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What is Tirol Chocolate?

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Asking young Japanese people what their favorite chocolate candy is would probably yield similar answers. More likely than not, they'd answer the long-selling chocolate brand, "Tirol Choco," also known as "Dagashi." This particular chocolate candy product is produced and sold by the Japanese food company with the same name, Tirol Choco Co., Ltd. Tirol Choco started as a company department developing Japanese chocolate products in late 1962. At first, they were producing small chocolate cube candies wrapped in vibrant, cute-looking, and full-of-color packaging that made them instantly popular among Japanese children. Now, as they grew far larger than they initially envisioned, Tirol Choco made it its mission to deliver joy across Asia through their tasty treats. Tirol Choco has that one specific goal in mind, perfectly encapsulated by its slogan: "One Tirol, One Smile, One Asia." It is so wholesome that we couldn't help but support their vision. So, what is Tirol Choco? Read on as we dedicate this article to highlighting this delicious box of treats from Japan.


Tirol chocolate mix from their Tokyo flagship


Tirol Choco

Tirol Choco is widely known for its many flavors and individually wrapped mini chocolate bars. Its assortment of flavors does not get stale as the company made it a point to add dozens of new flavors or cycle through various combinations each year. As a matter of fact, Tirol Choco is purportedly creating more than 20 new flavors every year. This virtually guarantees that consumers won't be exhausted of options as more and more varieties come at a regular rate. Its moniker, the Dagashi, also fits perfectly. In Japan, Dagashi means cheap and unique candies and snacks - Tirol Choco is precisely that! Sold for 10 to 40 Japanese yen, or about 0.1 to 0.4 USD, practically anyone can purchase these goodies for themselves. Tirol Choco is also accessible to the point that almost every store now in Japan has its own exclusive set of flavors, making it much more popular with Japanese folk, especially kids.


While the obvious demographic for Tirol Choco is the Japanese children, many adults have also grown to love the truly-unique chocolate treats. They may be fans of the chocolate candy brand from when they were young and grew alongside it or new fans of the popular candy that instantly became hooked after getting a taste of its products. No matter how you found these particular famous Japanese chocolate candies, there is no denying that eating Tirol Choco is an experience that'd surely stick right to the heart. It is only a matter of time before you put the Tirol Choco on your list of favorite sweets that you'd choose over whatever the rest of the world has to offer. Furthermore, Tirol Choco is a perfect gift for occasions such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Christmas, as they release exclusively-themed products to fit them each year as well.

 Petit Tirol gift box


Tirol Choco Co., Ltd.'s catchy, colorful, and cheap candies now have more than 300 unique flavors. Since detailing each of them would just prove impossible, we will instead be focusing on the Tirol Chocolate Variety Pack for this review article. Made up of 5 standard yet search-worthy flavors, the particular Tirol Choco product contains 30 small pieces of individually wrapped candies. Let us get a closer look at each of them.


Tirol Choco Milk Chocolate

A staple flavor for almost every chocolate candy brand, Tirol Milk Chocolate did not take long to become popular among children and adults. This Tirol Chocolate flavor is characterized by its delightful milky taste from the white chocolate filling inside that is made using fresh cream. One bite of it would surely bring a smile to your face.

Tirol Choco Strawberry Jelly

True to its flavor's name, the Tirol Strawberry Jelly is filled with none other but strawberry jelly. Its outer chocolate can be broken down into 2 separate layers, the strawberry chocolate at the top, while the lower half is made with milk chocolate. If you are the type of person that loves to dip his strawberry in chocolate, this candy piece is yours to enjoy!


Petit Tirol small chocolate cubes


Tirol Choco Coffee Nougat

The OG flavor offering of Tirol Choco Co., Ltd. The progenitor of the Tirol Choco series. That alone should be enough for you to try this Tirol Choco flavor out. This candy piece is deliciously sweet, milky, and tastes absolutely divine when mixed with a smooth cup of coffee. It perfectly complements the smooth coffee-flavored caramel paste it hides deep within. If you want to know why Japan fell head over heels with this product, give Tirol Choco Coffee Nougat a shot.

Tirol Choco White & Cookies

Japan is just as in love with the taste of cookies and cream as the rest of the world. The Tirol Choco White & Cookies consists of white chocolate sprinkled in with bits of cookies. This combination of rich milk taste, thanks to the white chocolate, and the satisfyingly crunchy texture of the cookie bits make the Tirol Choco White & Cookies a Japanese instant classic that is sure to bring a smile to the world.


60 years anniversary Tirol packaging


Tirol Choco Bis Milk

Perhaps the most unique among the five Tirol Choco products included within the Tirol Chocolate Variety Pack, the Tirol Choco Bis Milk has a crunchy biscuit embedded inside the chocolate product itself. Interestingly, it's packaging also comes in 3 different color variants. However, no matter the color you pick, their tastes would prove just the same.


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