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What is Hi-Chew? 

Hi-Chew is one of the most popular Japanese Candy brand. It seems to be the same size individually packed fruit chews as Starburst, but the taste is very different as it features Japanese flavors such has Japanese soda or regional fruits. Hi-Chew Candy delights people with its fresh flavor and delicious texture, even if some would consider Hi-Chew sours. This taste experience can be accomplished all over the word, but Japan will offer the best with their very own real fruit taffy.


Who invented Hi chew? 

Morinaga Western Confectionery was Japan's first modern candy company. Morinaga thought he knew enough about himself to go out of his way, and he planned to return to Japan in 1899. Before going on the road though, Morinaga wished to find more information about American candy in Japan. A few Japanese Americans asked him which American sweets were their favorites. Apparently it was marshmallows! Armed by these facts, Morinaga returned to Tokyo where he began the rags-to-riches journey. In the early 1980s he began to work for e-commerce stores and began to sell wildly delicious marshmallow treats at passing people. The marshmallow was called Angel Food by the king. 


Hi chew different flavors commonly available in Japan


Taichiro Morinaga, the creator of Morinaga & Company invented Hi-Chew in 1975. He is also famous for producing Choco Balls. He started producing candy in Japan after going to the United States and learning the art of candy-making.

Why is it called Hi chew?


Hi chew in Japanese is ハイチュウ. In 1956, Moringaga created the predecessor of Hi Chew’s. It was a chewy strawberry candy called Chewlets. In 1975, Hi Chew was released as the new upgraded version as Hi-chew to promote “High” quality “Chew”able candy.

Are you supposed to swallow Hi chew?

Hi chew candy is meant to be eaten similar to caramel. It is individually wrapped and chewed until it slowly dissolves in your mouth and swallowed in very small parts. This chewy candy is no gum obviously. It is way closer to your wester favorite candy for anybody that has a sweet tooth and is usually associated with fruity treat.


Hi-Chew Mt. Fuji Assorted Pack / Yamanashi Peach Flavor and Shizuoka Crown Melon Flavor


Hi-Chew candies were the solution to the rudeness of chewing gum


The company later diversified its candy offering through the introduction of Morinaga Fruit Chewlets in 1956. The inspiration behind this project is not just desire for fruity treats. Morinaga fruits were great because they could be snipped in the garbage like gum without having to eat them publicly. According to a new study by the American anthropologist George Grunge, Japan does not like eating when traveling. Japan has a rigid social culture based on respect and politeness and Morinaga took advantage of that opportunity to provide a healthy solution for his fellow Japanese.


What are all the Hi Chew flavors?

Since the initial launch of Hi Chew the product has been made in over 170 flavors. Some of the flavors in Japan include green apple, grape, strawberry, banana, kiwi, and sour lemon. Hi Chew also releases season limited flavors such as permission, lychee, precious strawberry, and watermelon. Similar to Kit Kat (link), Hi chew also has Japanese region-limited flavors inspired by famous fruits in the area. These include Ehime setoka, Yubari melon, Okinawa pineapple, Kyushu dekopon, Setouchi lemon, Amaou strawberry, Okinawa mango, and Okinawa shikuwasa.


Hi-chew bites souvenir collection 

There are over 200 flavors of Hi-Chew


PR Newswire said that in 2021 there were 200 varieties of hi-chew. The United States offers several flavors such as strawberries, mangoes, peaches, grapes and green apples among others. These products can be found in rectangular single flavor packs as well as various assorted types such as Tropical mixes, berry mixes, sweet & spicy mixes and soda flavored sodas! Several of the new Hi-Chew flavors in the United States were decided in flavor contests by, including dragon fruit.

What is the best Hi Chew flavor?


It depends on the country and the person of course! However, based on a previous research on flavor popularity it seemed that Asian countries like grape while western countries like strawberry the most. Morinaga America will of course sell you the classic flavors such as: Green apple, Strawberry, Grape, Mango... But only Japan has those incredible Strawberry lemonade, Cola flavors, Black cherry, Blueberry or even Peach and Pineapple... We are still secretly wishing for them to bring Dragon fruit, Tropical smoothie or Hi-Chew sour mix to Japan.


Morinaga America Inc Hi-chew flavors


Where can I buy Hi Chew?


We often feature Hi Chews on our Japan Crate so make sure to check it out. But if you are really craving for some right now, go to our e-commerce site Sugoi Mart for all flavors. Don't waste your time on buying the American version when you can actually get the OG, favorite flavor of all on.

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