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Where Can I Buy Gachapon?

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Japan is the best place to buy toys and collectibles. This nation has everything from ridiculous trinkets to sculptures of your favorite characters. Gachapon is the greatest and most affordable location to purchase them if you're wondering where to look.

These capsule machines are well-liked across the country. Its fame has now extended internationally. The concept of machines with adorable toys inside that cost merely pennies intrigues people. Read on to know where to find Japan's unique capsule toys.

What is Gachapon Machine?


A gachapon machine is a coin-operated machine where a toy is released when a coin is inserted into a gachapon. They resemble gumball machines in that when you insert your coins and crank the knob, a plastic ball containing a toy drops out. You open it up to discover which character or item you were fortunate to find this time.

Each machine has a unique toy theme based on cartoon characters or pretty much anything else you can think of. There are a lot of people who collect gacha toys and are looking for a particular character. It isn't just for children; adults also enjoy finding their favorite gachapon. These machines allow you to purchase capsule toys, which are a unique experience and excellent keepsakes. Surprisingly, even with higher-quality items, gachapons prizes are fairly inexpensive. The toys' price range between 100 and 500 yen, or between $0.80 and $4.00.

Where is the Best Place to Find Gachapon Machine?


You don't need to look very far to find a gachapon machine in Japan. Most of the time, gachapon can be seen outside shops on arbitrary streets across the entire nation. Arcades have them if you're not in the mood to wander around. They would also be available nearby shops offering electronics, games, manga, and anime. Here are some of the best places to get gachapon in Japan.

1. Tokyo


The greatest spot to start your search for them is in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. With rows and rows of those devices, it is essentially the mecca of gachapons. More than 50 different gachapon machines are lined up on Tokyo Gachapon Street, located at Tokyo Station. Everything from figurines of anime and manga characters to miscellaneous items can be found here.

2. Akihabara


Another mecca for gachapons is Akihabara. The numerous anime and manga stores in this area are well known. It is also among the top locations for gachapon hunting in Japan. You can choose from more than 500 gachapon machines at Akiharabara Gachapon Kaikan. The designs and stock are updated monthly. The largest selection of gachapon toys is found here!

Alternatively, you may stop by Akihabara Radio Kaikan. One of the most well-known businesses producing anime figures has a store on the fifth level. Its name is Kaiyodo, and it boasts a wide selection of fun toys and more than 60 gashapon capsule toy machines.

3. Nipponbashi District


The Nipponbashi district is Osaka's preferred location for gachapon. Nipponbashi is a tiny outdoor shopping area also referred to as "Den-Den Town." The best geek hangout in Osaka, Japan, is there. You can discover dozens of the most common types of gachapon capsule toy machines in and around other retail attractions.

These are just a few of Japan's best places to find gachapon. Living in Japan will provide you access to all the toys and memorabilia from popular culture that you could possibly desire. Check out a few vending machines at train stations and tourist information offices where you may buy enjoyable local goods. These make really thoughtful gifts for loved ones and friends. But what if you are not in Japan? Well, worry no more! Japan Crate will deliver the best gachapon right to your door!

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