diversity of colors and multipurpose functions they come in. Japanese gel pens are made with various features, including smear, fade, water resistance, color range, pigmentation, and writing experience in mind. Japanese pens are undoubtedly at the top of their game with so many producers like Pentel, Zebra, and Pilot, as well as brands like EnerGel, Sarasa, and Uni-Ball.

3. Mechanical Pencil (シャープペンシル | Sha-pupenshiru)


One of the writing instruments that is used the most common is the mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencils are excellent for students and even some vocations because they allow you to undo your writing, which is impossible with pens. There are many different mechanical pencils available from Japanese stationery firms, such as Pentel, Mitsubishi Pencil, and Pilot. There are also unusual options like Orens Nero, Kuru Toga, and Dr. Grip.

4. Erasers (けしごむ | Keshigomu)


Although it is frequently forgotten, an eraser is a need for everyone who uses pencils. Japanese erasers are similar to other high-quality Japanese stationery, which frequently has intelligent designs and user-friendliness to maximize productivity. Japanese erasers frequently consider how simple it will be to clean up their shavings. Moreover, Japanese erasers effortlessly remove mistakes, don't leave any traces of graphite, and produce dust that forms into manageable pills.

5. Scissors (ハサミ | Hasami)


The unsung heroes of office supplies are scissors. They assist us when we need to open a package, cut out crafts, or remove the tags from a new sweater. The best scissors you're seeking should be a pair of Japanese scissors because they are made of high-quality steel and are renowned for being sturdy, resilient, and corrosion-resistant.

These stationeries are the most used on every artwork, crafts, and other related stationery activity. Learning some of these words related to stationery will definitely help you enjoy more Japanese stationeries. Visit the Sugoi Mart stationery shop and purchase the best stationery to fill your desk.

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