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What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

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What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

Noodles are a key ingredient in Japanese cuisine, from a satisfyingly salty bowl of instant Japanese ramen noodles to more authentic taste noodles that have just started appearing on restaurant tables worldwide. But there are many other noodle-based options in Japan, including noodly variants that are comparable in size and shape and very different from a pile of ramen noodles in a hot bowl of flavorful broth. The noodles contain various flours, including buckwheat and yam, salt, and GMO-free ingredients.

What is GMO-Free?

What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

Many businesses use the term "GMO-free" on packaged food labels to denote that their food is free of genetically modified organisms created through biotechnology. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are brand-new organisms developed in a lab utilizing genetic engineering modification methods.

According to scientists and environmental groups, foods containing GMOs have been linked to several health risks and environmental hazards. Thus GMO-free label is commonly used to state that the food item was not made using genetically modified organisms (GMOs). However, this does not automatically suggest that the product is organic.

Advantages of GMO-Free Products

What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

What factors influence your decision when selecting food items at the grocery store? For sure, you prefer to keep things as nature intended. Using only GMO-free ingredients in all of your snacks like tofu, Japanese noodles and various vegetables help to preserve the ingredients' quality, flavors, and nutrients. Consuming a variety of GMO-free foods sounds very appetizing and good to include in your recipes. Here are the advantages of using GMO-free products:

Fresher Meals

Chemical preservatives are used in genetically modified foods to extend their shelf life, so your food may not be as fresh as it appears. Foods are only healthy for the body if they are farm fresh, so choosing GMO-free products will help you live healthier lives.|


The earth is considerably better off with GMO-free products. GMO products are poisonous not only to humans but also to the ecosystems they live in. Because of this, converting to non-GMO foods can eventually help us have a minor negative impact on the resources and atmosphere of the planet.

Full of Nutrients

It has been discovered that GMO-free, organically cultivated foods are more nutrient-rich, especially in essential vitamins and minerals and omega fatty acids. Natural food helps sustainability and healthy living in addition to improving quality of life in general.

GMO-Free Japanese Noodles

Nanka Siemens GMO-Free Japanese Noodles

What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

Nanka Seimen has produced their best seller traditional Japanese noodles for more than a century using straightforward, GMO-free ingredients. High-protein flour and premium salt is the foundation of their authentic Japanese noodles. Nanka Seimen uses incredibly traditional methods to give each noodle many layers.

Noodle dough is sheeted, stacked, and stir fry according to traditional Japanese techniques, providing a natural bouncy bite and improved taste absorption. All of Nanka Siemens noodles, from specialty varieties to traditional udon noodles, are GMO-free and the ideal product to add more nutritious food options to your menu. In addition to being GMO-Free, Halal Certified, and Kosher certified, the Nanka Seimen ingredient list is uncomplicated and straightforward. Every batch of Japanese noodles is free of MSG, preservatives, synthetic colors, and colors. Furthermore, Nanka Seimen can provide a genuine taste of Japan to all customers through the production of premium fresh noodles for every restaurant.

Simply Asia GMO-Free Japanese Style Ramen Noodles

What Japanese Noodles are GMO-free?

Simply Asia is well-positioned to address the rising global demand for flavor with its extensive and well-balanced product flavor range. Simply Asia is long, thin noodles that are ideal for ramen noodle soup, cold noodle salads, and other Asian comfort foods. It is a perfect combination of your favorite recipe for chicken or vegetables. They take only 5-7 minutes to complete.

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